November 28, 2014


Minor injuries reported in crash between car, semi



One man received minor injuries when police said he drove his car through a stop sign, which was then struck by a tractor-trailer Thursday afternoon in Grafton Township.

About 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Justin Rivera, 19, of Elyria, was traveling north in a Chevy Cavalier on Cowley Road when he failed to stop at the intersection of Cowley Road and state Route 303.

He was hit by a tractor-trailer going west on Route 303 driven by Tom Stegman of Monroeville, according to Ohio Highway Patrol trooper Justin Lister.

Rivera was treated for minor injuries and neither man was sent to the hospital.

  • Melissa Bolinger

    so thankful my nephew is ok and again the Chronicle got the whole story wrong Justin did go to hospital

  • Bob Sweatt

    WOW my comment was deleted. I wonder why??

    All I ask was why this kid didn’t stop at the STOP sign?? What distracted his attention away from the BIG red STOP signs??

    Inquiring minds what to know. Because he was traveling north. Which means he was heading back to Elyria. Which also means he might have had to go through that intersection once before.

    I am always wondering why these newspapers don’t tell us what really happened. But it is an on-going investigation. So no one will really get any answers. Just the police officers involved with the case.

    • Willie Jenkins

      If you expect media outlets to be honest ,and truthful than you will always be misguided. I watch fox news specifically to see how far they attempt to push certain agendas. It has become more comical than comedy central. I personally do not take stock in anything the government/media tells the public. I use common sense ,and do my own research. With that being said I am glad the young gentleman is ok.

      • Bob Sweatt

        Dude I was being a smarta$$. I know they can’t say anything other then what they print.

        It’s not a conspiracy. There are rules the newspapers and media have to follow.

        • Willie Jenkins

          ok bob

      • HankKwah


        So, what? You watch the other channels for your facts/truth?

        What’s comical is all those liberals that dog on Fox don’t care to acknowledge that it was Fox that told of what would happen under obamacare before it was passed, and all the things that obama would eventually do, and they were correct.

        So, I guess I’m confused about what’s comical about that. Because there’s millions of people that have lost their insurance/doctor/etc that were promised they could keep it, and numerous other things that obama “promised” that never happened.

        • Willie Jenkins

          I have been researching this intently. If you think our troops are over there to split up a civil war you are a fool. If you think a plane vanishes for 2 weeks you are a fool. If you can’t follow the pattern ,and realize the world government is consolidating small countries you are a fool. Since Clinton went into Kosovo. First the Middle East. Than Mother Russia. Than China ,and eventually the U.S.A. The world Government has been aware of over population or every twenty some years the doubling of the population. There is simply not enough natural resources for a world that has babies for welfare purposes or entertainment. It is funny to me that people believe whatever they are told. This is bigger than an Obama witch hunt. It is an organized well thought out plan. We are the only country left with the liberties ,and freedom of choice. Do some research other countries do not allow the bull we allow here. If you think America is special ,or exempt from what the rest of the world has already done. Than yes it is funny.

          • Sis Delish

            I see the correlation between ObamaCare and this collision. Thank you for pointing this out.

          • Bob Haas

            And the Black Hole that swallowed the airliner too :)

          • Willie Jenkins

            Hey who knows it could all be one big coincidence, and not connected at all.

          • HankKwah

            If I think this, if I think that, I’m a fool.

            The rest=blahblahblah.

            Bottom line: (No, I didn’t read the rest of your rant.) You show disgust toward the only news source that’s not in bed with obama or kissing his butt. I didn’t bring up China, Russia (guess Palin called that one, huh?), the Middle East (which obama has also fouled up=Syria, Lebanon, Egypt), but you definitely don’t want me to go there.

            You say you’ve been “researching this intently”, yet you’re obviously not open to all news sources.

            Thanks for responding, but I’m not in the market for liberal BS. Have a good day.

          • Willie Jenkins

            Same to you

          • Willie Jenkins

            All news sources…I should have stated that. I could be wrong. I will believe my research ,and be prepared. While you wait for fox news to tell you what to believe. Good luck

          • HankKwah

            Awwwww, you’re so sweet.

    • Melissa Bolinger

      justin stoped at stop sign he did not run it he thought he had enough time so he went well his judgement was wrong i am just thankful my nephew was alive