November 25, 2014


Family blames 5 car fires on gangs

ELYRIA — Lorain County family members believe a rash of car fires at their homes in Lorain and Elyria in the past month might be linked to gang activity.

Michael McCall was awakened about 4 a.m. Monday to find his truck engulfed in flames outside his house in Elyria. He said it’s the fifth time a member of the McCall family has found one of their vehicles burning in front of their houses in Lorain and Elyria.

The Elyria Fire Department responded to McCall’s house on the 400 block of Bond Street. By the time the fire was out, the truck was “completely burned out,” according to the police report, which also deemed the fire “suspicious.” A plastic gas can was found behind the truck, the report said.

Michael McCall’s brother, Leonard McCall, told police fires have damaged the family’s vehicles multiple times since the murder trial of his son, Marquis McCall, who was killed in 2009, finished a month ago. Bohannon Miller was convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years to life in jail.

Leonard McCall told police he thinks the fires might be the result of a gang retaliating against the family following the trial.

“It’s the gang maybe getting back at us,” Michael McCall said, agreeing with his brother. He added that he’s installing better security cameras outside of his house. Surveillance video from Monday morning showed a black truck outside the house before the fire, Michael McCall said.

Michael McCall said that if the fires are gang related, he’s concerned the people responsible could come back to burn down his house. However, he refuses to be frightened.

“If they think they’re going to scare us, we’re not going to be scared. We’re not going to run,” he said.

Lorain and Elyria police are investigating the fires, though they don’t know yet whether the incidents are related to gang activity, Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said.

Lorain police have put Leonard McCall’s house in Lorain on a watch list, meaning that more police will patrol the area, Lorain police Capt. Roger Watkins said.

Michael McCall said that apart from changing his security cameras, there’s not much he can do but wait.

“I’m not going to let them stop me from living,” he said.

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  • Michael

    so, telling them you’re installing camera’s is smart because??

    Show them your hand, you’ll never win.

    • topofthemorningeverybody

      i agree and was thinking the same here.

  • topofthemorningeverybody

    i’m relieved to know,after reading this…i don’t have any McCall’s as my neighbors&don’t blame them,don’t back down but don’t tell the media what your next plan is,they could have possibly blown the whole purpose of catching more criminals. why does people think we have trouble winning wars,overseas& or it takes a little more time?..good journalism has to come/should with commonsense.

  • My1stLove

    Wow!! so you telling me that this Bohannon guy could possibly be behind this?..lmao-Thats crazy?He got that much pull & he’s locked up?LMAO,guess he still making his presence known.I really didnt think its real gangs inb Lorain.Could it be something pertaining to them & the Flamingo’s?

    • mccall908

      The mccalls dont own the flamingos any longer thank you. Stop trying to make Bo sound like some sort of mob boss. You were commenting during the trial. He thought that scaring his former fr ie nd and step brother out of testifying would help him but it didnt. He took the life of a young man bottom line. These fires are the acts of cowards. Any real person that has an issue brings it to a level playing field. Not running around at night setting fires. Bo got 40 yrs to life and no matter how many fires are set he wont be coming home any sooner.

      • My1stLove

        I sure did comment during the trial & i will continue to comment.Doesnt this section say “comments?”My comment said nothing about owning the Flamingo’s NOW.At one time you did so that what i was referring to.There is no doubt in my mind that Bo is behind it.I just did not think that people in Lorain could actually have things like that done if they are behind bars.Im not disputing that & i totally understand about him taking a life & he won’t be out anytime soon & that the fires being set is an act of a coward.Im not trying to make Bo sound like anything.

  • bigmacky

    ahh the racking of a shotgun = liquid bowels – never back down

    • golfingirl

      You are nothing more than a gun-toting racist.
      Just kidding…

  • golfingirl

    Duh………You can bet they are not just random. Not likely just a string of “bad luck.”