November 26, 2014


Lorain man returns home to find decapitated kitten

LORAIN – After an evening out with his family, a Lorain man returned home to a startling sight on Monday night – the family’s 6-week-old kitten lying decapitated on his son’s bedroom floor.

Zachary Zgola, 28, said he returned to his house on the 1100 block of West 10th Street around 10:45 p.m. on Monday with his 4-year-old son and his fiancée after a four-hour outing.

According to Zgola, the house seemed normal at first until his fiancée went to put his son to bed and quickly called him into the room. There he found one of the family’s four cats, a 6-week-old kitten named “Gray,” lying decapitated on the floor.

“I was freaked,” Zgola said. He added that there was a substantial amount of blood on his son’s bed and the floor where the cat was lying, but no sign of the cat’s head or what could have caused the gruesome scene.

“First I thought it was the dog,” Zgola said. In addition to the cats, the family owns a small, white pug-terrier mix. However, Zgola said there was no blood on the dog or on any of the other three cats, leading him to believe they had no part in the kitten’s death. “That’s when I started getting worried.”

Zgola said he began investigating, calling his landlord and looking for any sign of forced entry. The only strange thing he could find was a “jimmy” in the side of his front door where Zgola said it looked like the door had been “played with.” Police aren’t sure whether the door is connected to the death of the kitten, according to a police report.

Nothing was missing from the house and Zgola said he couldn’t find any footprints that might give a clue about what happened. He said all he could do was clean up the mess.

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  • Joe Smith

    Poor little kid, I hope he is too young to remember this if he saw it.
    Could be a whack job that broke in, arm yourself immediately and get an alarm system!

  • Naomi Kropp

    Very likely it was one of the other cats, especially an un neutered male. A six week old kitten skull would probably be very easy for an adult cat to crunch up and eat

    • topofthemorningeverybody

      i agree.i had the same tragic accident to my cat,when i was little. my mom explained to me when a mother cat has a sick kitten she,also,will kill it.we had no un neutered male around,inside the house but yea i heard ‘toms’ will kill a kitten too.

  • Simon Jester

    And all this time I thought one was supposed to use a horse…

  • Penny Lynch

    Why would this kind of story even make the paper? A little short on news?

  • Oneday67

    Why did he call his landlord?