November 24, 2014


UPDATED: Officials say Lorain fire started by child playing with lighter

Lorain firefighters put out a second floor fire at 1057 W. 9th St. on Wednesday morning. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Lorain firefighters check for hot spots after a fire on West 9th Street on Wednesday morning. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

LORAIN— A 5-year-old boy playing with a lighter started a fire that burned through a Lorain house Wednesday morning.

Around 10:30 a.m., the Lorain Fire Department responded to West Ninth Street where a fire was burning in the second-floor bedroom of a house.

Tasha Smith, 39, who was in the house with her 5-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter at the time of the fire, got out with her children, according to Lorain Assistant Fire Chief Dennis Livchak. No one was injured, and the five other children who live with Smith at the house were at school, Livchak said.

Firefighters saw flames coming from a bedroom on the second floor and moving up the side of the house. Over the next few hours, the fire burned two bedrooms, caused smoke damage on the second floor and moved into the attic. Firefighters left the scene around 1 p.m., Livchak said.

After investigating the cause, firefighters determined that the fire started when Smith’s 5-year-old son was playing with a lighter. He lit a piece of paper and put it on top of the bed, which quickly caught fire, Livchak said. The boy went to tell Smith, who told firefighters the flames were too large for her to put out on her own.

The Red Cross is helping Smith and the seven children find housing, according to Livchak.

Livchak said the house is uninhabitable and he estimates damages are around $100,000.

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  • HankKwah

    According to one report, the child found the lighter under the bed. Careless much? Did you never teach your child not to play with matches or lighters?? Glad there were no injuries, but come on.

    • B4CE

      Judge much?

      • HankKwah

        Not often, but this was totally preventable.

        And you’re a fool if you think otherwise.

        • golfingirl

          Are you suggesting a parent actually act like a parent?

          How dare you!

        • B4CE

          Just often enough huh?
          I said nothing of the ability to prevent the fire, just of your ability to kick someone when they are down, and use preteen lingo

          • HankKwah

            I know you have that liberal mindset, and you’re blaming Bush for this but, I assure you, that won’t stick.

            I just kicked you while you were down on another comment thread. If the shoe fits, I’ll kick you with it.

          • B4CE

            Not a very Christian mindset you have.
            If find it sad you must point out others flaws and chastise people after their possessions burn to make yourself feel better.
            Not sure what the former President bush has to do with this fire, but your need to defend him at every turn has to be exhausting.
            Kick away, I don’t give a pretend man much thought after I close the tab. I understand you need this pretend online world to cope with the real one. Hope you feel better!

          • HankKwah

            Funny how people like you accuse everyone else of not having a “very Christian mindset” when you don’t waste time worrying about your own.

            If you “find it sad”, maybe you shouldn’t participate in the same shenanigans, hmmm?

            “Kick away, I don’t give a pretend man much thought after I close the tab.”

            LMAO That’s a ridiculous lie, and you know it, because you come running back here every chance you get to respond.

            There is no “coping” necessary. I come here to see the absurd ravings of liberals and their skewed thinking for a laugh. Life can be stressful, and it’s amusing to read the garbage that’s produced by your mind, and others like you. YOU are the entertainment.

          • B4CE

            christainity isn’t the fundamental core of my political party’s belief system. So I don’t really worry about a christain mindset when posting.
            Ill participate in this forum how I’d like.
            I don’t run to the computer to dispute your nonsense, my email notifies me that some CONservative is bothered enough by me to reply, & I respond in kind , when time allows. Between posts, my life goes on without much thought of the forum .
            If your life is stressful , maybe you’re doing it wrong? Being a CONservative has to be exhausting. Having Faux News scare you all the time & whipping you up into a frenzy? No wonder you’re stressed. You could be scared of the knock out game & carry a concealed weapon all, or have a bowl of ice cream. The ice cream will help to ease your constitution.
            Rest easy my friend, I hope peace and enlightenment find you so you’re not so angry all the time

          • HankKwah

            “christainity isn’t the fundamental core of my political party’s belief system. So I don’t really worry about a christain …..”

            Neither is spelling or any kind of common knowledge or intelligence.

            “Ill participate in this forum how I’d like.”

            As will I.

            “…my email notifies me that some..”

            Well, DUMocrat, turn off the email notices. No wonder your ilk can’t get healthcare right.

            I NEVER said my life was stressful. I come to the CT to find out what’s going on in the area, and to see what kinds of things pathetically ignorant humans like you are doing to wreck the world. I occasionally comment, and that brings the trolls like you out from the dark, dank corners to spew derision on people displaying a common-sense mindset. Putting you back in the dirty corner is something I enjoy doing. And I seem to be pretty good at it, or you guys are just getting sloppy.

            LMAO Fox News is scaring no one but you and your dem brethren because you’re afraid someone will find out exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. The great wizard behind the curtain is working his levers and smoke and magic and, while all of YOU are amazed, the rest of us have seen and predicted this show and BS long ago. So, go suckle at the MSM teat, and pretend that all is well, and the rest of us will try to slow the train as it heads for the chasm, before we all plunge to a death that’s almost certain at the hands of that woefully stupid man you so gleefully elected to live in the White House.

          • B4CE

            Looks like you took some time to write that essay of a response to me. I’m humbled that you would spend so much time replying to someone that is obviously beneath you.
            My email alerts me. Turning it off is a good idea, but it saves me the trouble of scrolling through the entire site to see if you replied. I like to keep you entertained.

            “Life can be stressful, “, a direct quote by you

            Another direct quote from you,
            “before we all plunge to a death that’s almost certain at the hands of that woefully stupid man you so gleefully elected to live in the White House”- I didn’t vote for bush, either time.
            And one other one….troll,
            “. I occasionally comment, and that brings the trolls like you out from the dark”- you replied to me, making you the troll.

          • HankKwah


            You’re a riot. You know nothin’ about nothin’.

            And it’s funny that YOU keep coming back, because you didn’t think it was fair that I put responsibility where this incident where it was due: on the parent. Didn’t teach the child right from wrong, irresponsible with her lighters, inability to supervise her children. And now you’re blaming Bush. Again. Yet, you think I’m the troll.

            Do us all a favor, go spend more time with your kids. This site needs less of you. Unfortunately, your kids probably need less of you, too. But, that would be your fault, too.

          • B4CE

            It takes two to tango. You, great and all knowing, also keep responding. Funny how you fail to realize that. If you don’t respond to this, I won’t respond back…. Duh!

            You keep bring Presidents into this. All I said is I didn’t vote for bush, the president that started the “death plunge”. Why the concern about presidential elections?

            Obviously the site and you need me, who else would help your self esteem and help with your stressful life by providing entertainment for you?
            But you are right, my kids are here for the weekend, and I’m going to try to spend time with the baby momma. So I might not be able get your panties up in a bunch again until tomorrow evening.

          • HankKwah

            It was you that initiated this, by defending someone who was irresponsible, much like the rest of your party does. And the unions do.

            Funny, you, again, like the rest of your party, are all about blame and taking credit, but none of the responsibility. YOUR party is the reason the country is in the dire straits it’s in. But none of it is their fault. (So they want everyone to believe.)

            As far as panties are concerned, maybe you should wash yours. You stink. And your children might realize that you’re a lot more wrecked and addled upstairs than they originally thought.

            So, tell me again, how the fire in this article isn’t the woman’s responsibility. Make up more excuses for everything.

          • B4CE

            Didn’t figure you could quit me!
            Good come back on the panty comment! I’m impressed.
            I’m pretty sure I never said anything concerning assigning blame for the fire. My original comment questioned your need to sling mud at a family when they were already having a difficult go of things.

            Sounds like a lot of blame assigning on your part while accusing Dems of assigning blame. Another ironic statement by a CONservative. You seem confused, have you taken your meds today?

            The problem with your kind is you were born on first base and think you hit a single. And make no mistake about it, you are not even leading off first base in the eyes of the people that you so feverishly defend while kicking a poor family freshly burned out of their home while they are down.

          • HankKwah

            Quit you.

            You’re a joke. And pathetic. As if only people like you that have their heads up their backsides are permitted here. Guess I’ll have to break your rule and come here anyway.

            The problem with my kind. That’s rich.

            The problem with my kind is that we want people to work and earn their way with as small a government as possible, while being responsible and fair to other people. Your ilk feels that the only way you can get a vote is if you give someone a handout. take things from the folks that have and earned them, and buy those votes with that money. You think convicted felons should be given another chance yet, since unborn babies can’t vote, they’re fair game. Besides, those babies might grow up to have common sense and vote conservative.

            You’re pathetic in your thinking. So, if you respond to this, you admit you’re a troll. And if you don’t, it means you’re too much of a jerk to admit you were wrong. Either way, you lose. But you lost just by engaging me in the first place.

          • B4CE

            I am rubber you are glue, what ever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you
            That’s me, trolling a troll.
            Those panties of your must be exceptionally bunched up today for you to respond so quickly!

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            Feel free to respond back to me, I don’t have much going on, I can wait for you to get back from work and take a break from your stressful life. So I can reply back to your blathering about not replying.
            Just remember, who ever doesn’t reply back is a rotten egg!
            Silly goose

          • B4CE

            I win! You lose!

          • B4CE

            I ain’t quitting you “honkin hank “!
            But you are right, anyone engaging a a self absorbed delusional little man loses. Anyone that would knowingly engage a man that resorts to name calling, put downs and talking in preteen lingo losses.

          • B4CE

            Honkin hank!… I like the sound of that. It’s got a nice ring to it. Just like a goose, loud, obnoxious, relieving himself whenever you feel like it without any consideration for others.

          • B4CE

            Ok last one, I know you are at work or doing something stressful with your life, but this is kinda fun, and quite frankly, I’m bored.
            I hope you get outside today, sunlight is full of vitamin D and vitamin D helps to relieve stress. Sunlight also helps relive being pasty white .
            Sounds like sunlight may be the cure for what ails you!

          • HankKwah

            Troll, it is. Thanks for clearing that up.

            And save your babbling, because that’s all it is.

            And was.

          • B4CE

            So what’s worse, a troll, or someone that lacks the self control to not engage a troll.
            I readily admitted to being bored and not having much to do. While you claim you’re stressed, but can’t stand being one upped by a troll. No wonder you are stressed.
            Go outside and get some fresh air, calm your self down a bit, before you have a nervous break down.

            The good news is Obama Care has hit 6 the million person enrollment. You also can get affordable health care to treat your stress condition. Maybe some affordable anti anxiety or depression meds along with the sun shine will help your disposition.
            You can thank President Obama and the Dems that got him elected later.

          • B4CE

            Honking Hank, smart enough to realize he is being trolled, lacks the self control to not reply.
            Pretty funny, Honking Hank says,” Look at how smart I am! But I can’t control myself enough to not reply to this troll”!
            Maybe you also have OCD to go along with your stress. I think Obama Care covers that also. They take pre existing conditions, right?

          • B4CE

            Holy Cow! You have over 2500 posts on disqus? And I’m sure you have multiple handles over in the echo chamber of LC.Com.
            No wonder you are stressed,it’s got to be a heavy burden pontificating , judging, and pointing out to news makers how THEY are what is wrong with ‘Murica!
            Maybe you are right, being on these forums is not good for your health. I really hope you signed up for Obama Care, it sounds like you really need it!

          • B4CE

            Remember , every time you don’t reply to me a radical Islamic terrorist wins. Don’t let the Islamic terrorists win!

          • B4CE

            Dude, every hour you don’t respond to me, Lady Liberty dies a little inside, a bald eagle loses a feather and Islamic terrorist win!
            Is it something I said? Or are you just in mourning because Obama Care hit its goal number yesterday? That’s 7 million votes you Cons have just lost.

        • golfingirl

          39yo…….7 children living in the house.

          If you can’t watch them, don’t have seven living with you.

      • golfingirl

        I am more concerned about the pollution this fire caused to the local environment. Left a pretty big carbon footprint.

        I think the mother should be forced to but carbon credits equal to the damage her fire caused.

        Isn’ that what B4CE stands for?

        • B4CE

          Gulfin gurl,
          Larry the Commentator guy got you taking care of his light work?

          • golfingirl

            Don’t know a “Larry the Commentator.”

            Have no idea what you are talking about.

            But thanks for your insightful opinion.

          • B4CE

            You two have the same type of cheesey picture, figured he was your Daddy

          • golfingirl

            I never saw another “picture” like mine on here. Does he golf too?

            And no, he is not my father. My father is decreased.

          • B4CE

            Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
            From like a full grown man to a midget?

    • Chris

      I’m glad that no one was injured. You can rest assured that all seven will know not to play with fire now. They will have to go through some rough stuff in the near future. Best of luck to them all.

  • herekitttykaate

    So where was the parent. Obviously not watching the kid. Hope there are no guns in the house.

    • HankKwah

      Be careful, b4ce will come after you and accuse you of judging others!!! Run!!!!!

  • Jimmy Long

    I really enjoy reading all the stupid and senseless opinions golfingirl shares with us. Bet my last dollar if you stand next to her, you can hear the ocean.

    • golfingirl

      Thank you for your opinion.

      Could your negative comments be based on my anti-union position on another post?

      Oh well, with less than 7% of the private sector workforce in a union these days, I can understand your hard feelings and frustrations.

      Especially since your own political party supports free trade. Probably feeling a sense of abandonment by your President, aren’t you?

      Get used to it, we live in a global economy. Compete or get out of the way!

      Have a great day!

    • golfingirl

      Jimmy Long,

      Not sure what amusement you find in following me around these boards, offering no insight to any topic under discussion. Your comments consist of nothing but referring to me, and others here, as “stupid,” “ignorant” and “senseless.”

      Are you the same Jimmy Long who is the current president of the Lorain Growth Corporation? Been there since 2007? The same group who the City of Lorain refused to appropriate any further Community Development Block Grants in 2009, for the following reason:

      “No written plan was presented by the Lorain Growth Corporation to ensure objectives would be addressed and achieved. LGC has not presented a formal report to Lorain City Council detailing how past subsidies were utilized and the results. LCG has been integral for the downtown in the past but has fragmented its focus and lacks direction currently.” Two years after you went there.

      In 2006, the revenue for LCG was $128,349. In 2012, it was only $28,655, under your “leadership.”

      So what have you done for the City of Lorain? Your sole accomplishment seems to be an annual steak fry. Lorain looks worse now, than it did in 2007, when you started there.

      And you have the nerve to say I am “stupid.” Really? Tell me, you are not the same Jimmy Long, or are you? You should be embarrassed. Your performance is horrendous, if you are.

      No wonder you cannot bring any business into Lorain. You probably don’t want any new companies coming into town, unless they employ union workers. Well guess what, that shipped has sailed! Get over it!

      So where are your union buddies when it comes time for your fundraising efforts? Looks like they let you down my friend.

  • Jimmy Long

    golfingirl, i sure hope your sterile.

    • golfingirl

      Yes, I am sterile as a matter of fact. I am free from bacteria and other living microorganisms.

      Thank you for asking.

  • bdid.d

    39 with 7 kids and probably sleeping at 10 am… most likely doesn’t have to worry about being up for work…