November 23, 2014


Crews rescue bird watcher from ice

An ambulance leaves the scene of a rescue that took place behind Jackalope's in Lorain on Wednesday. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

An ambulance leaves the scene of a rescue that took place behind Jackalope Lakeside Restaurant in Lorain on Wednesday. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

LORAIN — A Lorain woman who said she was bird watching Wednesday fell through ice and had to be rescued.

Teresa Terry, 48, of the 500 block of Washington Avenue, was treated for hypothermia at Mercy Regional Medical Center after being rescued about 8:30 p.m., according to firefighters and police. The incident occurred east of Spitzer Park Marina in the marshland north of Jackalope Lakeside Restaurant, 301 Lakeside Ave. A report on the incident was unavailable Wednesday night.

Police were called at 7:37 p.m. after a man heard Terry screaming, according to police Sgt. Marty Carreon. Terry was waist deep in ice when rescued by four firefighters wearing cold-weather suits, according to Assistant Fire Chief Dennis Livchak.

Firefighters stretched a rope about 200 feet to reach Terry, who was placed on an approximately 5-foot-long ice rescue sled that has a harness on it. The rescue took about 20 to 30 minutes and was hampered by mud and ice in the marsh.

“Every time we walked on it, it just collapsed,” said firefighter Bret Brown, who helped rescue Terry.

Brown said Terry, who was wearing a sweatshirt, was soaking wet and said she couldn’t feel her hands. After being brought to land, Terry was carried about 200 yards to an ambulance.

Livchak said firefighters do ice rescue training once per year during the winter to prepare for the real thing. “It went well,” he said.

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  • Michael

    To the man who heard the yelling AND took action – you saved her life. Well done.

  • BooneDawg

    How many of these “Birdwatchers” purchase a Waterfowl Stamp to support there hobby???

    • Jeff

      ya know, that’s almost a legitimate question. it would be nice if they did !!

    • woodcreeper

      Many of us do. I’m interested why you asked though?

  • Razorback Twou

    Talk about a buzz-kill.

  • bdid.d

    Why did she need to step out there? What bird watcher doesn’t own binoculars? Awesome excuse for drunk and dumb if I ever heard one! 2 points for originality….

  • Phil Blank

    Its warming up, why in the world would you walk on ice when its warm outside?

    • golfingirl

      Must be a “bird-brain.”

  • Phil Blank

    She must of missed this?

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  • susan hill brown

    Sandy Ridge in North Ridgeville has excellent spots to bird watch. Can’t remember the name of the bird that was spotted there recently that is unusual in this area. They also have an eagle’s nest that they are “protecting”.