November 27, 2014


LCCC announces tuition guarantee

ELYRIA — Stay in school and the tuition will stay the same.

It’s a heck of a promise, but one Lorain County Community College is making in hopes of getting more students to complete associate degree programs sooner.

Trustees of the college unanimously voted Thursday to institute a tuition guarantee for students registering in fall 2014 and spring 2015. The guarantee holds tuition and fee rates for up to three years or until the completion of a degree, whichever comes first.

It’s a pledge the institution is making with the hope more students will make the pledge to complete their education.

“We understand how this can help our students, and hopefully drive or be an incentive to end the stop-start cycle that contributes to some students never finishing,” said Tracy Green, the college’s vice president for strategic and institutional development.

The tuition lock guarantee will be provided to existing part-time students who elect to enroll full-time and new first-time, full-time students. Their tuition and fees will be guaranteed at current rates of $118.34 per credit hour during the time they participate in the program.

“Even though our tuition rates are the second-lowest in the state, we are committed to the success of our students, and this is one way that we can reduce the cost and time required to complete a degree,” said LCCC President Roy Church. “In today’s economy, it’s important to complete a degree to compete for many careers. Statistics show that unemployment rates for college graduates are 30 percent lower than those with only a high school diploma.”

Students will be required to sign a completion pledge that they will maintain continuous enrollment in fall and spring semesters for three years or until degree completion and commit to creating an academic plan with an LCCC success coach by the end of their second semester.

The tuition guarantee was made possible because of language in the state’s biannual budget and a move by Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor John Carey to expand the guarantee to cover community colleges. Locally, Cuyahoga County Community College announced a similar tuition guarantee program for students earlier this year.

Tri-C believes upward of 3,500 hundred of its students will benefit from the program.

LCCC has an enrollment of about 15,000 students — 12,000 at the associate degree level and 3,000 enrolled in the University Partnership.

Current LCCC tuition and fees are $118.34 per credit hour. LCCC also offers a blanket tuition policy to help keep costs affordable. LCCC’s blanket tuition policy allows students to take up to 18 credit hours for the price of 13 credits.

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  • SniperFire

    ‘It’s a heck of a promise’

    Why so? Since LCCC only graduates about 10% of their students, sounds like a not much of a risk to them.

    I get that this is an easy place for institutions to dump their flowery press releases, but how about a little analysis?

    • Reeeally309

      They are trying to get their current students to stay, they are trying to increase the graduation rate and have you ever looked at how they come to those percentages that you speak of?? LCCC is not the problem, it’s the degenerates of Elyria that start and fail and would rather quit than to put the work in or use resources that are there to help. There are also the students that are so close minded they don’t realize why they need all the classes they do, so they go over to Remmington or Stanford-Brown for an over-priced certificate.

      Get off it!

      • SniperFire

        ‘ LCCC is not the problem’

        Sure they are. They are taking public dollars and spending them on programs which simply do not work.

        • Reeeally309

          Who says the programs don’t work?

          There is no reason for a student to fail or do poorly when the instructors make it clear that they are there to help and there is FREE tutoring available. They pay the tutors, but don’t charge students.

          Also when you take into consideration, those that have gone the route of a University Partnership (which is an awesome opportunity), they are not included in that figure.

          The only people that bash LCCC, in my opinion… are those that don’t have the slightest idea what they are talking about and have not actually attended college. I agree with the person that said Elyria needs LCCC more than LCCC needs Elyria; and if you disagree with that, I feel sorry for you. Elyria is lucky to have the college there and if it were to relocate Elyria would be an even bigger crap hole with nothing to offer.

          • SniperFire

            ‘Who says the programs don’t work?’

            The results. 90% of the kids never finish the programs in question. Look it up.

    • Chris

      It is all about the income inequality. Government, and specifically status quo education are how they take and spread money to the poor and themselves. What did you think they were going to do with the levy money. This will be why they come back for more. Make them earn there tax money and stop building things to put peoples names on. When students who have fully paid for there education fail, they usually realize it. Those who go on the Tax payer doll don’t have anything to loose. Neither does the college. Wealth redistributed,

      • Kei Graves

        The levy money was not even for LCCC, it was to continue the University Partnership which allows our students to take classes from Kent, BGSU, and other partners on our campuses. They never have to leave the county and travel to these other schools. That levy money was to continue bringing the Bachelors and Masters degrees to the school and make education accessible to all. It was not just so that some higher up could get a raise.

      • Jake

        Maybe you should sign up for an English or writing class and learn the difference between “there” and “their.”

    • stop ur whining part deux

      It is called personal responsibility. It is not the job of a university to push you thru. It is the responsibility of the individual to follow thru and go to class.

      • SniperFire

        Do you think it is the job of LCCC to be good stewarts with tax dollars given them? Or should they continue to fleece taxpayers and keep growing programs which few people ever actually finish?

        • stop ur whining part deux


          Now you are changing the subject. It is the duty of the student to do the work and finish school. It is the duty of the school to offer the programs and instructors.

          As for the tax payers…The reason someone moves to your city is because it is safe and has good choices for education. Elyria needs LCCC a lot more than LCCC needs Elyria.

          The programs they offer, and the programs they add are to stay competitive with other colleges and universities. They must stay competitive to keep people attending. The world changes and new programs are necessary to properly educate your students. But again, it is the responsibility of the student to do the work. It is not LCCC’s fault that students do not finish.

          To be honest i am kinda of shocked by your response. You have posted numerous times towards right leaning beliefs and characteristics. Is personal responsibility not a core belief for conservatives?

          But indulge me, how exactly is LCCC “fleecing” tax payers?

          • SniperFire

            ‘Now you are changing the subject.’

            No I am not. LCCC is taking public dollars and spending them on programs which simply do not work, and the sheep media just spits out their press releases to an unsuspecting public. I didn’t read the rest of your deflecting garble.

          • stop ur whining part deux

            The programs work. I know many graduates both associates and BA’s. Furthermore look into grad rates of your average community college and you will see LCCC is not as bad as you think. LCCC run a similar curriculum to every other community college and even go one further with the partnership.

            You are a hypocrite. You point towards personal responsibility but here are trying to blame a college for its students failures.

            I am now convinced you just wont be happy unless you are mad at someone. Interesting way to view life but it is certainly not for me.

          • SniperFire

            ‘The programs work. ‘

            90% fail rate. LOL

          • Mark M

            90% is not a fail rate but an incompletion rate. It does not account for those that take classes at the cheaper LCCC rate for programs offered by the University Partnership program. For instance, LCCC does not offer a Psychology Major but the University Partnership does and any students that go for that program are counted in the incompletion category because they do not earn a degree through LCCC.

          • SniperFire

            ’90% is not a fail rate but an incompletion rate. ‘

            It is LCCC’s failure rate to get student thru the programs they are putting the kids into debt for – and fleecing taxpayers to subsidize.

            Epic Failure, and LCCC should be called out for it.

          • Mark M

            Do you not read anything at all? You seem to always pick and choose what you read and what you reply to.

            If a student is planning on going through the University Partnership and there is no actual degree offered in their major by LCCC, They will be counted in those numbers even if they haven’t failed. What part of that do you not understand?

            Also, anyone that does not complete an Associates degree through LCCC within 3 years also gets counted against their graduation rate even if those people actually do eventually get their degree (Have you never heard of adults with children that cannot do enough classes every semester to get a degree on time?)

            How can you claim things like this, which impact LCCC’s graduation rate, are LCCC’s fault?

            So I will repeat myself once more and maybe it will sink in….You are using numbers that are not accurate nor are they what you are claiming them to be and therefore you are wrong.

          • SniperFire

            The numbers are accurate. IPEDS numbers for LCCC:

            ‘LCCC had a graduation rate of 8 percent from 2009 to 2010, which placed it as one of the poorest performers, ahead of only Clark State Community College, University of Akron Wayne College and Cuyahoga Community College District, all of which had graduation rates of 6 percent or less.’

          • Mark M

            How many times do I have to repeat myself SniperFire? What part of the fact that those numbers include people that should not be included if you are going to actually look at a college’s graduation rate?!

            You are constantly on the CT showing your own ignorance.

            IPEDs is a statistical study that uses the same manipulations learned in basic statistics that most studies show. It took a small number of people and tried to use that number to generalize the entire population of students at LCCC.

            As I have already stated, the graduation rate is based off of whether or not a student graduates with a degree within a certain amount of time. In this case, it is 150% of the time required for the degree.

            In other words someone going for a One Year Cert program has to get it within a year and a half in order to not count against LCCC. Someone going for an Associate’s degree has three years to get it. I went to LCCC and a lot of my fellow students were older gentleman and women that had families and could either not afford taking more than one or two classes at a time or just did not have the time for it. Therefore those people would count against LCCC’s graduation statistics (according to FAFSA) if they did not earn those degrees or certifications in the maximum time frame allotted.

            That is the problem that you DO NOT seem to understand or just simply do not care enough to take into account so you can go on a tirade about LCCC. A person that takes a class or two for credit just to learn something new counts against LCCC’s graduation rate, a person that takes classes at LCCC to pay less money than they would at a four year college and then transfers to said college would count against LCCC’s graduation rate, and a person going to the University Partnership would also generally count against the LCCC graduation rate as the classes they take for the Bachelor’s degree do not earn them an Associate’s degree at LCCC.

            What part of that do you not understand SniperFire? Are you just that ignorant to trust statistics without actually researching them further? If you were to remove the arbitrarily timeline that is provided by the federal government, stopped counting students that are only taking classes to get them cheaper that later transfer, and stopped counting students that are not there to earn a degree, the graduation rate would be much higher. Therefore the statistics you are giving me are inaccurate as they only account for whether or not someone earned a degree/certificate within 150% of the prescribed timeline on said degree/certificate.

            On a side note though, I am just as unhappy as you are with LCCC. I started classes there four years ago. Earned my degrees two years ago as I had the time to focus solely on school and then took some further classes to get them cheaper than they will cost through YSU for my Bachelor’s. Since then the tuition has gone up over twenty dollars per credit hour and they have won a levy each year. I have a major issue with that as the levy’s were supposed to prevent the increased cost being transferred to the students, yet it was. So as someone who was both a tax payer and a student at the same time…I got screwed twice.

          • SniperFire

            ‘How many times do I have to repeat myself SniperFire? ‘

            None. I am not paying attention to your lame escapist logical fallacy as you try to and deflect by focusing on the exceptions instead of the rule. LCCC needs to be audited and held accountable. You should be ashamed of your employer, but you guys are all about growing big institutions instead of actually making things work.

          • Mark M

            The only one here committing a logical fallacy is you. When you fail to account for all the variables that create a situation then you have proven your own ignorance. You obviously know nothing of the main LCCC student base nor basic statistics. And I should be ashamed of my employer? You know nothing about me nor do you even know where I am working. You constantly accuse people of deflecting the point on here yet you are bringing up my employment which you know nothing about and has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

          • stop ur whining part deux

            hey genius did you put their rate vs. other community colleges? Of course not, why bother doing any research. Just better to spout your mouth off like a foul. Ignorance is bliss so you must be the happiest guy in the world.

            Oh, and you are still a hypocrite. You scream personal responsibility while advocating the opposite.

          • SniperFire

            ‘did you put their rate vs. other community colleges?’

            Well, I didn’t, but the C-T actually did just over a year ago:

            ‘the NCES Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, or IPEDS as it generally is called, shows that LCCC had a graduation rate of 8 percent from 2009 to 2010, which placed it as ONE OF THE POOREST PERFORMERS, ahead of only Clark State Community College, University of Akron Wayne College and Cuyahoga Community College District, all of which had graduation rates of 6 percent or less.’

            Hope that helps. ROTFL.

            ‘You scream personal responsibility while advocating the opposite.’

            Again, you aren’t proving to be the sharpest Crayola in the 64 pack. I am against LCCC for continuing to WASTE TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES to ENABLE losers to blow it on starting programs they can never hope to finish.

            Read it slooooowly this time, or have your boyfriend help you. Schooling you is what I do! LOL

          • stop ur whining part deux

            Schooling is what you do. You are an embarrassment. So a school should not offer a program because students may not finish it. You are far short of the die hard republican that you claim to be.

            It is called being an adult son, you should try it. LCCC offers affordable education and it is up to the student to do the work. Read that a little slower yourself moron. You are advocating against being a big boy and handling your business. For someone that rails against being a Nanny state you are in this argument all for it.

            Get a clue before you hurt yourself or worse, hurt others.

  • Sis Delish

    What’s up Next?

    LCCC Tuition on Groupon?

    • SniperFire

      It is a pr gimmick. This is not so dissimilar to the distract technique McDonald’s uses to mask the price increase of a Big Mac. But in this case, they are pretending to really ‘care’ and want to do something about their pathetic graduation rate – and the wasted taxpayer dollars therewithin.

      • Reeeally309


        Do you support yourself and do the shopping? Well if you do and you pay attention, you would notice that Walmart and Giant Eagle and every other grocery store does the same thing! They want you to think you are getting a deal and things are on sale, but meanwhile they have raised the prices on other things..from food to cleaning products, or personal hygiene necessities.

        Ok, I’m done now… you are one of “those” people and it’s just pointless. Be merry in your miserable life =)

        • SniperFire

          ‘every other grocery store does the same thing! ‘

          That was my point. You aren’t very bright. The difference, of course, is we are dealing with public monies subsidizing programs with a 90% fail rate, with a lackey media asking no questions and carrying their water.

          • Guest

            Look at where the numbers for that 10% graduation rate comes from…. it does not in the slightest way reflect that 90% of LCCC students fail. lol… wow. So you really are just running your mouth and you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Guest

            Ohhh you obviously have no idea where they get the numbers from when they get that 10% graduation rate.. so you really are just running your mouth and have no idea what you’re talking about. Insulting my intelligence when

  • golfingirl

    They guarantee tuition.

    The cost of running the college continues to go up = more money needed from taxpayers, since the students attending are not paying any more toward these increased costs.

    Someone has to pay, it should be the students, who will benefit, not the taxpayers who will be asked to pay more, since tuition cannot be raised for certain students.

    Or maybe, the loss of revenue will be offset by a freeze on salaries for faculty and staff. Somehow, I doubt this is the case.

    • Reeeally309

      Current students are simply being grandfathered in as an incentive to finish their degree… I’m sure you have heard of this before and may have even benefited yourself from it.. No different. And they aren’t simply offering it to all students, there are things you have to do to be eligible.. But anyways, have you actually looked at the tuition rates and what the increase is? The tuition is very reasonably priced and hasn’t been increased in some time, this increase is so minimal…

      • golfingirl

        Not saying it is a bad idea. Simply saying those that use it should pay for it.

  • Sis Delish

    The problem here is the same as at 4-year schools.

    In reality, only 75% of the Credit hours are needed to graduate. The other 25% (or, the final year) is mostly made up of Electives.

    What are Electives? They are the courses kept in place by the college to reward Tenured Professors with jobs.

    In other terms, it is useless instruction paid for at an inflated price.

    I have been a proponent of 3-Yr. Degrees from many decades as a way to reduce the expense to the students.

    It seems from the limited amount of info offered in this story the same is true at L.C.C.C. Students see graduation as an afterthought after realizing the courses that they need to finish are Elective and both unnecessary and a mere added expense and delay to entering the marketplace.

    Educators are the most self-centered profession in the regards. Tenure is a joke played upon the masses, and its obviously costing us dearly.

  • SniperFire

    Here is a list of colleges ranked by graduation rate. Ohio State, which is way, way down the list of top performers, even has a 53% graduation rate.

    Keep LCCC’s graduation rate of 9% or so in mind the next time they come to homeowners looking for a tax increase.

    • Tom

      Can you cite where you found the graduation rate to be 9% or so? Which students is that among? Those in a two year program or a four year program?

      • SniperFire

        Sure I can site it, Tom. It is from the Institute of Education Science and their Integrated Post Secondary Educational System metric. This is a government agency and they are ‘ the primary source for data on colleges, universities, and technical and vocational postsecondary institutions in the United States’