November 22, 2014


New Elyria McDonald’s would reshape portion of Broad Street

These buildings extending from the current McDonald’s on West Broad Street to West Avenue would be razed for a new McDonald’s if the plan is approved by the city. KRISTIN BAUER CHRONICLE

These buildings extending from the current McDonald’s on West Broad Street to West Avenue would be razed for a new McDonald’s if the plan is approved by the city. KRISTIN BAUER

Correction: The project will start at the smaller building attached to Wigland. Both buildings are owned by Bonnie and Bill Ivancic. Bonnie Ivancic said Wigland is staying. This article previously indicated that Wigland would be torn down.

ELYRIA — The downtown McDonald’s restaurant will be razed and replaced with new building in a construction project that will also include demolishing several old buildings on Broad Street.

The fast food giant will go before Elyria’s Planning Commission on Tuesday with a proposed plan to build on the corner of Broad Street and West Avenue. According to documents related to the upcoming meeting, the current McDonald’s will be demolished.

The McDonald’s downtown on Broad Street would be razed and a new one built on West Avenue if the city approves the plan.

The McDonald’s downtown on Broad Street would be razed and a new one built on West Avenue if the city approves the plan.

The plans call for demolishing every building between the old McDonald’s and West Avenue starting with the small building attached to Wigland. The project will result in five fewer on-street parking spaces on Broad Street.

All the typical McDonald’s features will be included in the project, like a wraparound drive-through, some outdoor seating, ample parking and a new sign to include the trademark golden arches.

The city’s Planning Commission will make a recommendation on whether to approve the overall construction project as well as the new sign the company will erect. While the matter could go through the Design Review process as there are no zoning changes needed, it was decided to let the Planning Commission take the lead because of the sheer scope of the project, said Colleen Rosado, the secretary for both Design Review and Planning Commission.

This project has been in the works for several months. Mayor Holly Brinda hinted at it in February during her State of the City address. At that time she was happy to announce a national restaurant chain was finalizing plans for a new restaurant.

“In late spring or early summer of 2014, it is expected that the properties from West Avenue to Wigland will be demolished and building will take place in 2015,” she said.

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  • Cascade Black Bear

    This is very positive news, though our old buildings are to be treasured, it is time for this particular block of them to come down. They simply have no more use or desirability to renovate, So tip our hats to major investment. What would be nice is, if the planning commissions could inspire the architects to try and pull into the McDonalds design more of the historic features of a classic McDonalds. Not so much of the bricks, but use more glass like they were, and the big arches on the building itself like they originally were, also lets relax the sign ordinance a little, REVOLVING ARCHES on the corner? Okay I am flashing back to a simpler time, but ets breath some life into our downtown with signage and lights lighting up the sky. Signs have been in the past said to be clutter, nothing could be further from the reality especially in a dead downtown district, Under more recent sign codes, new Howard Foxman could not erect a sign such as the one that fronted the old Loomis Camera, and look where that sign ended up, in a museum, Signage is as Americana as apple pie, the mentality of the past that less is better seems t have an adverse effect. Don’t believe me? Go through old pictures of Elyria downtown and you will smile when you see all of the unique signage, We can be Elyria not Crocker, or Westlake, what they do may work for them, but we Elyrians, well, we are a little different, a good different.

    • It has to stop

      Lets just be thankful that Chris Sito is no longer on Design Review.

    • Phil Blank

      What do you want?
      A Elyria version of Garrettsville?
      Hell, we might as well do Lorain too!

    • Tim Francis

      that would be nice for McDonalds to build it the way they used to be.

  • Sis Delish

    Do you think that Restaurant Rescue Television Show will be covering this renovation?

  • GreatRedeemer

    This is positive. That area of row buildings while arguably historic is in shambles. Downtown looks like urban blight in most parts and vacant buildings just attract any number of hooligans. Good news.

  • SniperFire

    Once it is built, the Democrats can go back to hating on McDonalds.

    • Pete

      Sniperfire, your a complete idiot.

      • Rocky Naylor

        anything to help out downtown is a blessing, But don’t stop there .

        plenty of old buildings to go around .now where can you get sheetz’s to build ?

        • taxpayer89

          rumor has it that Sheetz is going in across from Laubenthaul funeral home over on Chestnut ridge area.

          • Tim Francis

            omg no bad idea, that are is so congested that will just make it worse.

        • Tim Francis

          how about on lake ave where that old clark sation is.

      • SniperFire

        Yet you cannot refute the point made. LOL

      • John Davidson

        The Dems will just go and picket for $15 per hour for a burger flopper.

  • bROWNS77

    That explains why the McDouble is now $1.29, lol.
    Sounds like a great idea and would add life to a dirty,
    delapitated, abandoned corner of downtown.
    Can we get the drive- thru ordering speaker away from
    The train tracks? Ever try and order when a train was
    passing? Lol
    Who was the genius who designed that set up?
    Glad to here that we might get a revamp.

    • Pablo Jones

      And think of the increased train traffic when they redo the old train station. Amtrak will be running every 30 minutes.

  • Nick Noneya

    Why don’t they just bulldoze the whole 2 block area and get it over with!! The whole downtown area has been in decline since the Stewerts. Bring back the 40′s!!

  • Phil Blank

    Wow, the people at Wigland just moved their Lorain store there a few years ago, now they will be closed again?
    That is one heck of a story, “they closed a business for the cheap fast food from Mickey D’s!”

    • Pete

      Which business do you think brought more money to the city of Elyria? Now the Conservatives have a nicer place to pig out, snipermissfire will be first in line.

      • Sis Delish

        Pete. Which businesses are you comparing? The Legit ones or the ones run out of the same buildings a la carte?

    • golfingirl

      Don’t need Wigland anymore.

      Just take the hair found in McDonalds food and make your own wig!

  • john legend

    Phil has blank in his brain

  • golfingirl

    Aren’t we trying to encourage healthy meals?

    Also, isn’t it more cost effective to prepare meals at home, instead of eating fast food? Wouldn’t a monthly food allowance go further if you avoided places like McDonalds?

    So they are going to tear down one McDonalds, to build another one, leaving another empty lot.

    If this is Elyria’s idea of community development, the “replacement” of one McDonalds for another, it is all over for the city.

  • ladyincleveland

    “Mayor Holly Brinda hinted at it in February during her State of the City address. At that time she was happy to announce a national restaurant chain was finalizing plans for a new restaurant.”
    I have to say I am a tad disappointed & wish that the national chain was a bit more upscale than McDonald’s.

  • jackie

    that place is a crap hole any way you disguise it, it is seething with bums & trash & thugs. good luck with that one lol. i’m so glad i moved out of lorain county.

  • john legend

    You dont live in elyria so mind your own business golfgal

    • golfingirl

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      Just thought I would with in since I love coming to Elyria to enjoy the fine cuisine.

  • john legend

    What? Wendys too expensive for you to handle?

    • golfingirl

      You really do not want to get into an income comparison with me.

      I can assure you, that is one argument you would surely lose….laughing.

      • A Freedom Fighter

        dang, how much do you make at 711?

        • golfingirl

          I think you have a crush on me….following me from site to site…..laughing.

          • A Freedom Fighter

            I am a troll hunter. when some one acts out in a hurtful way I try and find out why. is low self esteem your problem? insecurity perhaps? golf scores too high? maybe talking to a friend or clergy member would be helpful?

          • golfingirl

            No self-esteemed issues with this girl, actually quite the opposite.

            Nice chatting with you. Have to go pack now, heading to Florida to work on those “golf scores”

            Have a nice evening and smoke a joint for me.

          • A Freedom Fighter

            you act out in a hurtful way, why is that?

          • Paul McClancy

            She’s a MILF wouldn’t you say?

          • A Freedom Fighter

            I try and stay away from mean spirited people.

          • Paul McClancy

            Mean. In. Life. Forever. roflstomp! Why do you think she’s so mad?

          • A Freedom Fighter

            shes been rude as heck to a few folks on the topic of cannabis legalization. just checking in for sanity. you dont find it rude to be identifiying women as objects?

          • Paul McClancy

            That makes me feel bad.

  • john legend

    Oh really? Dont tell me. Thurston and Lovie Howell? Not too bright if you have money and spend all of your time posting on chronicle sight constantly. I envy the life you live Mrs. Howell. Sounds like you need help…laughing

  • john legend

    Iknow I know, my quess is 5 ft. 250lbs. dark greasy hair, no life, no friends. your 5 ft 11 , 125lbs, beautiful blonde bouncy hair, handsome husband, 2 georgeous kids and also a multi millionaire with a wit to boot

    • golfingirl

      Actually is my photo, but only about 5’8″, 125 lbs.

      Multi-millionaire?….I suppose that depends on how you define “multi.”

      Have a nice evening, heading to Florida in the morning. Have to pack the sunscreen.

  • rob

    It’s probably time to renew the tax break and pass the savings on to you!!!! That’s cool though, at least a few more dilapidated buildings will cease to exist. We don’t need their Mac’s dollars anyway!

  • Tim Francis

    thats an awfully big McDonalds