November 26, 2014


Man accused of selling deadly fentanyl sentenced to 2 years in prison

Awtwan Taylor

Awtwan Taylor

ELYRIA — One of the men police have said is responsible for selling the deadly painkiller fentanyl that caused a rash of overdoses, including some deaths, late last year was sentenced Monday to two years in prison.

But Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski said as long as 21-year-old Antwan Taylor doesn’t get into trouble in prison, he likely will grant him early release after six months. Taylor is due to report to Lorain County Jail later this month to begin serving his sentence.

County Prosecutor Dennis Will said his office would have liked to have seen a longer sentence, but is happy that Taylor will spend time in prison for his crimes.

Taylor pleaded guilty in February in four separate felony cases, three for drugs and one in which he was charged with felonious assault.

One of the drug cases stemmed from a November traffic stop in which Taylor was found with drugs. The arrest came at the height of the overdoses as police across the county sought to stem the flow of fentanyl on the streets.

Betleski said after the hearing that he agreed to the two-year sentence with judicial release based on Taylor’s lack of a felony record and the charges he pleaded guilty to.

  • Phil Blank

    Only two years for what amounted to murder?
    That is crazy!
    Lets put it this way, ok.
    Lets say someone wanted someone knocked-off.
    so you kill them with Fentanyl and only get two years, but if you shoot them, you could get 10-PLUS years or even death?
    Does any of this make sense to anyone?

    • WTFnext

      Only 6 months if he behaves himself! SMH. They may as well quit wasting the taxpayer’s money to prosecute because the sentences are a joke.

  • John Davidson

    He should get the death penalty just like his buyer.

  • tboehnlein

    As a person who has lost several members of my family due heroin, I think this POS should fry!!! And these judges just keep letting these killers back out on the streets after 6 months! What a joke, I for one will NEVER vote for this judge!!!!!!

  • bdid.d

    I guess it’s totally his fault they chose to put the tornaquet on their arm, pick a good vein, carefully tap the air out , carefully slide the needle in and push the plunger… seems like dead customers would be no good to a dealer…. I don’t condone dealing but the responsibility lies with the user. They face the idea of death every time they choose to use..