May 25, 2016

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Oberlin College joins April Fools’ Day fun

This screenshot of Oberin College's home page on April 1 shows the school's April Fools' Day prank.

This screenshot of Oberin College’s home page on April 1 shows the school’s April Fools’ Day prank.

OBERLIN – Oberlin College’s creative web team had a bit of fun with the college’s website, in the name of April Fools’ Day.

At midnight Tuesday, alien spaceships and various animals made their way to the college’s homepage. The doodles, constructed by Oberlin College’s web and graphic design team, were a way to celebrate the strange holiday, said Ma’Ayan Plaut, Oberlin College manager of social media strategy and products.

“I personally think it’s really fun,” she said, laughing.

Unusual web pages on April Fools’ Day are not new to the college, however.

Three years ago, the college’s creative team copied the popular “Nyan Cat” Internet sensation with its version, using the college’s mascot, the albino squirrel.

The Nyan Cat’s Internet popularity grew in April 2011, as web users shared the picture of a cat with a Pop Tart body, set to animation.

In the past, the college also designed the website using pictures of cats and kittens from across the Oberlin community. The cats brought attention to a re-design of the college’s webpage that year, Plaut said.

“In the past, the reactions have been good,” she said. “They like our creativity and that we have a sense of humor.”

Oberlin College isn’t the only one celebrating April Fools’ Day.

Google Maps also took a spin on the holiday, asking users to become “Pokemon masters” by finding hidden images of Pokemon throughout the latest version of Google Maps on March 31.

Oberlin College’s unique web design can be accessed until midnight Wednesday. After that, the page will be archived, but can be accessed from a link on the page.

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