November 27, 2014


Woman says men stole $7,200 from her during attempted drug deal

LORAIN – A woman told police three men choked her and stole thousands of dollars from her when she tried to buy crack cocaine from them on Monday.

Linda Kelly, 52, told police she withdrew $7,200 from Chase Bank at 5971 Leavitt Road at about 5:30 p.m. on Monday. She said the money was for a friend she was “helping out,” according to a police report.

Soon after she withdrew the money, Kelly drove to a nearby Walgreens and picked up a man who she told police was a drug trafficker.

Kelly drove the man to Pinebrook Towers on the 1300 block of Shaffer Drive to buy $60 worth of crack cocaine, according to the report. She told police that when she stopped in front of one apartment, two black men she didn’t know got into the backseat of her car. Both men looked to be in their early 20s, and one man had long braided hair and was wearing a black shirt, according to the police report.

The first man told Kelly to drive and asked how much crack cocaine she wanted to buy before ordering her to stop the car in front of another apartment on the 1300 block of Shaffer Drive, according to the report.

When Kelly stopped, one of the men in the backseat grabbed her around the neck and choked her while the man she knew held her back and the third man grabbed the $7,200 from her pocket, according to the report.

Kelly told police she ripped one of the suspects’ shirts in the robbery but that all three men ran from the scene after taking the money.

Police searched Kelly’s car and found the torn black shirt as well as a toy revolver which Kelly said one of the suspects must have dropped in the struggle.

Police were not able to find any of the three men on Monday night, and the investigation is ongoing.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja


    • HankKwah

      Careful, b4ce will accuse you of kicking someone when they’re down. :) Just call him a troll and tell him to move on.

      OOOOH, just found out he’s following me!!! And he says I’M a troll!!! LOL

      • B4CE

        Are you as excited as I am ?

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  • John Davidson

    She was commiting a crime and now she wants the police to help her and us to feel sorry for her. I sure as heck don’t feel bad for her at all. And why would you get $7200 to buy $60 worth of crack?

  • Sis Delish

    The $7,200.00 withdrawal was to help out Elyria’s Fireworks Fundraiser… Jimmy Long called her to see if she could help.

  • My1stLove

    APRILS FOOLS!!!!! this story is sooooooooo not right but funny..gotcha!

  • SpaceTech

    Hmmmm? Most banks these days have a daily withdrawl limit and its a lot lower than $7200 her story isn’t adding up.
    But anyway, stupid is as stupid does!

    • Phil Blank

      Yes, a limit from an ATM!
      But not from inside the back and there are both a bank branch and an ATM at that address!

    • Joe Smith

      I can withdraw as much money as I want from a bank as long as I have the funds. They do have to report you to the IRS if you withdraw 10 grand or over. I think you are thinking of ATM limits.

  • INavon

    Why does the paper entertain these stories? It’s the same with the stories about illegals wanting to stay in the country. No one cares. It’s a disgrace to give publicity to this type of thing

    • Phil Blank

      Because it is news, no matter what and no matter if you like it or not!

      • INavon

        Many incidents can be news. Not all of them need to be in the paper. Many of the articles in The Chronicle provide very little info by way of investigative reporting. They are written off the police reports with no further fact checking or follow up.

        • Phil Blank

          If you ade the purchace, then you are in possession.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Withdrew $7200 to help friend, pickup a drug trafficker at Walgreens, sound like she was an easy mark.

  • Phil Blank

    They should have busted her with an attempt to purchase, if there is such a thing?
    If not, why not?
    You can sit in your car all day and be drunk, but you better not have the keys on you or you will be busted with DUI because you could have driven drunk.
    Screwed-up I know.

    • Reagan

      Its not against the law to purchase illegal drugs only sell or possess them. This how the police are able to make undercover buys.

      • Kid Mook

        Well after u buy them won’t u be in possession of them?

  • DavePrice

    armed robbery with chocking, of over $7,000 is definitely something ” We the People” expect our police to investigate.

  • Carrie Watson

    It’s possible she could have actually taken that much money out, through a teller, but why would she do something that stupid? I find it very strange.

  • Sis Delish

    She’s really only out $7,140.00. She was going to give the boys $60.00 for the stuff.

  • John Davidson

    I read the story a couple of times, I believe she was high and the story is a bunch of bull. Never really happened.

  • bigmacky

    hmmm who in the hell has $7200 to with drawl from a bank in cash? and if I was “helping” a friend out – hey here’s a check

  • Krista Miller

    Umm you are trying to buy crack, what did you think would happen

  • michelle

    No sympathy for this person. I wish she would stop taking up space.

  • tomfeher

    Crackheads are SOOOO stupid

  • brenda

    What the hell did she think that they were going to do……play nice n fair!!!! Bright as a black brick wall!!

  • John Q. Taxpayer

    Probably didn’t know the difference between 72.00 and 7200.00

  • bdid.d

    Sure, I have thousands in the bank to help my friends out… just gotta grab a little something for myself for being such a good person first… Did they verify this withdrawal amount? Lots of things with her story sounds a little bit suspicious…

  • kmzi

    You shouldn’t be dealing drugs in the first place.