November 28, 2014


UPDATE: Midview Middle School student in custody after bomb threat

Midview Middle School was evacuated Friday morning after a bomb threat was found on a bathroom door, the second such incident this week involving local schools.

A female student at the middle school was taken into custody on Friday after a threat was found written in a bathroom stall, according to Lorain County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Donald Barker.

At 10:45 a.m. Friday morning, a threat saying, “I’m going to blow up the school today,” was found written on a stall door in the girls’ bathroom, according to Midview Schools Superintendent Scott Goggin.

The staff evacuated the building, and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department conducted a sweep. The Sheriff’s Department couldn’t find a bomb or other evidence of potential harm to the school and students were brought back to class at about noon, Goggin said.

Shortly after the incident, the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department took into custody a female student who they believe was connected to the threat, according to Barker and Goggin.

This is the second threat this week. On Thursday, Sheffield Middle School was evacuated after a bomb threat was found written on a wall. A student has been suspended and charged.

  • oldruss

    News media, like the Chronicle Telegram, never release the names of the juveniles involved in criminal activity. That may be because the police and/or county prosecutor’s office does not release the names of juveniles charged, or it may just be a voluntary policy by the various media to shield the juveniles involved. In any case, it should stop. Serious criminal offenses, such as this bomb threat, warrant that the public, and especially those who have to attend the schools involved, have a right to know who is responsible for these bomb threats, and God forbid, for any violent acts against the schools.

    • Sis Delish

      it would be difficult to believe the name of the perp will remain hushed for long. Someone at the school had to have seen who was hauled away… Social Media will most likely do the deed.

      • oldruss

        That’s all well and good if one is hooked up to the “social media”; but the point is, that the NEWS media ought to be publishing the names of juveniles charged with being delinquent.

  • ken m

    there needs to be a more serious charge for these threats..even if their under 18,this costs tens of thousands of dollars in tax money,not counting the fact someone could be hurt or killed responding to these threats…I say charge the kids with a terrorist crime and the parents with the same…then recoup the cost of these threats from the teenagers and the parents..

  • John Davidson

    Being that she probably didn’t want to be in school expel her for the rest of the year.