November 27, 2014


Convicted heroin dealer faces federal charges

Siaerres Noble

Siarres Noble

Federal prosecutors have charged an Elyria man with selling fentanyl to an Elyria woman who later died from a drug overdose after using the powerful painkiller.

Siarres “Sizzle” Noble, 29, already had pleaded guilty in state court to drug trafficking, drug possession and other charges in the same November timeframe that is covered in the federal indictment, which was unsealed Wednesday. One of the charges dates to March 2013.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge had promised to send Noble to the Lorain/Medina Community Based Correctional Facility when he is sentenced later this year, a move that infuriated Elyria police. Burge, who declined to comment Wednesday, previously has said he thought Noble’s was a fairly routine drug trafficking case when he agreed to the sentence.

The CBCF is a minimum-security facility that works to help convicts with substance and other issues become productive members of society.

Noble faces two counts of distribution of heroin and four counts of distribution of fentanyl in federal court. One of the fentanyl counts carries an enhanced penalty specification that would mandate a prison sentence of 20 year to life if Noble is convicted.

The indictment said Noble sold fentanyl to a woman, who isn’t identified by name in the indictment, Nov. 8. The woman died the next day.

The death was one of several from fentanyl overdoses in November that had police agencies across Lorain County scrambling to stem the flow of the drug onto the streets.

“The poison sold by this defendant directly led to the death of a woman,” U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio Steven Dettelbach said in a news release. “Heroin and fentanyl use leads to death, destroys lives and damages families. We will continue doing all we can to turn the tide on this epidemic.”

Noble’s attorney, Michael Stepanik, he said didn’t learn about the federal charges against his client until Wednesday. He said his client already has pleaded guilty to selling drugs in state court and is awaiting sentencing.

“This would seem to change things,” he said.

Stepanik said that while defendants can be charged in both state and federal court for the same alleged criminal conduct, it’s not something that happens often.

“I don’t know if it’s different evidence or it’s the same as what was presented in state court,” he said.

Police have said when Noble was arrested in November, he was caught with 75 grams of suspected drugs, but testing determined that only 23 grams of that was fentanyl or a mixture of fentanyl.

The remaining material, police believe, was likely a cutting agent used to bulk up the quantity of fentanyl Noble could sell.

Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will said Dettelbach’s office and the FBI came to him about taking the case against Noble to federal court. He said it’s part of a push to become more aggressive in dealing with the heroin epidemic.

Elyria Police Chief Duane Whitely said in the news release that law enforcement at all levels is working to fight illegal drugs.

“Sadly, in this case, the sale of drugs led to someone’s death,” Whitely said. “The weapon used may not have been a gun, but it is just as deadly.”

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  • Bill

    Burge’s actions over the course of his time in office while may not be criminal certainly shows an egotistical moron who has a utter contempt for law enforcement.

  • SniperFire

    ‘The CBCF is a minimum-security facility that works to help convicts with substance and other issues become productive members of society.’

    Aren’t Democrats such as Burge such sweethearts? LOL

    • Jennifer Williams

      Noble is probably Burge’s hookup!

  • Jennifer Williams

    CBCF! WTF! People just ending their sentencing in Grafton get sent to CBCF to finish the sentence out! This REPEAT CONVICT and MURDERER is going straight to CBCF? Totally messed up! OUT with BURGE!

    • SniperFire

      but but but haven’t you seen all the C-T stories recently telling us heroin in not really anybody’s moral fault and is just a disease?

      • Jennifer Williams

        Yes I have seen all of the CT stories. Heroin is not a disease addiction is the disease. Heroin hit my family very close to home my brother was a constant user but it just was not heroin it was any drug that would keep him high. He did this for many years. He has now been sober for 5 years and he runs a sobriety house and goes to constant meetings. <– He over came his addiction finally but he hurt himself his family and his friends. Yes he chose to do the drugs but he also chose to quit as well. I chose to smoke cigarettes and it is an addiction I cannot get rid of.

  • kmzi

    How come every time I check the news and there are drug dealers these men are Black men? Sort of tells that race has something to do with it???

    • Joe Smith

      Wait for the racist comments.

    • Mark B

      Too lazy to work at a real job ? Too hard to work with one hand holding your crotch all day ? Its Bush’s fault that Obama cant put people to work ?

      • SniperFire

        In fairness, the policies of Obama and his fellow Democrats have not only destroyed the black family, it has crushed them economically and doubled the unemployment rate of blacks. Women have also been crushed economically by Obama and the Democrats, losing an additional 180,000 jobs just last month alone.

        And few people know that 46% of ALL unemployed are millenial types who were some of Obama and the Democrats most loyal voters over the last two election cycles. Complete and utter failure.

        But this never goes reported by Leftist media outlets.

        • jz

          The War on Poverty began by I think Lyndon Johnson, a democrat who ran on a platform of helping Appalachians out of poverty, who actually did not want the governments help because they are, or were, a fiercely independant culture. Johnsons biggest campaign money came from 2 brothers who ran the biggest concrete company in Texas and before he was President sponsored legislation granting mucho government contracts $ to their company to build dams and provide electricity to people in Texas. There were actually many in Texas who did not have electricity yet. So did Johnson give a hoot about poverty or did he just see an opportunistic situation good for a politician. We know the answer. War on this War on that equals making the cure worse than the ills. This was way before Obama.

          • SniperFire

            ‘The War on Poverty began by ..’

            You are blathering again. We had virtual FULL employment as recently as the Bush Administration.

          • jz

            Historical facts mate. No more with you. Trying to pee someone off with words like blathering. Wast of brain power.

          • SniperFire

            ‘Historical facts mate. ‘ So was the Ming Dynasty. Try to be relevant.

    • glevans

      Kind of like every time a bank gets robbed or a child is molested I’ve noticed its always white men…..

      • bROWNS77

        There was just a black man that robbed 2 banks in one day.
        I believe was a headline yesterday.

      • kmzi

        I agree with you on that one, glevans.

      • Rick Miller

        Just because blak men molest there OWN children is the reason YOU think it does not happen but if you had HALF a brain you would know blak men are responsible for 80% of ALL crime even tho 13% of the population. MORON

  • golfingirl

    He knew what he was selling. The Fentanyl was separated and he was “compounding” fatal doses. Hardly an organic chemist, but he knew what he had and what he was selling.

    He also had to know the poisonous nature of what he was selling and the history of fatalities this product has caused. It is well documented that the use of Fentanyl is toxic, even to hardened heroin users. He was selling it as heroin, often to unsuspecting users.

    Glad the Feds stepped in, to do the job Judge Burge does not have the guts to do.

    I also find it interesting how many times I see this last name in the news, never for any positive contribution.

    I would love to see a “family tree” of Lorain County criminals.

  • golfingirl

    “Burge, who declined to comment Wednesday, previously has said he thought Noble’s was a fairly routine drug trafficking case when he agreed to the sentence.”

    Nothing like being prepared when a case comes before you and a person’s life hinges on your decision.

    So Burge claims ignorance, I claim incompetence.

    Do your homework, or get off the bench!!!

    • Godfather

      Now why are you being a mean nasty person?

      Burge is the best judge ever. EVER.

      • golfingirl

        I am “mean and nasty” because at the age of 4yo, my father took away my puppy. It scarred me for life.

        I am a product of my upbringing and am not responsible for any acts I commit as an adult.

        Works for the murderers, maybe it will work for me too.

        Hey, I kinda like blaming others for everything. This is fun and I see great potential in not taking accountability for anything.

        I am now free from any laws, rules or regulations. I am loving this. No longer do I have to suffer any consequences for my actions.

        I think I will rip up the tax return I am currently working on right now. I mean, I simply cannot bring myself to write that check to the Department of the Treasury. I miss my little “Rover” too much. My tear filled eyes cannot see the signature line on my return.

        I am free….I am free…I am free…..all because of my rotten childhood.

      • stillsleepyeyes

        bahahahahahahaha………the only way burge could EVER win a case was while being the judge……………..other than that………he is just a whimp a$$ bully like gardwennie

  • bROWNS77

    Wouldn’t that be the same as putting antifreeze in Gatorade?
    People receive life sentences for that!

    Can someone explain to me the difference?

    Also,CBCF is for treatment for drug addiction, apparently he didn’t use the drugs,
    Or he would be dead

    • Rick Miller

      no you moron because anti-freeze has NEVER gotten anybody high nor has anyone ever thought it would. try again.

    • WTFnext

      He only told Burge he used the drugs to get a light sentence at the country club. If he had truly used them, they would have been treating him for withdrawal at the county jail. I’m glad the Feds stepped in. He deserves way more time than Burge will give him, and he deserves to do it at a hard core prison.

  • ekwaykway

    Sizzle was caught shizzling his nizzle!

    • bdid.d

      Fo shizzle…

  • Nicole

    I say legalize it all and let the trash take itself out. Give this guy a medal.

  • Mrs. B

    People make a conscious choice to go out of their way to find a drug dealer to supply their habits. Heroin and drugs in general is, by far, not anything new. The potential consequences of using drugs is well known. In stating these points, why is the drug dealer completely at fault for the consequences of the decisions of those whom sought him out?

    • golfingirl

      Nobody is saying the dealers are “completely” at fault. But they are “equally” at fault.

      However, in this case, he knew he was not selling heroin, he was selling Fentanyl, as heroin. A huge difference.

      This is why he is a murderer.