October 21, 2014


More evidence revealed against suspects in fatal shooting

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams

Andre Jackson

Andre Jackson

ELYRIA — One of the two men facing murder and felonious assault charges for the Jan. 5 shooting death of Antonio Spraggins broke the window of Spraggins’ Chevrolet Equinox before opening fire, according to search warrants unsealed Wednesday.

When police interviewed Jordan Williams after he was arrested a few days after the shooting, officers observed cuts on Williams’ hands “which appeared to be consistent with cut injuries possibly sustained from striking a glass object,” an affidavit accompanying the warrants said.

Spraggins was playing pool at the T&A Bar before he was found shot to death in his car about 2:15 a.m. at the intersection of Foster and Lake avenues. The SUV, which was peppered with bullet holes, was stuck in a snow drift and its wheels were still spinning when it was discovered.

Police determined that Williams, Andre Jackson, the second man facing charges, and a third man, Jeris Geiger, who was initially charged but wasn’t indicted in the case, were in the bar together before the shooting.

After the shooting, police said the three fled in a red Geo Tracker that police later found. Inside the vehicle they found a bullet casing that matched casings from the shooting scene, the affidavit said. The casings also matched 9 mm ammunition found at Williams’ home.

The 9 mm semiautomatic pistol believed to have been used in the shooting was later found at a Cleveland home, where a man named Octavius Smith told police he had taken the gun from the vehicle Williams, Jackson and Geiger were riding in after the shooting.

The affidavits, most of which sought phone records for those connected to the shooting, said that police used cell phone location data to help track the men after the shooting, including some who travelled to Georgia.

Williams was arrested in Elyria. Geiger and Jackson were arrested at a Maple Heights home a few days after the shooting.

A trial in the case is scheduled to begin Monday.

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  • golfingirl

    ” Inside the vehicle they found a bullet casing that matched casings from the shooting scene.”

    Should have used a revolver, doesn’t leave empty bullet casings. They all stay right in the cylinder.

    Dumb criminals. Oh well, they will get their 30 days in jail and will soon be free.

    I recommend they throw themselves at the mercy of a three judge panel. Seems to be their best defense based on recent verdicts.

    I hear one of the suspects witnessed his pet turtle dying as a child, which devastated him. This would certainly qualify as mitigating circumstances to avoid any imprisonment.

    Seriously, I do not know how anyone can blame these decent young men for this crime. It was the gun’s fault. Without the gun, the victim may have been stabbed, and possibly could have survived the attack.

    Oh well, at least they cleaned up the streets a little on their way out. I applaud them for that.

    • Godfather

      And i applaud you for your passion and caring. People dont need to be killed. Even if they make a mistake.

      Bless you golfinggill

      • golfingirl

        Thank you Judge Burge for your comments.

        • Starryeyes63

          I am almost convinced it is…………….

          • golfingirl

            ……….Judge Burge

          • Starryeyes63


    • Shaneathia De Neen Williams

      One day someone is going to fix that big mouth of yours. People like you are truly despicable.

      • golfingirl

        No, the “despicable” ones are those who murder, steal, assault, rape, sell drugs and threaten their neighborhoods with criminal activities..

        The ones who jeopardize the lives of children, with stray bullets and speeding vehicles. The one’s who leave their children behind when they either die at an early age, or spend theirs lives behind bars.

        My “big mouth” is the result of my weariness of these sickening behaviors. Like many here, I have reached my tolerance threshold in dealing with this garbage.

        Guess what, behave like a normal human being, obey the laws and no one will ever speak ill of you. Is that so hard to understand?

        Any “despicable” comments are a direct result of what these men have done. They opened the door to criticism and penalties through their own actions, they now have to accept whatever comes through that door, as do their friends and families. This is a cost of what they have done.

        They have ruined a once peaceful city, driven down property values, lived off the government and contributed little, if anything to society.

        We want this scum off our streets. Death is an unfortunate consequence of their behaviors and quite frankly I really don’t have much compassion for those you brought death or imprisonment upon themselves.

  • Shaneathia De Neen Williams

    Your comments are always ignorant. You are very disrespectful and shallow when it comes to alot of tragedies. This young man lost his life. God bless your rotten soul

  • SniperFire

    Looks like another job for Judge ‘Let ‘em walk’ Burge!!

  • ekwaykway

    I think it’s great criminals and gang members are killing each other. Only problem is their not doing it fast enough!

  • Kelvin Gray

    Truthfully there was no winners in this situation. There never is no matter what sarcastic commentators say. Lost lives and going to prison results in loses in the families all around. It runs so much deeper than a death and a conviction.

    • SniperFire

      They are all certainly a bunch of losers, I’ll give you that!

  • Shaneathia De Neen Williams

    Like I said lil golfing girl your very last comment was very disrespectful. You said that they helped clean the streets up a liitle on their way out. You just say the wrong choice of words. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I.

    • golfingirl

      Drug dealers sell the drugs that kill many. As long as they get the drug money in their pocket, they don’t care how it gets there. They only care about themselves.

      So how many people were killed through his actions as a dealer? Do you really know? Do you really care? Does it matter to you? Or is it still all about him?

      This was not some random act of violence that targeted an innocent person. While his life was taken through violence, it was violence of his own making. Now his killers will meet the same fate. The circle of life, in the drug world.

      This story ended the way it did because of his intentional actions. He was a known, convicted crack dealer, who we are now supposed to view as a victim, because he met “street justice.” What outcome did you expect?

      Drugs are essentially poisons. He spent his life poisoning others and didn’t care if the drugs took other’s lives, as long as he was getting paid. But we are now supposed to feel sympathy toward him?

      People are fed up with this nonsense and tired of being expected to apologize for our feelings when a drug dealer is removed, through whatever means.

      I suggest if you can’t handle the opinions of others, you stay away from the pages where people express theirs. You are correct, I am entitled to my opinion and I just expressed it.

      • Shaneathia De Neen Williams

        I will not debate on why you feel it was okay a humans life was taking. This was somebody’s son, brother, nephew, cousin and a great he was indeed. You dont know exactly what this was over or do you being you know all the answers. Last time I checked drugs has been around this town for years. Its just affecting the white community more nowadays. Is this the reason why your panties are in a bunch. People choose to use drugs. They light the pipe on their own. They shoot the dope on their own. Since you want to clean the streets up lets start in your community where the drugs really are. Its not about having sympathy more so empathize with our choice of words. Now with all being said there is no need for a response. I have rested in good taste. God bless you

        • Willie Jenkins

          She like a lot of people only judge the minority stories. I see it constantly. The same group of people like clockwork. White story they are victims. Minority story they are thugs.

          • golfingirl

            My disdain for the dregs of society is color blind.

            I am an equal opportunity hater of all who take this community and country down.

            How dare you inject racism into this discussion.

            I suggest you read some of my other posts before you make your “racist” comment. Black, white, red or purple, I am critical of all colors when they break the law over and over again.

            We are simply fed up with this garbage.

          • Willie Jenkins

            We being who ,and who or what being garbage?

          • golfingirl

            We being law abiding citizens who are tired of all the crime and having to live in fear that will be an incidental victim. I used the pleural, since I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Read the other posts!

            Garbage being the criminal activities which destroy our neighborhoods and put our children at risk. I did not refer to another human being as garbage, rather their activities.

            What do you suggest we do to clean up this mess? How many chances should these people receive? You have to be tired of it as well, are you not?

          • Willie Jenkins

            Thank you for the clarification. I was beginning to believe otherwise. This is a public forum. You are more than welcome to read my past posts.

          • Godfather

            I think its fairly clear who the garbage is here.

            Social sewage.

            Society’s rot and decay.


          • golfingirl

            Thank you for your comments Judge B.

  • Ron Jeremy

    golfinggirl has a husband that deals drugs legally and she welcomes addicts so that her hubby is able to support his unemployed wife

    • golfingirl

      Thank you for your opinion Bro Delish