November 29, 2014


ODOT to start seeking bids on 49th Street bridge project in Elyria

ELYRIA – With the construction season quickly approaching, the Ohio Department of Transportation is making the final steps toward a project that they think could cut back on accidents and increase accessibility and tourism in Elyria.

At a press conference Thursday, ODOT District 3 Deputy Director Allen Biehl announced that the department will be putting out bids for a contract for the $22 million dollar project next week. After that, he said, the city will determine a start date for sometime this summer.

The project, typically called the 49th Street bridge project, will see a stretch of State Route 57 between the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 90 configured to make the area safer and more accessible from the highway. The plan is to remove the 49th Street bridge, widen Route 57 and replace circular exit and entry ramps off the road with straight ramps, according to Biehl.

The road will remain open throughout the construction except for the final phase when the bridge will be taken down, Biehl said.

Mayor Holly Brinda said the project could cut back on accidents in a typically high-crash zone as well as bring in tourism and commerce to Midway Mall.

“It’s a bipartisan effort to do something wonderful for the community… remedying one of the highest crash zones in Ohio,” Brinda said.

The fact that the department is in the final phases of the project comes as a pleasant shock to Biehl who said the project was originally set to be completed years in the future. With the help of funding from Turnpike bond sales, the project was moved from a future possibility to an immediate reality.

“It is unbelievable,” Biehl said, thanking local people who take the Turnpike every day. For Biehl, the construction serves as a warm up project for larger undertakings in the near future.

ODOT plans to spend $2.5 billion dollars on transportation projects throughout the state this year – some of which will go to other LorainCounty projects. At least four bridges will be repaired including two on State Route 2 and two on Interstate 90.

However, the focus of the construction efforts in the county this year will be on the 49th Street bridge project, largely because of the effect it will have on the city.

“We know the long-term gain is successful for the community,” Brinda said.

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  • Mark B

    Just where in Elyria would any Tourist want to visit ? All of the drug crime on south middle ave ?
    Pull Into town only to be pulled over by Ohio State Patrol , before also being stopped by EPD . Take a tour of all of the trash and empty buildings down town . Take a Tour of over grown weeds around every light pole ? Think that sums up Elyria’s Tourist Attractions.

  • onesears


  • Sis Delish

    Rumor has it Disney is approaching the Mayor’s Office in advance of proposing a Theme Park be built on the Midway Mall property…

    “BrindaLand” A Place Where Fairies and Unicorns Magically Transform into Dollars and Cents with Fireworks and Potholes Fixes for all!.. but, only if this construction project comes in our below cost.

  • SniperFire

    ‘ tourism in Elyria ‘

    OK. That one was funny.

  • Phil Blank

    They missed the meeting!
    NEWS today, Ohio planes $2.5 billion in road construction.
    R T 57 included, but not this bridge!

  • golfingirl

    “…….bring in tourism and commerce to Midway Mall.”

    Exactly what is the tourist attraction? A road does not make a tourist attraction, it is a way to get to one. A road to nowhere, when heading in the direction of Elyria.

    Will only make it easier to get to Crocker Park, where there are real commerce opportunities.

    • Mark B

      2 or 3 more traffic lights to be timed poorly

  • Tim Francis

    Thats intetesting how about a sketch to show it im trying to figire it out definitely like that idea.