November 27, 2014


Accused child molester says he’s being targeted in jail

James Osborne

James Osborne

ELYRIA — James Osborne has repeatedly refused to enter protective custody despite multiple disputes with his fellow inmates at the Lorain County Jail.

The most recent incident came Friday when another inmate, Bahlial Davis, allegedly threw “liquid feces” on the door of the cell Osborne was sharing with Luis Sanchez.

Jail Administrator Andy Laubenthal said Davis told guards he targeted Osborne and Sanchez “because they are (accused) child molesters.”

Osborne, 34, is facing a possible life prison sentence if convicted of charges he convinced his fiancee to molest children at the day care centers where she worked.

His fiancee, Heather Koon, also faces a potential life sentence for allegedly molesting several children, including a 1-year-old, and recording the sexual abuse.

Sanchez, 38, is facing a rape charge out of North Ridgeville for allegedly raping a girl under the age of 13.

Laubenthal said Friday’s feces incident came just days after a fight between Osborne and two other inmates who had entered his cell on Wednesday. The fight was purportedly over the jail’s commissary, but Laubenthal said the matter remains under investigation.

He also said that while Osborne claimed the other two inmates, Michael DeWitt and Dustin Price, were the aggressors, they have pointed the finger at Osborne as the instigator of the fight.

Osborne and one of the other men were treated at the jail for minor cuts and bruises.

DeWitt, Price and Davis have all been placed in administrative segregation and Osborne has been moved to another part of the jail, Laubenthal said. Once completed, the internal investigations on the two matters will be forwarded to prosecutors to review for possible charges against those involved.

Osborne also was punched in the mouth during a February altercation with yet another inmate that was determined to have been over the commissary, Laubenthal said. The other inmate in that incident, Mark Lacey, was disciplined.

Jail officials have had to bar Osborne from contact with 10 inmates in the facility, including several who had made comments concerning the sex charges he faces, although Laubenthal said it’s common to separate inmates for various reasons.

Laubenthal said Osborne has been offered protective custody several times, but each time he has refused. He said in the past prisoners have been forced to accept protection, but so far Osborne has been adamant that he wants to remain in the general population.

For now, Laubenthal said, corrections officers are doing what they can to avoid future problems while accommodating Osborne’s desire to remain in the general population.

“We will take steps to provide for his safety and security,” he said.

Mike Duff, Osborne’s attorney, said he would like his client to accept protection, but he can’t force him to do so.

“The nature of his offense riles up the other inmates to rough him up,” Duff said.

He also said that it’s not uncommon for those facing sex charges to be tormented by their fellow inmates.

“In the pecking order of prisoners, they’re the lowest,” Duff said.

Laubenthal conceded that the nature of the allegations against Osborne could be making his stay at the jail more difficult.

“The kind of charges that he has are unusual in the facility and that may be problematic,” he said.

Osborne hears voices, Duff has said, something that prompted him to enter a not guilty by reason of insanity plea for his client and seek to have Osborne undergo a mental health evaluation.

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  • Larry Crnobrnja

    I don’t know why Bahlial Davis is in jail, but he has some good qualities nonetheless.

    • William Mitchell

      I looked it up for you. AGGRAVATED ROBBERY – DANGEROUS

  • golfingirl

    Hey Jimmy Osborne, welcome to your new life.

    I hope you are enjoying your stay, as much as the children “enjoyed” your disgusting molestations.

    It sucks when you get caught, doesn’t it?

  • topofthemorningeverybody

    he should just start praying now before he gets to prison..i’m sure he has a death sentence no matter what the judge hands out.

  • John Lawson

    The Chronicle Telegram, all the news that’s fit to print…and then some.

  • Andre

    Sucks To Be Him All My Former County Inmates Know De’Angelo He was a C.O. at County Dude can molest Children but Scared of Men Coward Karma Is A b….. He Lucky I aint there

  • Mark B

    Why this story , are we supposed to feel sorry for this POS ? Seems the CT wants people to feel sorry for all criminals ., I bet he had a bad childhood and this is supposed to be a excuse for his actions .

  • Simon Jester

    Karma, she is a female dog.


  • Brian_Reinhardt

    And keep your eye on the sparrow….when the going gets narrow….lmao.

    How’s that song go again?

    Something like “don’t do the crime if ya can’t do the time”.

    We all feel so sorry for that P O S.

  • Lou

    Kinda wonder how Duff sleeps at night defending degenerates like this. He’s definitely not scoring his place in heaven.

  • Marie Nerad Faren

    as the saying goes..if you hurt kids and go to jail…you have become a target for those that do not like children getting hurt…I say ..if you do the crime do the time..suck it big boy…BUBBA will be watching and you deserve what they do to you since the children could not protect themselves against a thug like you… the way..HAVE FUN WITH BUBBA AND WATCH YOUR BACK ..YOUR DESERVE THE ABUSE THEY GIVE YOU..NO SYMPATHY HERE..

  • Phil Blank

    He thinks its bad now, just wait until he gets I prison!

  • Jeff

    Make sure you get on Big Bob’s good side and he might take you under his wing !!

  • bdid.d

    Oh, poor guy! He doesn’t like being the victim of people bigger than him? So sad…..

  • Sis Delish

    I hear they allow the inmates to watch movies based on the crime they are charged with.

    James Osborne: Deliverance. (Only the scene with Ned getting it from behind)

  • me101

    Boo Who!! Ger used to it. And your girlfriend. too!

  • LarryEWells

    I hope they make a whore of him!!

  • stop ur whining part deux

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person

  • shadow

    Too bad. Let the inmates have this monster. Do it for the kids.

  • Abbie

    I hope to God that Duff is not wanting Osborne to be released to polite society! I hope they have in writing that Osborne declined protective custody – sounds like Osborne wants some reason to $ue $omeone.