November 28, 2014


Man charged with assaulting girlfriend

Timothy Loyer

Timothy Loyer

LORAIN — A city man is accused of beating and choking his girlfriend Saturday.

Timothy Loyer, 33, of the 800 block of Highland Park, was arrested and charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

The woman, who was seriously injured, was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, according to a report that police refused to provide.

Loyer was being held without bond in Lorain City Jail on Sunday night.

He is due today in Lorain Municipal Court.

  • Kim

    What a punk!!

  • Jennifer Williams

    He also went to jail in February for Domestic Violence at the same address.
    Wow! what a winner.

  • golfingirl

    Why do they always have neck tattoos?

    • Jennifer Williams

      It is gross! He is a repeat offender for numerous things. Domestic Violence. He was arrested in February of 2014.

      • Godfather

        Step on him a bit more…………

    • bdid.d

      I didn’t want to be the first to point out the neck tat… lmao!

    • Godfather

      Why are you so concerned about it?

      • golfingirl

        Lighten up Judge Burge.

        It really is okay to have a sense of humor in this life and not take everything so serious.

    • Mark B

      The got to have something to get attention , they are not capable of it alone

  • tala

    He does have the domestic violence seal of approval on his neck.

  • Godfather

    Now before everyone passes judgment here, step back and see the whole picture.

    Maybe she didnt fix him a sandwich or clean the floor or something.

    Every story has 2 sides.

  • Godfather

    Why not help him then instead of running that mouth?

    You do not care.

    People like you make me sick.

    • Jennifer Williams

      Why not help him? Hmmm I am pretty sure I got him in contact with a sobriety house a few years ago. He moved in failed every drug test he was administered and had to leave? AS far as running my mouth! You have no idea how I know him or where I know him from so so you can bend over and kiss my A$$!

      • Godfather

        So when people are down and really need help, they can count on you to step on them and smear their name.

        Great friend you are.

        Point proven.


        • Jennifer Williams

          I am a great friend. Until you rob me and my boss and we all lose our jobs. I would like to step on you and smear you. Like I said mind your own business you do not know me or the whole situation so instead of ridiculing me for what I have to say? They guy needs help he has needed it for years. I have tried other friends have tried. What more would you like me to say? He is an outstanding citizen? Probably not today!

          • golfingirl


            Ignore the Godfather. He gets his “Jollies Off” by making absurd comments.

            Moving forward, I suggest no contact with this creepy guy.

          • Godfather

            You are supposed to turn the other cheek.

            Some christian friend you are.

            More like a dollop of pond scum.

    • Starryeyes63

      How about you let him move in with YOU and YOU help him

  • tommtomm

    u people crack me up. godfather and golfgirl you guys should go on a date. golf girl btw your hot.

    • Godfather

      hot mess

      • bdid.d

        You can easily Google the address to the jail so you can be sure to help all these guys out when they are released…

  • Jamie Smith

    Jennifer you seem to know this Scumball pretty well and I believe you. Men who beat Ladies need to be locked up and the key thrown away. They just don’t stop this behavior. He needs 3 years in prison pleasing ‘Bubba’ his cell mate. Then we will see how ‘Tough’ he is.

    • Jennifer Williams

      I went to school with him. He lived a block away from me. Let’s see in 8th grade he was on acid and attacked our 8th grade teacher. In high school he did the same. I was friends with him when he got cleaned up in the early 2000′s we ran into each other again and that is when he came into my work and robbed my boss when she was getting ready to make a deposit at the bank we all lost our jobs after that. Then he got out of jail I got him in contact with the Road to Hope where he messed up left and right and could not pass a drug test in all the month he was there. He has been given chance after chance and then to be arrested in February for Domestic Violence and then to do it again. Some people will never learn. Yes I feel bad to say these things but I as a human can only give so many chances as well.

  • golfingirl

    Did I already post this?

    Nearly all Godfather’s ramblings are pieces of garbage copied from anime, punk rock and video game articles.

    Anime League, YouMacon2013, Kanye West Forum etc……they are all there.

    Word for word, a cut here, a paste there. Just insert another name and hit the “post” button.

    Simple plagiarism, nothing more. Pretty obvious by the fragmented sentences, and lack of coherency.

    Seems this is not the first board he has committed this fraud on. He spews this everywhere, until he is discovered, and then moves on.

    He has contributed absolutely nothing to any specific topic at hand. That would require independent thinking on his part, which he obviously is not capable of. He writes the same thing, on multiple boards, regardless of topic. This article is a perfect example of that.

    He wants you to disagree with him, so he can respond with the same rote reply. Not sure why this excites him, but he obvious “gets off” on it. Must feel it makes him intellectually superior, but it really only serve to show his true stupidity.

    I propose we no longer read, and definitely not respond, to this trash any longer.

    So long Godfather…….

  • bdid.d

    Godfather will personally be visiting all of these “men” in jail offering them advice and a comfy bed when they are released….

  • Godfather

    Such wonderful language.

    What a lady.