November 26, 2014


Man pleads guilty to trying to smuggle pot into jail



ELYRIA — A Lorain man who tried to pay a Lorain County Jail guard $250 to smuggle marijuana into the jail for an inmate who was in the midst of a murder trial has pleaded guilty.

Maurice Palmer, 24, entered guilty pleas Monday to charges of bribery, attempted illegal conveyance of drugs onto the grounds of a government facility, conspiracy to traffic in drugs and trafficking in marijuana.

Lorain County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh and Palmer’s defense attorney, Brian Darling, said the person who Palmer was trying to get the drugs to was Bohannon Miller, who at the time was on trial for aggravated murder and other charges for killing Marquis McCall during a June 2009 drive-by shooting in Lorain.

“Bohannon Miller was the inmate who first approached the guard to see if he might be interested, so it started from the inside,” Darling said.

Miller, who is now serving a prison term of 40 years to life, gave the guard a phone number to call, Darling said. The guard then went to law enforcement and cooperated in a sting operation that led to the arrest of Palmer and three other people during a Feb. 10 meeting.

It was the same day that Miller’s defense attorney rested her case after calling a single witness in a trial that had been marred by allegations of witness intimidation. The jury heard closing arguments and began deliberating the next day. Miller was found guilty Feb. 12.

County Prosecutor Dennis Will said the investigation had to be timed properly so that Palmer’s arrest wouldn’t interfere with Miller’s trial.

Miller has denied killing McCall and is appealing his conviction.

Cavanaugh said Miller had been a disruptive presence at the county jail and that after he was sentenced he was moved to a state prison the next day.

Will said it’s possible that Miller will still face charges for allegedly trying to have drugs smuggled into the jail, but he has not made a final decision.

County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski indicated he plans to sentence Palmer, who was set to be released from jail on bond Monday, to two years in prison during a sentencing hearing scheduled for Monday. Will said his office will push for additional prison time.

That sentence will include two unrelated drug possession cases from 2013 that Palmer also pleaded guilty to during Monday’s court appearance, Darling said.

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  • bROWNS77

    Geeze, who proof reads the stories?
    Better yet the headlines?
    Way to sell your paper, lol.
    Thought this guy either had problems with his property line or
    tried to move his grave site into his cell! Lmao

  • Mark B

    Here is another Proof Reading Fail from the other day ..

    “Online effort flourishing to get Elyria man news set of wheels after carjacking”

    • Ralph Davis

      Hope they don’t get the News from the Comical Telegram…

  • SniperFire

    Hey man…. wanna buy some plot? lol

  • golfingirl

    Is the “plot” the place where Bohannon will be buried?

    If so, I am all for smuggling “plots” into correctional facilities.

    Yep, just carry Bohannon right out and put him in the ground where he belongs.

    Meet your new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Earthworm.

    Someone has to do it, since Lorain County Judges obviously won’t.

  • Sis Delish

    Okay, so he gets the Pot to his buddy inside…

    Does the Recipient:

    A. Smoke it
    B. Eat it
    C. Sell It
    D. All of the Above


    • golfingirl

      He would probably try to inject it.

  • John Demirjian

    Another oxygen thief demonstrating his public educational skills.