November 23, 2014


Avon Lake house finally demolished

AVON LAKE — More than two years in the making, crews on Tuesday tore down a home that neighbors have called a nuisance and a health concern.

The demolition, marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, was completed 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka said the Beachwood Avenue home has been at the center of complaints from neighbors, who have reported that the home was overrun with raccoons.

In addition, the vacant house had water and structural damage, Zilka said.

The demolition was completed by the Lorain County Land Revitalization Corp., with the help of the Ohio Attorney General’s Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program.

Zilka said a structure was also demolished on state Route 83 about three months ago, and the city plans to tear down another on Electric Boulevard through the program Tuesday.


  • golfingirl

    At least Avon Lake “takes out their trash.”

    Hardly big news when three houses have to be torn down.

    I suppose the message here is that even nice communities are “blighted” and the City of Elyria can take some sort of comfort in knowing they are not alone.

    Whatever makes you feel good, I guess.

    • Godfather

      Sad that you refer to the less fortunate as ”trash

      You just keep showing us your true colors


      • Godfather

        Earl, you have the intelligence of a box of rocks.

  • Amy Legg

    “The home was overrun by raccoons”
    this is a problem with the vacant houses in Lorain too. Something that the big city officials do not consider when demolishing these blighted homes. They demolish and the raccoons overrun other properties nearby. What will happen when rabies hits the area? The city will not have these critters removed. It is up to the homeowners.

    • Godfather

      Amy, do you have any common sense at all?

  • susan hill brown

    What is the address of the house that was torn down on Rt. 83?