November 23, 2014


Man who allegedly ran from police arrested

LORAIN – A Lorain man who ran off and evaded arrest after a traffic stop on Sunday was not as lucky on Tuesday when he tried to run from officers again, police said.

Landon Davis, 18, was charged with obstructing official business, no driver’s license and improper display on plates at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 800 block of Mildred Avenue.

Police on Tuesday went to a house in the 1300 block of West 8th Street to serve Davis with an arrest warrant after he ran from police on Sunday when they pulled him over for a minor traffic violation.

A man at the house told police he was Davis’ brother and he didn’t know where Davis was but he let police search the house, according to a police report. As they were checking rooms on the second floor, police heard the front door open and saw Davis standing at the foot of the stairs.

Davis took off running westbound on West 8th Street toward Allison Avenue, according to police. Officers ran after Davis, ordering him to stop, but Davis ignored them. He jumped over a chain link fence and ran through backyards in the area, police said.

Officers tried to follow Davis but lost sight of him around the 800 block of Osbourn Avenue, according to a report. They set up a perimeter around the area and found Davis sitting on the steps behind a house on Mildred Avenue.

Davis told police he ran because he was scared, according to the police report.

He was taken to Lorain City Jail where he was being held on Wednesday on a $5,000 bond. His court date is set for May 7 at Lorain Municipal Court.

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  • Godfather

    goofygirl and fishnotdelish should be here with some racist thoughts soon…….

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      you mean lie yours we have ALL seen them………..

    • Sis Delish

      The Race was won by the Cops.

    • golfingirl

      Are you saying the criminal was black?

      I must have missed that in the article, or are you assuming he was because he was fleeing from the police?

      Such racist stereotyping on your part, Godfather.

      • Godfather

        And there it is.

        Just as the Godfather has predicted.


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        Roger was a “hit and run” poster.

        Honestly, the article doesn’t even mention his race.

        So if I criticized him for fleeing the police and he was white, I suppose I am a bigot against whites.

        Just can’t win, can you?

  • Ralph Davis

    If the police had to run after him, he was definitely running, not “allegedly” running. And if he was scared then, just wait till he takes his first shower in jail….