November 28, 2014

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Radio host Rizzo sentenced Monday

Tony Rizzo

Tony Rizzo

MEDINA — A Cleveland sports radio host was sentenced to two years of probation Monday after pleading no contest to a disorderly conduct charge after an incident where police were called to his Medina home in December.

Tony Rizzo, 52, host of “The Really Big Show” on WKNR-AM, was arrested Dec. 6 at his home in the 1000 block of Sugarhouse Lane. His wife called police from a locked bathroom and said her husband had choked her.

“My husband is hurting me and he’s very irate and I’m very scared,” she told the dispatcher in a 911 call released by Medina police in December.

He was charged with domestic violence. But charge was reduced last month to persistent disorderly conduct, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, after prosecutors reached a plea bargain in exchange for a plea of no contest.

Prosecutors said one of the reasons they accepted the deal was because Rizzo’s wife wanted police to drop the charges and changed her story during a follow-up interview with police.

Medina Municipal Judge Dale H. Chase sentenced Rizzo to 30 days in jail, but suspended 27 of the days and credited him for the three days he served in jail after his arrest. The judge also placed Rizzo on probation for two years and fined him $250.

The maximum punishment for a fourth-degree misdemeanor is 30 days in jail, house arrest, probation or counseling.

  • Godfather

    Way to go Rizz. We are behind you.

  • Cletus

    Lay off the sauce laddy.

  • bigmacky

    and he keeps his well paying job – way to go – I am not a fan of plea bargains

  • golfingirl

    Never cared for his show anyway.

  • Phil Blank

    Thought I read in the PD that she said he slapped her.

  • Ex_Subscriber

    Rizzo should have hired Rover’s lawyer. That clown’s case is STILL in the courts and it happened last July, not in December. Delay, delay, delay – the hallmark of a good defense lawyer.