November 21, 2014

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LCCC receives $662,000 state grant for lighting

ELYRIA — The campus of Lorain County Community College will be a lot brighter and more cost-efficient due to substantial upgrades in lighting fixtures and related equipment.

The 2014 Campus Lighting Upgrades project, as the new lighting program is officially known, will use $622,419 in state money, according to a statement on the project issued Monday by the offices of State Rep. Dan Ramos, D-Lorain, and State Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria.

South Shore Electric Inc. of Elyria was awarded the contract through competitive bidding.

Money will be used to replace outdated traditional light bulbs with LEDs on campus and for the installation of sensors designed to reduce energy use.

LCCC officials have estimated the improvements will save the college $160,000 a year in lighting costs, for which the institution spends on average $1 million a year, according to data submitted by the college to the State Controlling Board.

Additionally, upgrades to be made in lighting inside the Spitzer Conference Center are expected to lower energy usage in the building by 40 percent, according to LCCC officials.

The $622,419 to pay for the lighting upgrades was released Monday by the State Controlling Board.

The money comes from capital appropriations in the state’s biennial budget that are specifically earmarked for qualifying energy efficiency projects.

LCCC’s explanation for funding said lighting comprises about 40 percent of its total electrical load.

Classrooms and offices make up roughly 40 percent of that figure, with lighting for hallways, restrooms, and roads, parking and sidewalks each totaling 20 percent.

The new, more energy-efficient fixtures, lamps and sensors to be installed in the Spitzer Center will include LEDs, which produce brighter light for longer periods of time than traditional light bulbs.

LCCC officials were unavailable for comment Monday.

Ramos praised LCCC for its proactive steps to promote “smart energy policies fro Lorain County.”

It sends the right message to students, faculty and the community at large that energy concerns need to be taken seriously,” Ramos said.

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  • SniperFire

    ‘LCCC officials have estimated the improvements will save the college $160,000 a year in lighting costs’

    So LCCC could have done it themselves and paid it off in savings over 4 years. Why did State taxpayers need to take this hit?

    • golfingirl

      Because, as concerned citizens of Lorain County, and Ohio, we have to share in the responsibility of saving the environment from dreaded polluting emissions, as a result of the use of coal to produce energy.

      What next, paying for windmills and solar panels on campus?

      Oh, I forgot, the Green Jobs thing never did amount to anything. Think Solyndra.

  • Sis Delish

    News you’ll never hear as a result… L.C.C.C. provides Levy Rebate to Lorain County Residents based on the $160,000 they no longer are required to pay to the Utility companies as a result of the Taxpayer gift of lighting.

  • GreatRedeemer

    I think it’s great. A local company South Shore is getting
    some work, paying local workers and it’s saving the college and Lorain county taxpayers money.

    • Pablo Jones

      But…It cost tax payers extra money. Further whatever savings they experience in electricity will still be spent. What would have been a real savings for tax payers would have been if they paid for the upgrades within their budget and paid for it with the savings.

      But here is the real question. When was the last time those lights and fixtures were replaced? Were they fixtures they replaces a few years ago? Were they fixtures that would last 20 years and pay for themselves in 10 years? How many bulbs that are practically new will be scrapped?

  • LookBackTwo

    $622,419 in state money??? What kind of money is that? Do Ramos and Lundy create this new kind of money? H*** NO! This is tax payer money, returned to local taxpayers after Ramos and Lundy rake off the state’s share!