November 22, 2014


Lorain County to get $3.3M to repair bridges

LAFAYETTE TWP. — Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor joined other state and local officials Monday to unveil an $8.4 million program that will rebuild bridges in Medina and Lorain counties.

The Ohio Bridge Partnership program provides $120 million for the repair or replacement of more than 200 bridges statewide deemed “structurally deficient.”

Lorain County will get $3.3 million for five bridges through the Ohio Bridge Partnership.

The program is funded through ODOT, after the state made more than $600 million available through budget cuts and moving dollars between funds, as well as the $1.5 billion generated from Gov. John Kasich’s plan to mortgage the Ohio Turnpike.

To qualify, bridges must be at least 20 feet long, carrying traffic and in need of repair.

ODOT Region 3 spokeswoman Christine Myers said the work is expected to begin next year and in 2016.

Lorain County Bridges designated for renovation

  1. Folly Road at Plum Creek
  2. Parsons Road at Black River
  3. North Ridge Road/Milan Avenue at Beaver Creek
  4. Oberlin Road at Engel Ditch
  5. Snell Road at unnamed ditch

  • LookBackTwo

    The article should read “Lorain County taxpayers get some of their tax money back to do bridge repairs after the state and federal governments take their cut!”

  • Phil Blank

    Heck, Cuyahoga can’t even build one bridge with that!
    You won’t get muvh for $3.3 million!

  • golfingirl

    Enough to slap a coat of paint on them and call it a repair.

    Did that sinkhole get fixed yet?

    • Godfather

      Something is better than nothing.

  • Sis Delish

    Please fix “The Bridge over Troubled Waters”…

  • Pro Republican

    I wonder how wide of a bridge would be needed if delish and golfingirl were laying on their backs with their mouths open?