November 26, 2014


Elyria C-Supermarket robbed at gunpoint

ELYRIA – Three men armed with guns threatened a customer and employees at a local supermarket Tuesday night before robbing the store and escaping on foot.

Three black men walked into C-Supermarket on 1227 Lake Ave. at about 10 p.m. Tuesday, armed with a sawed-off shotgun and two handguns, according to Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino. Two of the men looked about 6 feet tall and one was about 5-foot-7, Costantino said.

The men pointed their guns at the two employees and ordered one employee and the one customer in the store to get on the ground while a second employee was ordered to take money out of the register, Costantino said. The men told the three people in the store to cooperate or they would be harmed.

After the second employee handed over the money, the three men left the store on foot and headed southbound from the area, Costantino said.

Anyone who has information on the robbery should call Elyria Police at 323-3302.

Contact Anna Merriman at 329-7245 or Follow her on Twitter at @AnnaLMerriman.

  • Sis Delish

    This is the prime reason why Elyria will never see a Food Truck after Dark.

    • luvmytoaster

      Food truck after dark? What about business period (besides all of the bars) after dark…….

    • Bob

      This story is the main reason I took my kids and moved out of the slum that is call Elyira.

  • Lord Anoobis

    Sheesh. How unbelievable is it that there are two stories about black guys robbing people!!?? This is just unbelievable. What’s next, a story about a black woman with three kids by three different guys on welfare with no job living in public housing?

    • resident of elyria

      You are a racist piece of crap with no life. Just sitting there making useless comments. You are probably white trash that is abusing welfare but has enough money to buy your cigarettes and beer!!!

  • Arietta Sullivan

    i thought they closed at 11pm unless i’m missing a part there..

    • Guest

      oh ok..i wasn’t home,at the time,so it explains why i’m

    • Arietta Sullivan

      with all the ‘actual times’ given of the time it explains why we didn’t hear the ruckus,ourselves..we were gone from home.

  • stephanie naso

    actually it happend around 10:30Pm as I live near by and was outside.

    • Tina Pilson

      actually it was before 10 pm as I am one of the employees

      • stephanie naso

        not arguing but I said AROUND that time 10:30. I wasnt sure on an exact time but Its not open super late

  • Lisa Crawley

    They were robbed around 9 or 10 last night…nit one in the morning …smh..police had the whole parking lot on lock down last night…wow…poor reporting

  • tommtomm

    ccw people. robb me and your not going home tonight.

    • Steve L

      I was the employee that had a shotgun to his head and believe me when I say that ccw or not you wouldn’t had a chance to use your weapon plus you may have gotten the other people hurt or even killed.Ccw is a false sense of security I know cause I have a ccw.

      • michelle

        Thankyou for that, Steve. I am glad you are ok. I am sure this must have been frightening.

        • Steve L

          I accidentally deleted my reply to tommtomm but yes very frightening, we all were so blessed that no one was hurt. My hats off to the Elyria Police Department and the Lorain County Sheriffs for responding so quickly, its to bad things happen like this in our city cause I like Elyria.

      • Joe Smith

        If it is a false sense of security then why do you have one? Look up the video on the Chronicle when the lady at the drive thru in Elyria shot her attacker and tell her it is a false sense of security. Just because you are not skilled enough for it to be a real sense of security for you doesn’t mean it is not for others.( Of course you can’t use it in every situation) You should turn in your CCW today if that is how you truly feel. Glad you are ok and please find another job that is safer

        • Kelvin Gray

          I assume that the other customers & employees are glad that you weren’t there with your super hero mentality. Captain America at his best. Let’s see, 3 bad guys with guns, 1 even pointed at his head. 1 CCW, yep, he wins hands down everytime. Come on dude. You are TOTALLY dismissing the actual situation that you weren’t in. 1 wrong move by you and 1 of the other gunmen overreacts, then you have another Vincent Jackson Jr. situation. He did the right and proper thing. Everybody lived, no one got hurt and we can armchair quarterback the CCW thing yet again.

          • Joe Smith

            I guess you missed in the above text-”( Of course you can’t use it in every situation)” But thats ok, just pick and choose what you want out of a post so you can feel good about your response.

            My entire response was based on the statement that the person above me said , “Ccw is a false sense of security I know cause I have a ccw.” not the situation itself as should be plain the see from the first sentence of my post and the fact I repeated the sentiment in the rest of the post.

            It you think a CCW is a false sense of security then you should not have one, it is a true statement .

            You TOTALLY missed the point of my post.

            Have a safe day.

          • Kelvin Gray

            No I caught it. In the the perfect situation you’re a super hero. I got that plain and clear. but not everyone is super heroes Joe. :-) So I’m assuming that the next time there’s a problem or issue that arouses that we should call Super Joe, like Super Joe Charbonneau. That would be you right? And I’ll have whatever kind of day I choose to have. Not because you told me to have it though. Good day to you.

          • Joe Smith

            Not very observant if you got that I was saying I was there at all, please cut and paste where I said that…..oh you can’t.

            I guess that is what you get for assuming….a wrong outcome. You should go based on facts instead of the fantasy in your head

            Again, read my post slowly, you will see you are way off base and making things up, I clearly stated what I meant.

          • Kelvin Gray

            FUNNY you are aren’t you. Ok Joe Blow let’s go. I really didn’t want to get into this stupidness but since you choose to here we go. Maybe if you’re all really intelligent butt would read my comment, as opposed to getting ready to make a response to what you thought you read you might see exactly what was printed there. Now you think you want to insult my intelligence about something and think I’m not as smart as you, I may not be. But yet I don’t believe that I’m as stupid, dumb, ignorant, retarded and plain ol silly as you either.

            I never once stated that you were there. I was stating in a hypothetical situation, such as what you tried to portray about being a CCW individual. That you would overreact and possibly cause the death or injury of other people. Now if you would politely go back and reread what I posted you might accidentally comprehend what it was that I wrote. Smarty pants. Please don’t play this trying to insult the intelligence of another individual game with me. I am the one. I kinda like it when individuals try to play that game. I get to show you that I’m just a smart, dumb, stupid, ignorant, and funny as you are. Oh did I also forget sarcastic and far left thinking?yep that pretty much should cover all of it.

          • Joe Smith

            Cut and paste where I said anything about being a CCW individual makes people being superheroes, I said nothing about anything other than the comment about the false sense of security period, NOTHING about being a CCW ninja and that I would have killed all the bad guys and I agree you are far left as you argue a point that was never made and can’t back up what you say.

            Again, cut and paste from my original post where I was saying anything other than about the false sense of security which is the post you started your unfounded attacks on, if you can’t do this then quit wasting time.

          • Kelvin Gray

            Dude man…shut up!!! Find something much more important to do. Because this just ain’t cutting it. If my comprehension level was as high as yours I would be in about this, how much you just don’t respond to my post anymore? Alright then everything will be a okie dokie. go to work or something. Stop trying to blow me up with all these alerts on my phone. I’ve got less important things to do, what I don’t want to do is waste my time on doing this with you either. So take your fake made up imitation name on somewhere, Joe Smith. That’s funny.

          • Kelvin Gray

            There is nothing to back up, I laid it forward. If you can not read and comprehend then you need the blame your educational providers on that. Not myself. When I was in school they tried their best to make sure that everyone could read and comprehend at the minimum of a 6th grade level. I beg to differ as to where your comprehension level might possibly be it.

          • Joe Smith

            Thats what I thought at least you admitted in sense you can’t back up what you say like I have.

            You talk about all these alerts but I would not have made any of the comments unless you kept on your unsubstantiated rant about something I didn’t say.

            That being said…..

            I have no problem dropping this and I hope that you can let it be in the past like I can and any other posts on different subjects does not initiate a attack response.

            Lets agree to let it go and bury the subject.

            The next subject we could totally agree on, stranger things have happened

            What do you say?

          • Kelvin Gray

            No!!! Since I have to take time out of what I was doing to respond to you let’s make sure you get all that you deserve.

            If your butt was at the store with your concealed weapon here’s what you what would’ve done differently. 1st you would not have compiled with orders of 3 armed robbers. Then you would’ve pulled your gun and the shooting would have started. chances are with your one gun and then find 3 gun that either you or wanted an innocent bystander in the store would have been hit or even kill simply because you felt very safe and secure with your CCW. And felt that you could take on 3 armed men. Now do your dumb butt understand? then you could I possibly had three or more dead innocent people and then three armed men on the run for MURDER and robbery. Instead of just armed robbery. Someone said that remember? Once again you’re welcome. Now suck on that. Joe…..too damn funny I tell ya.

          • Joe Smith

            Cut and paste where I said I would have done anything different than what the clerk did.

            Oh wait, I can prove what I said with a cut and paste:

            “( Of course you can’t use it in every situation)”

            Which would mean I would have likely done the same as the clerks, once again and I will type slowly this time, my whole comment was on the clerks comment that CCW is a false sense of security…period

            A vast amount of the time it keeps you safe but not all situations like I said above but it is not a FALSE sense of security no more that a seat belt is.

            Funny I can back up what I say but cutting and pasting the exact words and all we get from you is what the voices in your head say.

            If you can say I said anywhere where I would have attacked the robbers, I will wait for the cut and paste.

            My offer to let it drop still stands.

            What do you say?

          • Kelvin Gray

            You’re standing? I don’t think so. So now I’m just messing with you just because I can. Because you are a dummy beyond belief. Because you know exactly what I said, and what I meant. What you want to make a huge issue out of it so I’m not going to let you have the word that you want a half. We just left work. For Joe here you go, last word. Haha, you’re not going to make me believe that you are that dimwitted.

          • Joe Smith

            Still can’t cut and paste where I said anything like youre indicating I did huh? Not a surprise.

            Thanks for the last word, you are quite the gentleman scholar, be safe

          • Kelvin Gray

            I seriously thought that you weren’t, but maybe you really are. Word

          • Kelvin Gray

            Here is a surprise, you’re really not as funny as I thought that you were. But now I see what your point is. You want to sit back and have a pointless banter about something that I’ve already stated more than once & I refuse to restate it. But we can go back forth like this and fill post up with over 200 comments if you like. Don’t bother me none. I’m doing all this while I ride down the interstate and speaking into my telephone. Boom, accomplishing more than one thing at a time, I’m working and getting something else done. :-) Word Word…

          • Kelvin Gray

            Here we go Joe, here we go Joe, here we go. So what, so what, so what’s the scenario? Here we go Joe!

          • Joe Smith

            You forgot to say word…lol

          • Kelvin Gray

            Word is…you really didn’t backup anything though. People like you make smart mouth comments on these post, but hate it like all get up when someone responds in a manner that is not favorable to themselves. I don’t care if you like what I say or not. If the man doesn’t feel secure with a concealed weapon because a gun is pointed at his head who are you to go back and tell him that he should give up the concealed weapon permit? God?

            Last word. :-)

          • Joe Smith


          • Kelvin Gray

            Word would be…JOE.

          • Kelvin Gray

            There you go John Brown, oops I meant Joe “Blow” Smith.

          • Kelvin Gray

            Joe Smith….

  • SpaceTech

    Obviously there are not enough CCW holders in Elyria/Lorain.

    • unclewicked


      Under the right circumstances these three guys could be on the run for robbery AND murder!

      • Tina Pilson

        there is lots of video and a nice close up of one of the guys. they WILL get caught

      • Joe Smith

        Under the right circumstances the men would have been shot and killed

        • Kelvin Gray

          Under the right circumstances…you would’ve been there and we would be reading about your death. Oh wait wait, I guess that would actually be the wrong circumstance for you.

          • Joe Smith

            Still can’t comprehend I see, are you saying that under the right circumstance that the criminals should not be dead? Are you pro criminal or anti CCW?

          • Kelvin Gray

            I’m about sure you don’t see. You commented and I replied. That’s all. Didn’t ask you to “see” anything. Because it doesn’t matter anyway, opinions are plentiful.

            With a gun pointed at your person, in a split second anything can happen. But to assume that when the odds are against you things will ALWAYS WORK OUT in your favor, well that’s just fool hardy at best. But please, please don’t take my word for it, take that employee’s word. Quick Draw McGraw.

          • Joe Smith

            Yes you commented that the innocent civilian should be dead instead of the criminal in the right circumstances, Most people are for the innocent rather than the criminal but to each his own.
            .And I said nothing to the contrary and said nothing about what the employee said about the situation, JUST the comment about the false sense of security. Please cut and paste where I said anything different..

          • Kelvin Gray

            Joe, Joe, Joe. Let’s get it wrong so someone else can get it right. I spoke directly about IF YOU WERE THERE, EVEN THOUGH YOU WEREN’T. Maybe you are reading TOO FAST for you own good. Getting that itch not being able to wait to comment. Not even being able to type fast enough to get your smart mouth quick wit comments out. That must be a tad bit frustrating. Dang!!! SON OF A GUN!!! I hate when that happens. Funny, funny, funny!!!

          • Joe Smith

            “Under the right circumstances…you would’ve been there and we would be reading about your death.”

            Again, the above you wrote that under the RIGHT circumstances that I would be there and killed therefore completely backing up my post that the right circumstance for you, that I would be dead instead of the criminal.

            Even funnier when someone like you makes a post and the post that backs up what I was commenting on is right above yours in your own words.

            One more time, I was commenting in the original post about the false sense of security which you can see me repeating that in all my posts.

            If you want to discuss my original post about CCW being a false sense of security I am willing to do so, the you have made up the rest which is all you are barking about and is a waste of time because I have said nothing about what you are complaining about.

            Cut and paste where I have said different or just let it go, you are wasting both of our time.

          • Kelvin Gray

            Why the heck are you still running off at the F’ing bumpers? You don’t like what I said, oh well so be it. Grow old build a bridge and get over it. Not gonna make change anything that I’ve stated, so what’s your point again, because I’m thinking that I forgot. Oh wait a minute, I don’t remember if I forgot or not. Or is it I don’t care. Damn shame what happens when you get old. :) Lol!!!

  • Mark B

    Last time I was in there , there were cameras everywhere , where is the Video or Pictures ?

  • Larry Hajes

    Here’s a pic of one of the robbers i found on the chronicle facebook page thought i’d share it hope it helps!!

    • SniperFire

      Armed robbery. Enjoy your jailhouse romance with ‘bubba,’ dirtbag.

    • golfingirl

      Uh…Oh……got a good photo. Oh well, I guess I am busted now.

      I knew I should have pulled that mask up a little higher.

  • John Davidson

    Why does the paper always have to write that the criminals are black. Kind of a given, no.

    • Mark B

      Why did the CT not publish some photos? The only picture had to come from a person posting on this article. Oh Wait , the Liberal Rag feels the need to protect the criminals .

      • Julie Wallace

        We publish photos when police provide them. They did not do so for this incident.

  • Mark B

    Proof that all of the traffic stops in hEllyria by EPD is doing wonders to fight Crime

  • Sis Delish

    The photo posted by Guest from C-T Facebook appears as if the Perp is aware of the T-B scare in Elyria… why else would he be sporting a surgical mask?

  • Arietta Sullivan

    well??? where’s the actual pics at of these three alleged black men? there was,supposedly, video&audio so how can the public help the police&the c store catch the criminals? almost 3 days later&no update,on a pretty serious story..armed robbery,people held at gunpoint,robbed of cash,fleeing on foot..i don’t know about all this..smh&lol could the story be for our ‘entertainment pleasure’ ??? or are we going to have a hero at the end of this..not written so well story?