September 17, 2014

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Man sentenced for trying to bribe jail guard



ELYRIA — Maurice Palmer was sentenced Monday to two years in prison for trying to bribe a Lorain County Jail guard to smuggle marijuana into the jail.

Palmer’s sentence also encompasses two other unrelated drug cases. He pleaded guilty in all three cases earlier this month.

Palmer, 24, was arrested in February after trying to pay the guard $250 to sneak the marijuana into the jail for Bohannon Miller, who was in the midst of a trial on aggravated murder and other charges stemming from a 2009 drive-by shooting in Lorain.

Miller, who is serving a prison sentence of 40 years to life, also could face charges in the case, according to prosecutors.

  • DonMega

    Do you really love weed that much.

  • golfingirl

    Just another of Bohannon’s “boys.”

    They will soon disappear and Bohannon will be left to rot in jail by himself, his name becoming nothing more than a memory of a headline in a local newspaper.

    Enjoy your life Bohannon, even your “boys” will be moving on with theirs. Once a “Big Shot,” now a nothing wearing an orange uniform.

    Enjoy the Aramark food, while the world passes you by.