November 24, 2014


VIDEO: Elyria brothers flip, tumble on trampoline

The Harris brothers — Julien, 6, Adrien, 8, and Dorien, 5 — spent Wednesday afternoon playing on a trampoline in their yard in Elyria.

Julien wore a GoPro video camera to catch his jumps on the trampoline from his perspective.

  • Sis Delish

    Prediction: That trampoline, based on its location, will be swarmed with non-neighborhood “visitors” in no time…

  • John Davidson

    Better get a safety net around it or someone’s head is going to hit the ground.

    • golfingirl

      Especially with that picket fence so close.

  • WTFnext

    I hardly see how some kids playing on a nice day is newsworthy. Must have been a slow day for the Chronicle staff. I hope we don’t get bombarded all summer long with this type of story. All kinds of kids will be out playing for them to report on. SMH

  • Phil Blank

    Where is the safty net around the trampoline? They don’t stop all injuries, but they help prevent some of them. In at least one the kid went right through the side wall of the net.

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t let any kid on one.
    Google “trampoline injuries” and see for yourself.
    The images are even worse, broken bones, etc.