November 21, 2014


FitzGerald: I pledge to restore funding funding for local governments

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald carries his ballot to a booth April 1 at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland on the first day of early voting for the May 6 primary. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan, File)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald carries his ballot to a booth April 1 at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland on the first day of early voting for the May 6 primary. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan, File)

ELYRIA — Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald said Saturday that his top budgetary priority if he’s elected governor will be to restore state funding for local governments, which has been slashed in Gov. John Kasich’s budgets.

FitzGerald said Lorain County governments have lost about $33.8 million in funding that used to flow from the state into local coffers. The county’s schools have lost another $14.6 million, he said.

“There’s been a very particular price that’s been paid by Lorain County because of this administration,” FitzGerald said during an interview at The Chronicle-Telegram.

FitzGerald is widely seen as the frontrunner in the May Democratic primary against Larry Ealy and is expected to face the incumbent Kasich in November. Kasich is unopposed in the Republican primary.

Four years ago, FitzGerald said, Kasich was elected on promises that he would create jobs, fix the state’s battered economy and cut taxes. But Cuyahoga County’s top elected official said the results haven’t always been good for the average citizen.

“Things have gotten tougher for the average person in Ohio, except for a small group of people, and I think that’s why this race is as close as it is,” he said.

The local government funding cuts are a prime example of that, FitzGerald said. It has concentrated power and resources in Columbus at the expense of local communities, he argued.

“I think taking away 50 percent of the local government funds was an enormous mistake,” FitzGerald said. “It hurt Elyria. It hurt Lorain County in general.”

He said Kasich made good on his promise to cut income taxes by cutting money for local governments. But that’s only been a significant benefit for the wealthy, he argued.

It’s also meant a surge in local efforts to raise taxes to provide government services.

“They intend to defund local government to the extent that they can and sticking everybody with higher property tax bills,” FitzGerald said.

Lorain County commissioners have unsuccessfully tried three times in recent years to convince voters to pass a sales tax increase to counteract the loss of local government money and other blows to the county’s revenue stream.

At the same time, FitzGerald said, the state sales tax has been raised. That’s not something Kasich disclosed when he was running for office four years ago, he said.

He also said the economic growth Kasich promised and has praised as the “Ohio miracle” hasn’t been as good as the governor claims.

“The job creation rate in this state is anemic,” FitzGerald said, pointing to a March figure that showed a net gain of 600 jobs across the state.

And while the state’s unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1 percent in March, compared with 7.3 percent a year prior, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family services, FitzGerald contends that has more to do with people dropping out of the job market than with them finding work.

He said the state has only gained back about half of the jobs lost in the Great Recession.

Kasich also has trumpeted the work of JobsOhio, the state’s private economic development arm, but FitzGerald is highly critical of the organization and its reputation for secrecy.

If elected, FitzGerald said one of his first acts will be to open up JobsOhio’s books to the public. Kasich has worked hard to keep most of what the agency does out of the public eye and even championed legislation that blocked Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, a fellow Republican, from auditing the agency.

FitzGerald said his philosophy is, “If it’s public money, it’s the public’s business,” something he said can be seen in how Cuyahoga County’s economic development fund, the Western Reserve Fund, operates. He said that organization conducts its business, including deliberations over which companies should receive funding, in public.

“You’ll be a better agency if you have to defend to the public the investments that you’re making,” he said.

He also said that in his travels around the state he’s talked to numerous local officials who have told him they’ve had little or no interaction with JobsOhio. He said he thinks it’s a mistake to have a top-down economic development strategy.

FitzGerald said he prefers to spread out economic development efforts to focus not just on the larger metropolitan areas and to try to attract a mix of small- and medium-sized businesses across the state.

He also said that the Greater Cleveland area should focus on growing its own businesses in addition to trying to attract and retain large companies.

For instance, he said the area is already well known in the medical field and should work to encourage spinoff companies in industries that could support the medical technology in use at the region’s hospitals.

Although the election isn’t until November, FitzGerald said he’s hopeful about the signs he’s seeing in the race. He said his name recognition across the state has risen from 10 percent a year ago to around 35 percent now.

He also said he’s encouraged by a recent poll released by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling that showed he and Kasich in a dead-even race. Just because PPP leans Democratic, doesn’t mean its figures should be discounted, he argued.

In 2010, he said, the poll consistently showed Kasich leading then-Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

FitzGerald said he’s only now starting to spend money on the race, with a radio ad buy that’s in response to a television marketing push by Kasich’s campaign. He also said he’s been spending a lot of time on the road and that will mean more visits to Lorain County as the campaign unfolds.

“We’ll be in virtually every city in Lorain County,” he said.

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  • HankKwah

    This clown is as bad as obama: lies, lies, and then more lies. The state is doing so well, obama tried to take credit for its success. Let him turn Cuyahoga County around like Kasich has done for the State of Ohio, then the youngster will have something to talk about. Until then, he should sit down and shut up.

    • danofamherst

      I completely agree with you. Good comments.

    • Americaschild

      the voter needs to get educated and learn a tax destroys and this dude will do just that. Kasich has earned re election

  • LookBackTwo

    So, his plan is to raise state taxes? Yeah, that will help!

    • Americaschild

      wish everyone would understand taxes destroy and this dude will tax and tax like all democrats who just dont get basic economics at taxpayer’s expense

      • LOLOLOL

        If taxes destroy everything wouldn’t the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy brought us prosperity? Yet the EXACT OPPOSITE happened

        Looks like you could use a Econ 101 class AmericanChild haha

        • Pablo Jones

          The recession of 2001 was much more severer than the crash of 2008 (in terms of percent of value lost in the economy). The tax cuts stopped unemployment at 6.3% and dropped it back down to 4.4% within 3 years. It also grow the economy. The deficit was also being reduced (even with the over spending of the Republicans) the last republican budget had a deficit of $175 billion. The next budget and the first Democrat budget had a deficit of over $400 billion.

          Based on your facts what was the exact opposite that happened?

    • HankKwah

      The last thing we need is taxes raised during a recession. But that’s all democrats know. Tax the rich, and give to the poor.

      • Pablo Jones

        Those crafty rich people they are just too good at hiding their money so it looks like they don’t have any. So next they will want to tax the next richest group and the next. The top 25% of earners think they are so high and mighty we need to tax them as well.

        But what they won’t say is that your household only needs to earn $70,000 to be in the top 25%. That means 2 household earners making $35,000 each. Doesn’t take much to get into the top 25%.

  • Sue Lawson

    How about getting the funding for schools off the backs of the property owners.

  • SniperFire

    No mention in the article that Strickland left Ohio in a 8 billion dollar budget hole, but Leftists really don’t care about why ‘local funding’ was cut to begin with. And Still wondering when the C-T will get around to reporting on what the actual Governor is doing instead of what the hack Fitzgerald has to say:

    • Americaschild

      democrats follow what their parents voted and do not think. when there’s a tax it destroys. strickland –a republican–was a stupid flaming idiot. dumb, too.
      but John Kasich deserves reelection. he has brought jobs, reduced taxes and thinks smart…unlike all dems and strickland

      • LOLOLOL

        Brought us jobs? Where? we are at the bottom of the bucket.

        Oh wait let me guess this is Obama’s fault right?

    • HankKwah

      Thanks for digging that up. Was too tired this morning to look.


      Care to guess what he started with when Bob Taft was Governor?

      History, You better learn it

      • HankKwah

        Funny, because Strickland jumped into Taft’s hole, and dug it even deeper. Just like obama did to the hole he dug in his first term. Wild how the dems don’t know jack, huh?

  • Sis Delish

    Quickest way to find this supposed loss: Vote out Democrats!

    “FitzGerald said Lorain County governments have lost about $33.8 million in funding that used to flow from the state into local coffers. The county’s schools have lost another $14.6 million, he said.

    I’m certain that a Non-Democrat would be able to FIND lost $$Millions… Or, maybe the funds aren’t lost at all? Will someone Ask FitzGerald how Lorain County Governments can misplace THAT much money? Wow.

    • Americaschild

      well said!

    • gollfingirl

      Just don’t spend any more money on the animals in the projects.

      Let them run wild like primates.

      • golfingirl

        The above reply submitted by Godfather, pretending to be the real Golfingirl.

        Not the two “L’s” in the name.

  • oldruss

    It does not make any sense to send tax dollars down to Columbus, run them through the bureaucracy, and then ship them back to the local governments. Cut the state budget and cut state taxes accordingly. First and foremost, local governments should be responsible for raising taxes, if the taxpayers vote for higher taxes. However, “Lorain County commissioners have unsuccessfully tried three times in recent years to convince voters to pass a sales tax increase to counteract the loss of local government money . . . .” That should tell you everything you need to know about how local taxpayers feel about higher taxes.

    • Mark B

      Local tax payers are taxed to death For lazy union Employees , Schools , LCCC , Mental Disabilities , Library , EPA waste Water Improvements. Lorain County Drug Lab, Elyria Health Dept , Lorain County Health Dept and the list goes on.

      • oldruss

        At least when it’s the county or city trying to pull more money out of our pockets, we stand a better chance to stop them than if it’s the state or federal government.

  • SniperFire

    ‘FitzGerald said his philosophy is, “If it’s public money, it’s the public’s business,”

    That’s pretty hilarious from the ‘pass it to find out what is in it’ crowd.

  • John Davidson

    Strange that Obummer says that Ohio is doing great under his presidential administration but FitzGerald claims it is doing lousy. Who’s correct here.

    • Americaschild

      John Kasich deserves re election. hes brought jobs to ohio and cut taxes. that makes a huge statement–he is actually doing what he said! 32 more months and obama gone–thankfully. hope hiliary “what difference does it make” clinton aint running.

    • Don Grantzki

      You have to choose which liar you wish to follow.

  • Americaschild

    The US Constitution gives each state the power and the feds are not following this rule usurping states. And now this democrat wants to bring funding to local. SURE HE WILL– WITH MORE TAXES LIKE ALL DEMOCRATS. Voters need to get smart and see that John Kasich is the Governor who is proving he is doing the job and bringing jobs to Ohio, reducing taxes. Kasich deserves to be RE elected.

  • SniperFire

    Fitzgerald, do you pledge that is we like out healthcare plan and doctor, we can keep them, too?


      SniperFire, do you pledge to complete a 4th grade english class?

  • Sis Delish

    “I Pledge”.

    Okay, so your will be dusting furniture, Mr. FitzGerald?

    From FBI to Lakewood to Cuyahoga County to Columbus?

    Can you Spell Lifelong Government Employee? No Thanks!

  • John Davidson


  • guest

    Wasnt kasich employed as the managing director for lehman brothers on wall street which triggered the collapse of ohio. The stiff got away before the feds came in and put his croonies away.You people actually believe in this guy? What a bunch of idiots.

    • golfingirl

      And didn’t Obama just delay the decision on the Keystone Pipeline again, until after the November elections…..a decision he has sat on for 5 years

      Wall Street hedge fund manager and billionaire , Tom Steyer, pledged to raise $100 million to help Democrats keep the Senate, but only if they killed the Keystone Pipeline Project.

      So you want to talk about politics and Wall Street? Want to talk about jobs and SB5? Lots of jobs building and running that Pipeline, don’t you think? A lot more than in Green Energy, which has been a flop.

      Not to mention becoming energy independent and not being held captive by a bunch of Mideast lunatics. Would do a lot for our National Security, don’t you think?

      But forget about all the benefits. The Democrats have caved into Wall Street money, and despite popular opinion to the contrary regarding the pipeline, once again compromised this country, and their reputation.

      If Kasich “triggered the collapse of Ohio,” which is a ridiculous statement, at least he worked hard to turn it back around.

      The numbers don’t lie, and Ohio’s would be much better if Cleveland, managed by Fitzgerald, didn’t bring the whole state down.

      Do the math…..I am dying to see your numbers.

      • LOLOLOL

        Then you might want to look for the numbers yourself.

        Stop being lazy and wrong. It looks horrible on you

        • Pablo Jones

          If you are making the accusation then it is up to you to post the numbers if you disagree. You asking her to do what you should be doing makes you look lazy.

          • golfingirl

            Not worth the keyboard strokes……put him on the list of the other “Do not respond to posters.”

            Contribues nothing to a discussion, he is simply here to argue without any facts.

            My guess is he is a union supporter, with a low wage job (if any job at all), who has a need for the government to provide for him because he cannot provide for himself.

            Hey, he can always write that check to the IRS at tax time and contribute more. It is right there on his tax form.

            Wonder how much he has given?

          • LOLOLOL

            Yeah put him on the list of “Proved me wrong with facts and logic”

          • gollfingirl

            I am lazy. And I hate all minorities. And?

          • golfingirl

            The above reply submitted by Godfather, pretending he is me.

            Not the two “L’s” in the name.

          • LOLOLOL

            WRONG! When the burden of proof is in your area its up to you.

            The facts I use are that of public record and law.

            You dispute common sense you need to bring something other than your ignorance.

            Who is lazy now pablo hahaha

    • Pablo Jones

      Can you even say what Kasich role was in Lehman Brothers without looking it up? You might as well blame the kids in the mailroom for the 08 crash.

      • rob

        I believe he was managing director, without looking it up. I could be wrong since your question is based on doing zero research and that has hindered my ability to give a factual response. The balls in your court. I’ll bet the answer to his true position of authority is no less damming.

        • Pablo Jones

          His title was like that of most banks, thousands of managers, vice-presidents, and presidents. A title for prestige but no real power. He was hired for his political connections and was further away from LB’s business problems than many of the advisers to President Obama.
          Like I said linking him to the down fall of LB has the same credibility as blaming the kids in the mail room or the janitors.

          Or using the same logic blaming the GM assembly workers for the faulty switches that killed those people.

    • rob

      Yes he absolutely was

  • guest

    Taxes? Kasich lowered taxes for high earners and raised taxes for low earners. Remember SB5? I sure do. Hasnt Kasich restricted womens health care? Hasnt he cut police and fire funding. Miniorities in his cabinet? I believe he has 5 women and he said I dont want black people in my cabinet.


    • golfingirl

      So you are suggesting Kasich should choose minorities for the sake of filling some ridiculous quota?

      This is racist in itself.

      He surrounded himself with the best team he could find to get out of the $8B mess left by Strickland. If the most qualified people were not minorities, so be it. That would be like me saying the NBA needs more whites, regardless of talent.

      As for lowering taxes on the “high earners.”

      If you make more than $208,500 a year, you pay $8,671 + 5.42% of every dollar over that amount.

      Make up to $83,350, you pay ONLY $1,007 and ONLY 3.76% over $41,700.

      Really? The “high earners” are getting a break? Give me a break; they are paying for everyone else!

      I am so tired of hearing this garbage. We have a progressive tax system, the wealthy always pay more.

      High earners should be commended for their contribution to running the government, not criticized that they are not giving enough.

      • rob

        I agree golfing, they should apply a 30 percent tax to estates over 5 million to relieve the burden on people that earn an income. That’s my conservative suggestion.

        • golfingirl

          There should be no estate taxes!

          Why should the government get anything you worked for all your life when you die? You have already paid taxes on this property your entire life. It should go to your family, tax free.

          Think farmers, this is a “sweat equity” job. When the farmer dies, all his land is valued and his family must come up with the money, based on the value of his land, as determined by the government.

          This is why so many next generation farmers cannot keep the farm which has been in the family for generations.

          There is no better definition of a “sweat equity” job than that of a farmer.

        • Pablo Jones

          Then those estates and the income they earn will be located somewhere else. Seriously it is kind of hard to target the people that have the greatest ability to leave.

          • golfingirl

            Can always move to Texas or Florida. No state income tax! Better yet, move your hard earned money overseas.

            Oh wait…..millions already are, and those states are economically strong.

            Interesting how states that lower tax rates (Ohio), and those with no state income tax (Florida and Texas) are strong economically.

            Excuse me for being simplistic here, but it would seem there is a direct correlation between lower state taxes for all and a stronger economy.

            Hmmmm….might be on to something. No, way too complicated and obvious for a Democratic politician to understand.

            Bottom line – taxes kill jobs. The proof is well-documented.

          • Pablo Jones

            Right to work states have also had a lower average unemployment rate for over 30 years. Not once did the non-right to work states have a lower average unemployment rate.

          • LOLOLOL

            Those facts will go on with no response.

            When you prove them wrong they just move onto the next lie.

          • Pablo Jones

            What facts are you talking about? You need to learn how to follow the comment stream.

            19.2% of Governor Kasich’s cabinet is women. Which is better than the 18.7% of women in President Obama’s cabinet.

            There have been 223,000 jobs added in Ohio since Governor Kasich took office that is a 4.5% increase in the total jobs in the state which is higher than other states.

          • golfingirl

            Don’t confuse Rob with facts please…..laughing.

          • rob

            Ignorance is bliss, that’s why your always having a good time! Lol!

          • golfingirl

            It’s O.K. to disagree. Makes life more interesting.

            Have a nice evening.

          • rob

            No, some of these points are valid but its also made up of so many factors that it’s impossible to identify one specific solution. I’m sure you can see that real money is bought, not earned. There is too much team Edward, team Jacob between parties going on here neither side can provide a full set of answers. All I know is that 1 trillion dollars was pulled from the economy by 400 people in ten years. The problem is they are accumulating more value than they are worth to our economy. Meanwhile the S&P is valued well over 1800 points, not because the economy is strong, but because it’s now cheaper to wipe your butt with a dollar bill than a hand full of toilet paper.

          • Pablo Jones

            And how are you determining whether those people are earning more than their worth?

            Then you basically contradict yourself. The money/wealth that you say they have earned over the last 10 years is based on the valuation of the stock market. Which you said means nothing since the value has been watered down. So they have more but the value is less, does that mean they really aren’t that much ahead?

          • golfingirl

            Excellent point!

          • HankKwah

            And $8 trillion was spent by your lame president. Is there some point in all your ranting?

          • HankKwah

            Says the liar. Good job supporting your “accusations”.

          • gollfingirl

            They need to put them all back on boats and let them go work overseas somewhere. Where they belong.

          • golfingirl

            The above reply submitted by Godfather, pretending to be me.

            Not the two “L’s” in the name.

          • golfingirl

            Like the VW plant that just voted down the U.A.W.

            Ouch, that had to bruise the UAW ego a little.

            Workers don’t need, nor want them anymore. Basically told them to get lost!

            So now they are going after college football players.

            What next? Female Olympic swimmers? They are really stretching for members these days.

          • Pablo Jones

            College sports will be tough since they can only do it at private schools. That can easily be stopped by the public schools saying we won’t play a school that is paying their players. Hard to be a unionized football player if you can’t play football against anyone.

            I never thought about the olympics, but I think there is a better chance for that. Training is expensive and they are going to represent the USA against other countries that sponsor their athletes.

      • rob

        Forbes 400 says between 2003 and 2013, the top 400 have doubled their combined wealth to $2,000,000,000,000.00 unfortunately the economy is slow for everyone else. Sweat equity no longer holds value in this country. Tax capital gains. The reward for investment should not be guaranteed by this manner.

        • rob

          I’m not at all against the free market but it can’t continue to be this simple generating such massive amounts of wealth without checks and balances in place to keep the economy strong. Taxes are the great equalizer.

          • golfingirl

            You are not against a free market, but want to raise taxes on the wealthy to “equalize” income?

            This is not a free market. In a free market, you should get to keep what you earn.

          • Pablo Jones

            And what exactly are you equalizing? Will it raise the standard of living for the poor? No. The tax dollars will be given to those that are connected to increase their wealth. Taxes are the great reducer, they bring people and the economy down to a lower state they don’t bring people up.

            Tell me this in what way does it affect you if someone they you have never met makes several million dollars? If business man Bob makes $3 million a year do you think you are making less money because of him? Do you think if his tax rate is increased you will make more money? What Warren Buffet makes has no effect on what you will be paid.

            If you don’t believe that I have bad news for you. I’m making more money this year so you will have to take a pay cut.

        • golfingirl

          The administration’s own policies have created this gap in wealth, through the rising stock market. This is where it comes from.

          The Fed continues to print more money, the interest rates are artificially low. This is what drives the market, cheap money to invest. This is why the rich get richer, through investment income.

          The very thing the Democrats chastise, the wealth gap, has grown as a result of their own policies. They are propagating it, but then complain about the results when the obvious occurs.

          Capital gains are a reward for taking risk, and investing in companies and ideas that may, or may not, be profitable. These investments are what create the “sweat equity” jobs you speak about above.

          Can’t have it both ways, can you?

          If taxes are the “great equalizer,” then lets all pay an equal amount, say 10%. The person making $1M would pay $100k; the person making $50k, would only pay $5k. A twenty fold difference!

          Sounds fair to me. The “rich” still pay more, but everyone pays something.

        • Pablo Jones

          Well that is a skewed time frame. Most wealthy people have their money invested in stocks or businesses and 2003 was the bottom of the market for the dotcom bust. They probably had double the 2003 amount in 2000. Then they lost half in 2008/09 and it doubled again by 2013.

    • Pablo Jones

      You believe this. Please find a sourced quote where he has said this. I believe you supported incest on another comment. And if it is on the internet it must be true.

    • HankKwah

      Wow, I’ve never seen so many lies all in one place.

      Except for reading one of obama’s speeches, that is.

  • golfingirl

    Ohio’s economic turnaround under Kasich speaks for itself.

    The math says it all.

    Enough said.


      Yes it does, We are at the bottom of the new jobs pool.

      Facts and reality win, You lose again

      • HankKwah

        Right. That’s why obama is touting Ohio as a good example of his policies.

        Keep the lies coming.

        • golfingirl

          Including the commercial they aired all winter about the steel plant in Lorain making a comeback.

          Don’t see that one anymore, do you? Not after the announced layoffs.

          Such hypocrisy.

  • Guest

    Nice free campaign ad, btw, C-T.

    A purpose of a free press is to hold government accountable, but there is no fallback when the watchdog voluntarily chooses to be a lapdog.

  • Sis Delish

    Funding Funding? Is this some sort of Super Democrat-Only Funding?

    Interesting Headline.

    • golfingirl

      I seriously don’t think there is ever any proof reading by the CT.

      Unless it means everything will be funded twice by Fitzgerald, like it already is.

      Initial Cost = X dollars
      Real Cost = 2X dollars.

      Must be the new Common Core Math.

  • Summer Smart

    Kasich has done just what this guy says he has done: local government funding has decreased to your townships, villages, cities and schools and is decreasing to non-existence. Kasichs way of giving this money back is via grants that have attached to it loans and out of pocket funds from those local govts. This guy knows what he is talking about and will have my vote. Otherwise expect all support to townships, villages, cities and schools to be directly funded by all of us through any and every levy they can put through (just like they are trying to do now).

    • Pablo Jones

      Do you not get that we are already funding everything, even if it comes from the State or Federal Government? All these counties, townships, schools, and cities have larger budgets now than they did 10 years ago. It is time they manage the money better.

    • golfingirl

      As it should be.

      Local residents should fund local services. The closer to “home” the spending is, the better the control, as taxpayers can actually see how their money is being spent.

      Cut state taxes, let the local residents decide what their individual communities need through local taxes.

      This is how it should be done.

      • Summer Smart

        I have to agree with you on this. However, do you ever attend a council or trustee meeting for your community and see how many residents actually attend? The amount is minimal at best. It is hard to reach the majority of the residents when the only time they are involved is when they have an issue on their own street. How do you reach all the residents??

        • golfingirl

          I do attend, and you are correct not many are there.

          However, when the money comes out of local levies, I do believe people are more involved. I may be wrong, but local levies and taxes seem more visible to me.

          Fortunately, in my city, the turnout at these meeting is probably a lot higher than in other Lorain County cities.

          The school levy meetings were standing room only.

    • Sis Delish

      Tax Democrats Only.

  • alreadyfedup1

    Gerald Fitzliberal, Liberal Fitzgerald is at it again. Tax and spend statist., Obama clone or (CLOWN). Any vote for him is a vote misspent. Ohio does not need to be blown back to the stone age of liberal democrat mantras.

  • Don Grantzki

    Much the same as with other demmunists who have too much money, his solution is to take more from those of us who strive to provide for ourselves and our own in order to provide for those who have never taken the trouble, but who willingly cast their votes to keep these blood suckers in some public office.

    • golfingirl

      They vote for “bloodsuckers,” because they are bloodsuckers themselves.

      They need to learn to stand on their own two feet and pay their own way through life!

      I am so tired of this garbage.

  • golfingirl

    Two people at a car dealer purchase identical vehicles.

    One makes more money, so she pays $20,000.
    The other makes less, so she pays $10,000.

    The dealer says I will give you both 10% off.

    The one paying $20k, gets $2k off, therefore pays $18k for the car.
    The one paying $10k, gets $1k off, therefore pays $9k for the same car.

    But the one who got the car for half the price of the other one, complains because she only got $1k off the price, while the lady who paid twice as much got $2k off.

    Who should be the unhappy buyer here?

    Isn’t this what the issue is here? Those who pay more in taxes, get a larger savings, when taxes are cut, but still pay many times more than those who are complaining.

    • alreadyfedup1

      Simple math is not the strong suit of Common Core statists. Hocus Pocus/ Misdirection math keeps the democrat in office..

    • rob

      Yet I’m “working poor” often over 40 hours a week in a facility that makes over 50 million a year and employs 69 people who’s wages are covered in a few weeks production out of the year. I recieve a tax return and I live paycheck to paycheck. I get burned bruised and cut, I deal with ambient temperatures over 200 degrees on a regular basis I go home to my kids exhausted and live in a bad neighborhood. I sure wish I made a wage that put me in debt to the country I don’t have welfare or housing benifits and I give 110 percent everyday to survive until tomorrow. The investors do a quarterly walkthrough and make millions in personal wealth for their involvement because they bought my company’s revenue.

      • SniperFire

        Start your own business. Nobody owes you a living.

        • stop ur whining part deux

          This coming from the guy that lives in his mothers basement. That is ironic.

        • rob

          I don’t have the liquid assets to fund a startup but thank you for your marvelously simple solution.

          • HankKwah

            Then that’s YOUR problem. Not anyone else’s. You invest the money and build a business, you can reap the benefits. Don’t be a hater because everyone around you is more intelligent than you.

      • Pablo Jones

        Is that $50 million in profit or $50 million in revenue? How much has your company paid for equipment, material, the building, supplies, energy, sales, etc.

        Those investors didn’t buy the companies profits, they put money into the company (or bought out the money that another investor put into the company). It is that money that let your company grow to where it is and pay you your wages along with the other 68 people. While it isn’t good to invest in the same business that employs you (putting all your eggs in one basket) there is nothing to stop you from investing in your company and becoming one of those investors. Once you invest around a million like the rest you will probably make enough each year where you won’t have to work so hard and live pay check to pay check.

        Now if you don’t feel you are making what you a worth, what is stopping you from going to another company that would pay you more? There is no reason to complain about how much make. Unless you know you can’t make more money else where which means you are stuck making what you are making. But that isn’t your employers fault or the governments fault. It is your fault if you don’t get the training or experience that would qualify you for more money.

  • golfingirl

    Another example….

    Ford is offering a $3000 rebate on a car. I decide I don’t want the car, but will take the $3000 rebate.

    Like paying no taxes, but still getting that “rebate” or refund at the end of the year.

    How does this make any sense whatsoever?

    • Pablo Jones

      Here is my solution. Have a constitutional amendment passed that says government spending has to be 5% or more below the previous years tax revenue. (you can put in an emergency clause for war or other actions is a super majority in the house and senate approve with an automatic tax increase [This will make sure they rarely do it]) Take the difference between what is spent and what is collected and use half to pay down the debt and the other half split evenly between all tax filers (filers and their dependents).

      The last part seems like redistribution, but it puts everyone on the same page. (Besides Congress would spend it anyway if it didn’t get returned.) The less congress spends the more money is returned to everyone. If congress wants to spend more it reduces what gets send to the people. It is harder to buy votes if doing so cuts the amount of cold hard cash they get. Also it means fewer people will avoid filling tax returns. More filers more tax dollars.

      Then you just need to redo the tax code. I say remove most deductions and credits. Allow deductions for things we want to encourage savings, charitable gifts, etc. remove mortgage and political deductions. Take gross income subtract the deductions then subtract 150% of the poverty level for your household then do a flat tax on that amount, say 15-20%.

      Personal income taxes could be completed in 30 minutes, each year the deficit would be paid down, and voters would hate every attempt by congress to spend more money.

      • golfingirl

        A good idea, but unfortunately it will never happen.

        For example, no deduction for mortgage interest….the realtors, builders etc will be screaming.

        We spend $2000 annually just having our taxes done, only to fall under AMT. It should not be this difficult.

        • Pablo Jones

          People complained about not being able to deduct their credit card interest as well. But it really isn’t a savings people just figure they will get the money back on their taxes so they buy a more expensive house. The mortgage interest deduction just inflates housing prices.

          Like I said the deductions should be for activities we want to encourage, saving for retirement or eduction, non-political charitable contributions, everything else should be scrapped. So many people claim things they shouldn’t and get away with it because the law is too complicated. Simplify the code so you will know what to claim, what to deduct, and what rate to use.

          • golfingirl

            I agree. As long as everyone pays something.

      • rob

        I can make double the money doing the same exact thing 40 minutes west, but openings are scarce it takes over a year to get in. In fact we were asked to sign a non compete because our turnover rate is around 80 percent. The company is owned and operated by by men from another continent. If you put in your notice of resignation and let them know your going to this competing company, that’s when they offer a generous bump in pay. That’s why they tried to get us to sign the non compete, not trade secrets but wages. Production Forman tend to make 15 to 20 dollars an hour more than the next step down which is where I’m at.

        • Pablo Jones

          Well if you can make more money going some where else or threatening you should do it. If a company doesn’t pay the going rate for labor they will have high turn over.

          As for the non-compete clause those are hard to enforce even for upper level management so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Guest

    Kasich raised taxes. He made the 1/2% Temporary Sales Tax permanent. He increased the CAT tax on Business by 7.5%. He took your State income Tax Dollars that were to go towards Local Government Funding , and now added it to the State General Fund, to pay for his pet projects, and now , he left municipalities to come up with additional funding for Police and Fire, infrastructure and Schools. He is neither Family,OR Business Friendly with taxation.

    • SniperFire

      You really think the State should pay for Police and fire departments?


    • golfingirl

      So are you for higher taxes or not?

      If so, you got your wish, according to how you define it.

      Sounds like you will be voting for Kasich!

      • HankKwah

        Stop confusing these low-info voters with facts and information.

  • golfingirl

    CT must not appreciate all the anti-Fitzgerald comments.

    Everything is “waiting to be approved.”

    No obscene language, no defamatory remarks….but still must be reviewed.

    Hmmmm…..could it be we disagree with their upcoming recommendation for who should be Ohio’s next governor?

    • Mark B

      The CT is more Liberal that Obama-Da-Clown himself . They are all for raising taxes for the schools and any other government like entity that puts their hand out .
      The comments have been censored many times in the past .

      • SniperFire

        They have moved way beyond being ‘Liberal.’
        It is full-blown Leftist agenda. Pravda would blush and Otto would roll in his grave.

  • Mark B

    Not Once , not Never will or have the CT went out and interviewed a average working person of Elyria and researched how all of the local taxes are affecting regular people. If you don’t pay any taxes , then you should not be able to vote for any .

    • golfingirl

      I agree….have to have some “skin in the game” to make an educated decision.

      Otherwise, it is all about what will other people pay for and give to me.

      Exceptions are those who have paid, example retirees etc.

    • golfingirl

      FitzGerald said his philosophy is, “If it’s public money, it’s the public’s business.”

      How about, “if it is taxpayer money, it’s the taxpayer’s business.”

      If you pay no income tax, it is none of your business!

    • golfingirl

      The problem with many people is they think they will be better off if the “rich” are hurt by higher taxes.

      If the “rich” feel more pain, somehow they will feel less.

      Sorry, but it does not work this way.

  • Jerry Curl

    You are so right golfingirl. Who needs them black people in his cabinet. All they wo do would eat chicken and watermelon all day. There is no other place for them to be other than the NBA. You sound like a good recruit for our next cross burning party. Let us know what city you live in and we will accomadate you since you sound like one of us. WHITE POWER.

    • golfingirl

      Whatever. You can take you cross and shove it up your A$$.

      Have to love when people change their name, but post the same old crap!

  • golfingirl

    GolLfingirl ( with 2 “L’s”) = Godfather

    Really Godfather?

    All your old posts now have my photo and name, but with an extra “L.”

    Are you actually that stupid?

    You did not even delete your old messages, just added my name and photo next to them.

    Kind of obvious, don’t you think?

  • rob

    My problem is with an outrageously skewed wealth distribution, deteriorated and inefficient public infrastructure, middle class people such as yourself, paying higher percentages in taxes than those above and below you. My problem is with people telling me to go make more money, when I make millions of dollars a year. Meanwhile, our “job creator’s ” will invest in the future and 10 years from now the largest impact felt by these top 400 economy boosters will be a total of 4 trillion dollars taken out of circulation and a lot more tax proposals on the middle class to support a flawed capital gains system because technically investing is a risk, however minute.

    • HankKwah

      You reap what you sow.

      The free market system works well. It’s the haters like you that want to wreck it.

      I don’t live in a big house, drive a fancy car, or take exotic vacations. But I’ve got more money saved now than you’ll ever dream of. Because I save and invest and watch my spending. If you weren’t wasting our time with your crying about your lot in life, you could make something more of yourself. You’d rather blame the man you work for, who pays you a wage, pays part of your health benefits, and probably pays into your 401k/pension. And if you don’t have any of those things, you’ve only yourself to blame.

    • golfingirl

      Why the obsession with 400 people? There are 300 million in this country.

      We could take everything they own, and it would probably run the country for less than a month. Then what?

      Problem is out of control spending, not what an individual makes. Unlike the government, they did not waste their money, instead invested it to make more.

      Their $4T has not been taken “out of circulation.” It is reinvested and put back into the economy. That is how they make it! They don’t sit on it.

      Their wealth is not cash, it includes what they own….businesses, investments etc. Do you think they have a big safe and keep it in their basement?

      What is you problem with that? Jealousy? Most likely the case.

      So exactly how would making them pay higher taxes improve your life?

      I applaud them for their success, instead of criticizing them for it.

  • Conservator440

    Isn’t it odd when the federal government announces jobs numbers, especially when jobs added is “up” regardless of the actual participation rate, is good news. When under a Republican governor, the number is low by FitzGerald’s standards, the participation rate becomes all important. Playing both sides of the same issue.

    Democrat party play book, page four.

    • alreadyfedup1

      Gerald FitzLiberal “It takes a” …..Potemkin village (an alternative spelling is Potyomkin village, derived from the Russian: Потёмкинские деревни, Potyomkinskiye derevni) was originally used to describe a fake village, built only to impress.This is the face of the democrat party.

  • Sis Delish

    New Bumper Sticker Idea: Democrats are too expensive for this economy….

  • TRB SR.

    I’m all for any politician running for gov that gives Lorain County some attention. BTW, are there any highly informed voters out there who can give facts and info about what our gerrymandered US Rep. Jim(“I’m just a country boy”) Jordan has done to help better Elyria?

  • ben dover

    Q. What do you call golfingirl and sis delish both floating down a river? A. Fur traders

  • ben dover

    just look how many hrs. of the day they are both on here. pretty adventerous types here playing on computer all day