November 20, 2014


Ohio officials say schools play large role in heroin fight

David Pepper, Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, outlines his strategy for dealing with the state's heroin epidemic on April 8. (AP Photo/Andrew Welsh-Huggins)

David Pepper, Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, outlines his strategy for dealing with the state’s heroin epidemic on April 8. (AP Photo/Andrew Welsh-Huggins)

WORTHINGTON (AP) — Parents, schools and educators all play an important role in fighting the state’s heroin abuse epidemic, Ohio’s governor and attorney general said at a forum Tuesday.

The remarks followed a report by the state Health Department that found a record 680 people died of heroin-related overdoses in 2012, the most recent year for which data was available, a 60 percent increase over 2011.

Heroin is “in every neighborhood, and every community,” Kasich told educators from about 40 mainly suburban schools districts as he promoted the state’s “Start Talking” anti-drug addiction program during a visit to Worthington-Kilbourne High School outside Columbus.

“Do not think you are immune from this. We are not immune from this,” the governor said. “This drug problem in our culture is a poison that threatens the essence of who we are.”

The program emphasizes the importance of parents, teachers and others talking to children about staying off drugs as a way of lessening the chances they will become addicted.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said action addressing heroin must start at the local level, and has to involve law enforcement, education, prevention and treatment.

“We’re not going to arrest our way out of this problem,” DeWine said.

Ed FitzGerald, Kasich’s Democratic opponent in the fall governor’s race, and David Pepper, DeWine’s Democratic challenger for attorney general, criticized the state’s efforts against heroin as delayed and anemic.

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  • stop ur whining part deux

    How about we place responsibility for the Heroin issue on those that deserve it. It is not the responsibility of schools. Yes, there should be drug prevention taught, i will not argue that. But when am i going to read an article stating that it is PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to raise their children.

    Today most parents allow school, MTV and the internet to raise their children. WHen i was young my parents had lengthy discussions on the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse. They followed up constantly until i was annoyed to even have the discussion and completely turned me off when it came to drugs.

    Herion is nothing more than modern day population control. It weeds out the non hackers, the cowards, the weaklings. I say make it legal and tax it. Junkies are always going to want their fix, might as well make them profitable.