November 24, 2014


Elyria man charged after allegedly hiding guns, running from police


Jerrael Overall

ELYRIA – A romantic rivalry may have been the driving force behind an incident Tuesday night when one man threatened another man with a gun and then ran from police.

Jerrael Overall, 29, was charged with aggravated menacing, tampering with evidence, obstructing official business and carrying a concealed weapon around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday near the 800 block of Garden Street.

The charges were prompted by an incident earlier in the evening when Overall saw Terrell Taylor at the house of Overall’s ex-girlfriend on the 1100 block of Melvin Lane, according to Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino. Overall told Taylor, “I’ve got something for you,” and left the area, returning a short time later with a handgun, Costantino said.

When he saw the gun, Taylor called police and Overall began to leave the scene, Costantino said. Police found Overall soon after the call walking westbound on the 1100 block of Melvin Lane.

When they ordered him to put his hands up, Overall ignored them, instead turning northbound and running through backyards in the area followed by police, Costantino said.

Officers caught up to him in an area of waist-high water near the 800 block of Garden Street, according to Costantino.

When police returned to the scene on the 1100 block of Melvin Lane, they found two loaded handguns hidden in a barbecue grill in a backyard, Costantino said.

Overall was taken to Lorain County Jail where he was being held on Wednesday on a $420,500 bond. His court date is at 1 p.m. Thursday at Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • tommtomm

    great job EPD. i saw this last night they were right on it.

  • kellz

    Thats crazy hes never been that type of person

    • Mark B

      I am sure society has made him the way he is , its impossible it could ever be his fault

      • kellz

        I never said it wasnt his fault he’s jut never been that type of person he has his life on track and got real good things going for himself its just sad that he would put his self in that perdicament for a women who dosent want him apparently

        • Taylor

          We all choose our own destiny nobody is up blame but himself if he didn’t sell drugs and use them then maybe her would not have anger issues and could think straight, with the rest of us that have to and not resort to guns and violence. He didn’t have anything going for himself with the way he has been acting and handling things but everyone is to blind to see it! He obviously didn’t care to about his nephews or other daily to bring guns around them and drugs all the time. He brought this on himself nobody else if he was a man like he tells everybody he would have found a better solution he gets no sympathy from me.

          • WTFnext


        • Mark B



          Order BA.

          without Valid Lic.












          OF MARIJUANA

          a rap sheet like that , is your life on track ?

          • Starryeyes63

            But he didn’t mean it………….

          • Angilena Gocher

            U have nothing better to do! 560 comment on this newpaper. Site. Allow u in everybody else business and lifes cause u dont have one. Butt the hell out

          • WTFnext

            Please learn correct grammar and punctuation before you get on here spouting about the virtues of an obvious criminal. SMH

          • Taylor

            Idk what your looking at I’ve never been charged with assault all mine are traffic their is no comparison to this lol

      • Guest

        He should use the excuse of having an underlying mental condition. It seems to always be the excuse in articles written about non-minorities.

    • Joe Smith

      Yep, the complainant and the police got together and conspired against him……sigh

  • janedoe20

    It’s his own fault things could have went way smoother than that and it’s obvious that the cops would come people always have to settle with guns first that’s what’s wrong with everybody these days. He obviously don’t care too much for the people he claims to love so much if he couldn’t of thought of a better way to handle his anger issues. Sad that people got to make it harder for themselves than it actually is. Grrrrr.

  • ekwaykway

    The guns weren’t properly registered? Unbelieveable!

    • Joe Smith

      No registration in Ohio

  • c campbell

    why is peopele so fast of judging. someone.if u aint in there shoes u shouldnt judge them. he was a good dude when we was in school….. alot. people that age didnt have fathers and mothers. so want to judge…. wont u judge ur self …. no one knows what the exs. was telling him to make his mind filp ….

    • WTFnext

      This is so grammatically wrong, I don’t know where to begin. Can we flag comments simply because of pure stupidity and illiteracy????

    • golfingirl

      They are all “good boys” until they get caught.

      • roger

        See you steady trollin

    • URDUM

      I think you should go to school and start over.

  • roger

    Think its funny that golfingirl only comments when the picture is a so called black man. If its a pink troglodyte knuckle dragging cave dwelling leper monkey pilgrim she says nothing. Only when its a so called black. Racist devil

  • Josephine D Overall

    To All have a comment about what happen .Neither of you Know what you are talking about I raised a good young men BUT I wIll not say that he is Perfect because None of us are. He do have a Premit To carry a Gun. It wasnt about a ex- girl friend he has a beautiful girl friend and That girl has been causing trouble since last summer when the EPD had a house surrounded in the summer time with shot guns and CHILDREN out side playing because of her. The main one that called the police is the same one who fired 7 shots at my son in FEB 2014 .But the EPD have seen to forget to put that in the papers. The only reason he calls the police is because he is a PUNK. She NEED TO BE KICK OUT OF THE APARTMENT BEFOR SOME ONE REALLY GET HURT. THE ONLY THING MY SON DID WRONG WAS RUN ALL I CAN SAY IS GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU START JUDGING SOME ONE IT NOT A BLACK OR WHITE THING OR A DRUG THING, IT A BOTCH THING FROM EPD THAT GUY SHOULD BE OFF THE STREET FOR FIRING SHOTS IN A COMPLEX . I BET HE DONT HAVE A PERMIT TO CARRY A GUN YOU CANT BELEIVE ANYTHING THE PAPER SAY OR THE EPD IF THEY JOIN A GYM THEN THEY WILL BE READY TO CHASE SOME ONE……. i DONT COMDOME WHAT MY SON DID OR DO HE IS A MEN NOW SO HE HAVE TO FIND HIS OWN WAY OUT. Mz JOSEPHINE OVERALL –JERRAEL OVERALL MOTHER