October 24, 2014

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No new tuberculosis cases detected after testing of Elyria bar patrons

The latest round of testing in Elyria and at the Mercy TB Clinic in Lorain revealed no tuberculosis cases, the clinic reported.

The Mercy TB Clinic conducted TB screenings for frequent patrons of Boomers Bar and Pudge’s Place at the two establishments on Tuesday after a patron last week was diagnosed with active tuberculosis.

Additionally, tests were offered at the Mercy TB Clinic on Friday, and 246 individuals were tested.

The Mercy TB Clinic recommended that anyone who had visited the bar between Dec. 1 and April 9 receive the testing.

The man who was diagnosed reportedly was homeless and living beneath a crawlspace at Pudge’s Place. As a result, the county may have to pay for his treatment.

Mercy spokeswoman Lee Ann Hastings said the cost would depend on how the patient responded to treatment.

As a precautionary measure, Mercy TB Clinic staff will return to the bars to perform follow-up testing in eight to 10 weeks, according to a news release.

Any questions specific to testing should be referred to the Mercy TB Clinic at (440) 244-3017.

  • Donelle Moss

    This is completely untrue. The bartender at Pudgy Place tested positive.

    • golfingirl

      “……revealed no tuberculosis cases, the clinic reported.”……”for frequent patrons of Boomers Bar and Pudge’s Place at the two establishments on Tuesday.”

      Looks like they did not include the worker’s in the article, only the patrons……don’t ask me why?

      Finally, did owners/workers at Pudge’s Place know he was living under the bar?

      In the future, will crawl spaces under bars be included in the City of Elyria’s inspection program?

    • Jordan Lucia

      There is 2 levels of positive. Latent and active. Latent is non contagious. Perhaps the bar tender was latent. If she was active they would have taken her in for treatment immediately.