November 26, 2014


Woman reports suspicious incident to Lorain police

LORAIN — A suspicious man tried to get into a woman’s house by telling her he was a carpet cleaner, according to police.

A Lorain woman told police three men drove up to her house on Oaktree Drive in a silver Ford Windstar with rust on the bottom. One of the men got out of the car and knocked on her front door. When the woman answered, the man told her he was a carpet cleaner, offered her a business card and asked to come inside, she told police.

When the woman told him he couldn’t come inside, the man took back his business card, saying it was his only one, and left.

Police deemed the incident suspicious and ask that anyone who experiences a similar situation should call police at 204-2100.

  • sister delish

    Probably was golfingirl heard shes a carpet muncher.

  • guest

    Yeah i heard she sucks. Her nickname is “hoover”, correct Golfingirl?

  • Phil Blank

    Free speach right?
    Yes, that is ok, but if I bring up ligitimate issues, the delete my comments.
    Gee, I wonder if I could sue, I mean it is the American way, isn’t it.