November 27, 2014

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Elyria office manager faces theft charges


Sherry Scarbrough

ELYRIA — The office manager for an Elyria commercial cleaning company has been indicted on two counts of theft for allegedly stealing more than $100,000 over seven years.

Sherry Scarbrough, 53, who worked for Carlson Service Co., is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges today.

Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will said the investigation by Elyria police determined that Scarbrough had paid herself excess wages and had made improper use of company credit cards. The indictment said the thefts took place between 2005 and 2012.

A police report said Jayne Carlson, one of the company’s owners, reported the thefts in August 2012. She told police that Scarbrough had used the company credit card to make personal purchases, including a lining for her pool, as well as using the company’s Sam’s Club card to buy gasoline and merchandise for her own use.

When Carlson told Scarbrough the company couldn’t afford to keep her on full time, Scarbrough continued to pay herself for hours she wasn’t working, the report said. An auditor hired by the company found that Scarbrough didn’t complete time sheets for herself.

  • Sis Delish

    Only took how many years?
    Accounting anyone?

    • franksnbeans

      From the sounds of it, especially on Facebook comments, these people are idiots and have some vendetta against their best friend. Sad people.

  • franksnbeans

    And Carlson cleaners? I’m pretty sure these people are landlords too, oh I mean slum lords

  • Jean Vincent

    if it was your money maybe you would think different over a hundred thousand if so innocent why was she arrested and charged just because

    • franksnbeans

      Lol, ANYONE can be arrested and charged. It’s what happens after that counts. You must be a lackey.

      • guest

        Thank you franksnbeans, took the words right out of my mouth. I know both parties personally and you are exactly right. Probably a pathetic attempt to save their failing company.

        • franksnbeans

          See, i knew it!!! Had to be more to the story…failing business!!!! Not funny for this woman, but I knew there had to b more!!!

        • Jean Vincent

          if you know both parties then you know the business isn’t failing

          • franksnbeans


  • damo99

    Bet shes a republican!