May 26, 2016


Critter Chronicles: Sadie & Brownie


These two precious kids need a kind hand and a loving home to call their own.  They were rescued together from a miserable life of living in a garage and eating only cat food for most of their lives.  Sadie has had an untreated ear infection which may have left her hearing impaired. This is why she is so dependent on Brownie and why we would hope they could go to foster or a forever home together.  They are both very friendly dogs and do seem ok with other dogs.  We are not yet totally sure about cats but we believe it will probably be OK.  Children should be a bit older (10 and up) and respectful of dogs. Even though we don’t know about them being house-trained at this time, adult dogs learn very quickly.  I am sure they both would adapt to living in a home very quickly.  Their ages make them the wonderful companions, they know or learn the ropes quickly.  Both Sadie and Brownie seem to be low energy, they will be easy companions to someone who is willing to give them what they have missed out on, a loving home.  Sadie may only have a few years left and would love to spend them in a home.  We are looking for either a foster or forever home for these two.  As always, a fenced-in yard would be the perfect set up we hope for.

BREED/DESCRIPTION: Sadie, Black Lab mix;  Brownie, beagle mix
SEX:  Female & male
NEUTERED/SPAYED: Sadie is spayed, Brownie is to be neutered this coming week, all vaccines are up to date on both and heartworm tested negative for both
AGE:  Sadie, 10 years;  Brownie, 8 years
SIZE:  Sadie, 41 pounds; Brownie, 40-45 pounds
ADOPTION FEE: To be discussed; looking for a place for the dogs to be together if possible and out of the kennel
ORGANIZATION:  Hartman’s Hounds
LOCATION:  Amherst
CONTACT:  Peggy at (440) 984-7014 or (440) 452-1619

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