November 28, 2014


‘High grade’ marijuana found in Vermilion home

VERMILION — Police executed a search warrant at about 3:45 p.m. Friday at a residence within the community.

During the search of the residence, about .3 pounds of high-grade marijuana and 28 grams of hashish butter were confiscated. The confiscated marijuana has an approximate street value of $27,600 and the hashish butter has an approximate street value of $1,700.

The Vermilion Police Department was assisted by members of the Lorain County Drug Task Force and the U.S. Postal Inspectors Service during the investigation.

No arrests have been made.


  • Alan Pugh

    According to Google, an eighth ounce of marijuana runs around 40 to 50 dollars in Ohio, depending on quality. 0.3 pounds (five ounces) would make forty eighths, making a street value (if this is high quality) of $2000. That’s a far cry from $27,600.

    “Bubble hash,” according to Yahoo! Answers, is nearly the purest, highest grade of hash that you can obtain, and they quote the price as $20 to $40 a gram. There are 136 grams in 0.3 pounds, meaning the street value would be $5440… still not even close to $27,600.

    There’s something drastically wrong with that listed value.

    • Willie Jenkins

      That would break down to about $5,520 per ounce of marijuana. I don’t think any marijuana anywhere is that high grade.

      • Sis Delish

        Only if they serve it at Chez Francois with Truffles.

    • It has to stop

      Maybe they meant to say 3 pounds and not .3 pounds. That would make it 384 eighths and at 50 bucks a pop would be $19,200.00
      That is closer to the $27,600 and course they would be inflating the cost of the bud.
      As far as the hash it’s 28 grams and the middle of what you posted would only be $840.00

  • tickmeoff

    The reason for the no arrest at this time is they are using the person to go after the others who mailed it, or knew of it. They should let their attorney bargain for them vs. turning on everybody else So selfish of them!