November 25, 2014


Several arrested during drug investigation in Elyria

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith

Tameka James

Tameka James

ELYRIA — A drug investigation led to several arrests last weekend after two search warrants were executed in the city.

The Elyria Police Narcotics Unit and Neighborhood Impact Unit searched 22 Potomac Lane on Friday. As a result, two individuals were arrested.

Anthony Smith, 25, was charged with three counts of trafficking in cocaine and one count each of having weapons under disability, possession of criminal tools and drug paraphernalia. He was taken to Lorain County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Tameka James, 21, was charged with permitting drug abuse and possession of criminal tools and was released on a personal bond to appear in court Monday.

During this search, detective seized crack cocaine, a handgun, money and a vehicle, according to a news release from the Elyria Police Department.

Tony Carter

Tony Carter

Chanel Grantham

Chanel Grantham

Brandon Wright

Brandon Wright

A search of a residence at 667 Weller Road led to several arrests after the seizure of heroin, drug paraphernalia, money and a vehicle.

Police charged Tony Carter Jr., 24, with four counts of trafficking heroin and one count each of possession of heroin, possession of criminal tools and drug paraphernalia. He was taken to Lorain County Jail with no bond, and appeared in court Monday.

Chanel Grantham, 25, was charged with permitting drug abuse and possession of criminal tools and was released on a personal summons to appear in court Monday.

Brandon Wright, 22, who also is scheduled to appear in court Monday, was charged with possession of heroin. Police said Wright was arrested just before the search after detectives observed him exchange money with Carter for drugs.

Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said Carter was out on bond for a felonious assault charge.

Police arrested Carter in September for allegedly shooting Andre Jackson in the leg during an argument with another man. Police have said they do not believe Jackson was the intended target of the shooting.

Costantino said the investigation began as a result of complaints by residents. He encouraged those with drug-related complaints to call the police department at (440) 323-5123 or (440) 322-7264.

All complaints can remain anonymous, he said.

“We’re not waiting for things to happen. We’re going after problems and attacking them,” Costantino said.

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    Making pennies off of the addiction of others. Some proud mothers out there this morning.

  • GreatRedeemer

    To the Mom, get your kid and get out. You can be poor
    by yourself, a life of living with undesirable men is only going to bring despair.

    • Cody Miller

      He did not shot him

      • jj


  • DonMega

    Somebody better start snitching.

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    Get them off the streets peddling dope !

  • SandyLey

    Take 5 off the streets and 10 take their place. Over the past 20 years trash form all over have found their way to Lorain and Elyria.

    • zdubb78

      So what your saying is let them be…..dont remove those 5???


  • Simon Jester

    Legalize and there’s no incentive for these people to sell the stuff.

    • Phil Blank

      Never happen, its the anti-drug money coming in and they don’t want to lose that.
      Plus cocaine and heroin well never be legal, its a DRUG!

      • Simon Jester

        So are alcohol and tobacco, your point?

        • Phil Blank

          Where is the anti alcohol snd tobacco money to stop everyone?
          There is none ftom the government, they just want to tax everything and put it out of reach of the old and the poor!

        • Phil Blank

          No $ for those.

  • Awoll

    The Drug Task force and EPD need to continue what they have been doing and busting as many dealers as possible. It may not stop it completely but good is coming out of it even if it doesnt seem like it. These people are just pathetic. Whatever happened to the good old days when people just got up every morning and went to work and got an honest paycheck. Lazy, filfty, system soaking crimals is all they are. All on welfare, food stamps (so glad i get up and go to work everyday to help support these pigs)

    • golfingirl

      Well Said!!

    • Simon Jester

      Legalize, and make welfare (or whatever other free gov’t crap they use) dependent on a clean piss test.

      Anyone that plans on living off the productive ought to at least be clean.

      • Phil Blank

        That was already tossed out.
        Did’nt you read recently where they wanted to test school kids, LOCALY, not going to happen.
        They are stll fighting over this in Florida tne last time I looked(read) the news about it a week ago.

        • Simon Jester

          Yes, I know. We’ll ( My side) keep trying.

          Again, what point are you trying to make? Last I checked, adults were the only ones able to apply for handouts directly, so the testing kids thing is a non-starter.

          Are you saying that those that can’t or won’t work should be able to get their handout, regardless of drug use?

      • Phil Blank

        Tried and didn’t fly.

    • Brandi Autumn

      Please tell me what food stamps and wellfare have to do with ppl selling drugs!! U sound ridiculous …and as far as the drugs…do i condone it? Absolutely not but at the same time not everyone is given the same opportunity as other. Some ppl see it as if they are willing to put that poison in their bodies..smh so no honey you go to work to support you and yours. .not them!!!!

      • Curious

        I agree with the point you are trying to make. However, if you are going to try to stand up for a group of people that are typically labeled as uneducated, unproductive drains on society, the least you can do is spell correctly.

      • Simon Jester

        “Please tell me what food stamps and wellfare have to do with ppl selling drugs!! ”

        Please never breed.

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    Heroin kills people ,these people are selling death and misery .

  • Scout

    Good for the police. Now just set up a camera in the administration building, looking down on third street, and you can catch a lot of drug buys that could lead to more arrests. I see drugs/money exchange hands all the time driving through that intersection-and it’s right by the old court house. Get these people off the streets and out of our community.

  • Tammy Cottrell

    Wtg EPD

  • golfingirl

    Must all be innocent, no neck tattoos.