November 24, 2014

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Clarence Adams III found guilty of Lorain murder; spared death

Lamar "Mark" Taylor's ex-wife, Vicki Moore, right, reacts at the sentencing of Clarence Adams III. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Lamar “Mark” Taylor’s ex-wife, Vicki Moore, right, reacts at the sentencing of Clarence Adams III on Tuesday. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA – Clarence Adams III was sentenced to 23 years to life in prison Tuesday after a three-judge panel found him guilty of murder, felonious assault and aggravated robbery, but cleared him of aggravated murder charges and a second murder count.

Had Adams, 23, been convicted of aggravated murder he could have faced a possible death sentence.

Clarence Adams III addresses the family of Lamar Taylor at his sentencing. At left is attorney Kenneth Ortner.

Clarence Adams III addresses the family of Lamar Taylor at his sentencing. At left is attorney Kenneth Ortner.

Adams was accused, along with Austin Diaz, who is awaiting trial in his own capital case, of beating and robbing Lamar “Mark” Taylor, as the Lorain man walked to his East 34th Street home on April 8, 2012.

Taylor’s ex-wife, Vicki Moore, told Adams during Tuesday’s hearing that she and Taylor’s family would never forgive Adams for what he had done and hoped he would suffer for the rest of his life.

“You have no remorse, no feelings,” Moore said. “You ruined not only your life, but our life.”

She also said that Adams could have chosen to let Taylor live by halting the beating and letting him go. Police determined that Adams and Diaz got out of the car they had been riding in and randomly attacked Taylor, who was returning from a night out with friends. The beating stretched over 400 feet as Taylor tried to make it to his ex-wife’s house, where he was living at the time.

Jose “Macho” Torres, who witnessed part of the attack before fleeing to ask a relative to call 911, described watching the two men beat Taylor and testified that he saw Adams deliver a “field goal”-like kick to Taylor’s face.

Adams told Taylor’s family that the attack never should have happened and said he had “no reason” for it.

“I honestly do apologize for what I partook in that night,” Adams said.

Assistant Lorain County Prosecutor Laura Dezort urged Common Pleas Judge John Miraldi, the presiding judge on the panel, to send Adams to prison for the maximum, which was the 23-years-to-life sentence the judge ultimately handed down.

“Nobody is safe from him when he is out,” Dezort said.

Lamar "Mark" Taylor's daughter, Marquetta Brown, reacts at Adams' sentencing.

Lamar “Mark” Taylor’s daughter, Marquetta Brown, reacts at Adams’ sentencing.

She said Adams has a lengthy criminal record, including 18 cases from when he was a juvenile. She also said Adams had only recently been released from prison after serving a 1-year sentence for beating a man in Cincinnati in a similar attack.

Dezort said the victim in that case later committed suicide and his family blamed the attack by Adams for his death.

But Kreig Brusnahan, one of Adams’ defense attorneys, said there was no proof that the victim in the earlier beating had committed suicide because of his client’s actions. He also said that his client had a rough upbringing and knows that he has problems.

“He has begged me to find someone that can find out what’s wrong with him,” Brusnahan said.

Brusnahan also said that Adams was drinking and using illegal drugs the night Taylor was attacked.

Dezort, however, argued that Adams has never taken responsibility for his actions the night of the killing.

“He has shown no remorse and certainly no regret,” she said.

Brusnahan said after the hearing that he was relieved by the judges’ decision.

“I believe the verdict accurately reflected the evidence that was presented,” he said.

Lorain Police Sgt. Buddy Sivert, the lead detective on the case, said while he respected the verdict he had hoped for a guilty finding on the aggravated murder charges. He said Adams should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“I don’t think he deserves one single chance to get out and be in society,” Sivert said.

Miraldi and the other two judges on the panel, Common Pleas Judge Christopher Rothgery and Domestic Relations Judge Lisa Swenski, all declined to comment. Miraldi is still presiding over the Diaz case.

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  • golfingirl

    “…..his client had a rough upbringing….”

    Deja Vu…..all over again!

    • Scout

      You got that right golfingirl. n this day and age it is always someone else’s fault.

  • Bill Love

    What a joke all this says is do what you want and you will get a slap on the wrist

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    F’ing idiot judges in Lorain County. Who wants to bet this POS straightens his life out in prison and who cares. He savagely beat a human to death FOR FUN. His life should end.

    • luvmytoaster

      I find it totally sickening that this POS “had only recently been released from prison after serving a 1-year sentence for beating a man in Cincinnati in a similar attack”……Unbelievable! He should have been sentenced to death in my opinion…..

    • Bob

      What scares me is you don’t see *without parole” This POS could be out in 10 years if he behaves himself in prison.

  • luvmytoaster

    “I don’t think he deserves one single chance to get out and be in society,” Sivert said……Sivert for Judge – he can replace Judge Burge…..

  • silkskin1960

    I totally agree with all of you.

  • golfingirl

    The faces of the families in the photos says it all.

    Hope the judges see these faces in their sleep, and are haunted by them the rest of their lives.

  • convict4life

    I don’t accept what my dude C.J did I bet none of y’all have the courage to say it to his face when he’s out in 30 years life in ohio is nothing but 30 to 35 years max so he’ll be home Thx and good day!!!!

    • kiddingme

      can’t fight on his own, so has to jump on people with his boys there? yeah, sounds like a real tough guy. more like a coward, just like you.

      • convict4life

        @kiddingme whenever ur ready I’m not hard to find NO coward here I stand and deliver every single time it was two of them not boy’s and if he was a man he should’ve learned how to fight

    • golfingirl

      “Your Dude?”

      Maybe you need to hang with some different “Dudes.”

      He is the coward here, beating up a defenseless human being with the help of his “friends.”

      So tough, why didn’t he do it on his own. Kicking a man in the face when he is lying on the ground is hardly a “courageous” thing to do.

      He is a cowardly punk who got less than he deserved.

      You keep hanging with “Dudes” like him, your name will be the next one in these pages.

      Good luck……send “your Dude” our best.

      • convict4life

        I will definitely be on any front page of this paper unless I’m beating you or your family members down @golfingirl I’m to busy hanging with your cousin’s getting them to do everything I say

        • golfingirl

          Whatever….you are a loser!

          My only cousin is a Navy Seal….bet he could break you in half, with one arm tied behind his back.

          I bet you have a neck tattoo. What does it say….Convict4Life?”

          You are nothing more than a “gangsta” wannabe. Earn your stripes by acting bad, spending time in prison. Makes you feel like a man.

          I bet your mama is really proud of you.

    • golfingirl

      So have you already sent out the invitations for his homecoming in 30 years?

      In 30 years, most people have raised a family, became grandparents and are getting ready for retirement.

      Your “Dude” will be poor and without a life. My guess, he will be long forgotten by all his “dude” friends, or they will be behind bars or dead from their lives of crime.

  • Cs

    He was my neighbor when I was growing up,and he had no parents,he was always home alone with his younger sister,his mom had a different guy or multiple guys over every night and he called a guy ‘dad’ that would accasionally come around but I’m not sure if it even was. Poor parenting and illegal drugs is what this comes to. But at the same time I could only imagine what it was like to get beat to death. I think he got what he deserved.

  • brenda

    My prayers go out to the victims family as well as Adams family. May God be with them all. Including Clarence Adams.

  • jimbo

    Whats your real name and address convict, Be over there within an hour. BOY!