November 27, 2014


Lorain approves 34 road repair projects

LORAIN — The city’s notoriously bumpy roads should get smoother this year.

City Council members on Monday approved about $9.6 million in improvements to 34 roads. The most expensive project is $856,463 for work on Seneca Avenue from East 28th Street to East 33rd Street. Second is $808,643 for Meister Road and East 33rd from Oberlin Avenue to Falbo Avenue.

Third is $784,612 for Seneca from East 37th Street to the East 42nd Street terminus, followed by $727,412 for West 11th Street from Oberlin to Hillsdale Avenue and $548,825 for New Jersey Avenue from Colorado Avenue to Wilson Street.

The money comes from the street levy approved in 2012, which raises $5.3 million annually — costing a worker earning $50,000 per year $250 annually.

Lorain plans to spend $13.5 million in repairs to 45 roads this year, said Mayor Chase Ritenauer. The additional money is from Ohio Public Works Commission loans.

In other business

  • Council unanimously approved a $271,684 sewer line project. The 8-inch sanitary sewer lines stretch about 1,500 feet from Frankford Street to Fairless Drive. Nine area property owners will pay about $108,000 for the lines, designed to spur economic development. The remainder will be paid through tax increment financing,.

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  • SoLoJimbo

    When are they going to go back and fix the roads that were “repaired” last year that didn’t make it one winter? Maybe they should look at their specs and process before throwing our good money at a problem they obviously don’t know how to fix. Henderson Dr., Oberlin Ave, Washington Ave, W. 21st St., E 36th St. To name a few.

  • Maria Torres Rojas

    How are they going to fix Palm Ave from Packard Dr. To Homewood Dr. and not fix Packard Dr. from dead end by Chelsea Dr. to Gary Ave. This is ridiculous that’s why I quit posting on the click it and fix it site that the city of Lorain set up with. They put cones over the bad part and never came back to fix it and the rest of the road isn’t any better it’s sickening to see these other streets being fixed and so many more being ignored

  • Sis Delish

    Don’t care about Lorain Streets at all now that they have a pair of Military Vehicles capable of going anywhere.

    Perhaps a better strategy would be to begin closing roads?