November 27, 2014


Man charged with allegedly selling heroin near Elyria High

Bradley Watkins

Bradley Watkins

ELYRIA — A suspect on probation for weapons-related charges was arrested Monday for allegedly selling heroin from his home near Elyria High School.

Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said police have been searching for 25-year-old Bradley Watkins for weeks after making several undercover drug buys from him. Police received a tip that Watkins was in the area, and he was located walking near Greely Street and Longford Avenue around 11:40 a.m. Monday, Costantino said.

When confronted by a detective, Watkins ran through several back yards on Longford Avenue, according to police. He was apprehended after losing his footing, Costantino said.

Watkins was charged with three counts of trafficking in heroin and one count each of trafficking in cocaine, possession of criminal tools and obstructing official business.

Costantino said one of the trafficking in heroin charges was upgraded to a higher felony because Watkins was selling heroin from his home at 308 9 th St., approximately 1,000 feet from Elyria High School.

“When he was told about the upgraded charge of selling heroin, he was surprised, because he said he checked that out beforehand, and he believed he was more than 1,000 feet from the school,” he said.

When Watkins was arrested, he was found with $422 in cash in his pocket, according to police.

Costantino said Watkins’ arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation after his release on bond for various weapons-related charges.

Police believe Watkins was responsible for three separate shootings in Elyria with Terrell “ToodaB” Fennell. The shootings occurred Aug. 9 in the 1100 block of Melvyn Lane, at Paul’s Beverage Warehouse on Sept. 20 and at Red Roof Inn on Sept. 22.

Watkins was arrested Sept. 22 at Fennell’s apartment for having a weapon under disability. He was originally charged with felonious assault and having weapons under disability, but he pleaded guilty to having weapons under disability and discharging a firearm near prohibited premises, according to court records.

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  • golfingirl

    Should have gone to math class……could have measured that 1000 yards and saved yourself some jail time.

    That was an “expensive” absence from school.

    • Some thing is wrong here


  • Sis Delish


    He won’t be able to watch all the infrastructure upgrades coming to Middle Avenue this Summer/Fall…. from his porch, no doubt!

    • golfingirl

      Nor the Fabulous Fireworks Show…..Oh wait, if he is out by 2016, he will see them, since that is when the fund raising goal will be met.

  • DonMega

    He looks stupid.

    • golfingirl

      Needs a neck tattoo….would make him look a little more intelligent.

  • oldruss

    He’s on probation?! Somebody should have revoked his probation, when he was previously arrested for assault and having a weapon under disability, and then pled guilty to the lesser charge.

    • Mark B

      Naa the criminal has more rights , they just turned him loos with 3 incidences of shooting at people , what could be dangerous about that . Someone innocent or a child getting shot or killed is a minor infraction , compared to him getting his freedom back .

  • Thomas G. Malloy

    pants fell down & lost his footing

    • Mark B

      There is a price for looking cool (Foolish)

    • golfingirl

      Those baggy, low hanging pants are a police officer’s best friend.

      Like a pair of “leg handcuffs.”