November 28, 2014


Voter turnout for primary election ‘abysmal’

Residents cast their votes in Sheffield Lake on Tuesday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Residents cast their votes in Sheffield Lake on Tuesday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

SHEFFIELD TWP. – Voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election was lower the Lorain County Board of Elections officials had expected.

Both elections board Director Paul Adams and Deputy Director Jim Kramer had predicted turnout would be around 19 percent of the county’s 202,672 registered voters.

Tuesday’s turnout ended up being 14.75 percent, Adams said.

“The turnout was abysmal at most of the places,” he said.

He said that figure might tick up as a few absentee ballots trickle in and provisional ballots are counted.

The turnout number is actually an improvement over the May 2013 primary, when 13.46 percent of the county’s voters showed up at the polls, according to the elections board’s website.

Adams said he visited several polling locations around the county on Tuesday and was surprised at how quiet they were.  Although he said he saw steady turnout in Sheffield Lake, where an income tax increase was approved by voters, other areas were empty. Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools also passed two renewal levies.

Providence Church in Avon is one of the largest voting centers in the county and has a traditionally high turnout, but Adams said when he visited the site Tuesday, he sat there for five to 10 minutes before a voter walked in.

Adams also said elections officials encountered few problems, something he attributed to the low turnout.

“It was probably one of quietest elections that we’ve had in our control center when it comes to problems,” he said.

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  • oldruss

    Why call the turn out “abysmal”? Those voters who care, who are most likely more informed, who cast their ballots intelligently, voted. Good riddance to all those who couldn’t haul their backsides to the BOE sometime during the 30 days of Early Voting, couldn’t request an absentee ballot and mail it back timely, or couldn’t be bothered going to a neighborhood polling station on Election Day.

  • Sis Delish

    Probably can cut the budget at The Lorain County Board of Elections, no?

    Future scenario: only Two voters show up at the Polls, one Debitcrat, one Indpendent. Who would break the tie?


  • Sis Delish

    Just an observation on the photo accompanying the story…

    Five of Six Voters wear blue jeans.

  • Rear_View

    It’s time for VOTING to catch-up with TECHNOLOGY!!! It’s becoming more and more difficult for voters to make it to their polling locations while working 12 hour shifts or traveling from here to there for whatever reason!!! It’s time to allow people to vote via the WORLD WIDE WEB!!! Let’s get with the times already!!!

    • golfingirl

      You want to participate in the Democratic process, make the effort to do so.

      You can vote through various methods in Ohio, for extended periods of time.

      If you truly cared about your community, you would vote through one of the many avenues currently available.

      The opportunity for fraud and abuse would only increase by allowing voting through the internet. Look at what has happened with other sites, through hacking and technical problems. Look at the Obamacare website. I can hear the screaming now if someone feels their vote was not processed properly, or could not get onto the site.

      Want to vote….get off your rear and do it! They will even mail you a ballot, fill it out and put it back in your mailbox! 12 hour work days are no excuse in the current system.

    • oldruss

      Rear_View, have you ever heard of an absentee ballot? You request that one be mailed to you by the BOE, and you fill it out, at your leisure when you’re not working a 12 hour shift, and then you mail it back. IF you really gave a damn about voting, you’d find a way to vote.

  • stop ur whining part deux

    If you do not vote you have no right to complain about the issues we face. Your vote is your voice!

    • MrRespect

      Whether I vote or choose not to vote does not remove my right to voice my opinion about an issue. My voice is my voice not my vote!

      • stop ur whining part deux

        No sir, you are wrong. 100% incorrect. Your vote is your voice saying you support or are against something or someone. If you do not exercise that voice you can not criticize after the fact. It makes you a hypocrite.

        It is like sending someone out for groceries and no list and being angry at what they come home with.

  • alreadyfedup1

    The Democratic mantra is “Vote EARLY, Vote OFTEN, Vote (D). LOL

  • onesears

    Should be a day off for national elections, just like every other country on the planet.

    • golfingirl

      I doubt that would increase voter turnout.

      If you really want to vote, you will find a way.

      It is not that difficult. It will just turn into another union holiday.

    • John Davidson

      That would give people a day to spend at the beach or with family. Oops no time to vote.

    • oldruss

      Why do you assume that the larger the voter turnout the more intelligent, better informed those voters are? If you can’t get your backside down to the BOE during the 30 or so days of Early Voting, can’t be bothered to request an absentee ballot, or “forget” to go to the polls on Election Day, then we don’t need your vote, thank you very much.

  • billypop

    its not church stupid

  • billypop

    hey golfingirl im going golfing want to kiss my balls for good luck

    • golfingirl

      C’mon little Billy….

      Time to get ready for school.

      Afternoon kindergarten starts when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 1.

  • James Coleman

    ….NO ‘abysmal’ is the definition for the 2 overpaid, underworked and incompetent hacks that sit in commissioner chairs…..that is what abysmal is…..Cure that and you’ll not have enough polling places to handle the crowds.
    It’s easier to vote with your feet and move from the region. We have, and don’t regret it.