November 23, 2014


Appeals court: Asim Taylor can’t have more children until he pays child support


Asim Taylor

Asim Taylor

ELYRIA — A state appeals court upheld Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther’s order barring Asim Taylor from having any more children until he makes good on child support payments for the children he has already fathered.

The decision, released Monday by the 9th District Court of Appeals, did not provide a legal explanation on whether Walther’s order was appropriate. Instead, two of the three judges on the panel wrote that without a copy of a pre-sentence report on Taylor completed by the county Adult Probation Department, they didn’t have enough information to examine the virtues of Walther’s order.

“Indeed, we have little to go on other than what the trial court said in its journal entries, which is itself limited,” Judge Carla Moore wrote in the majority decision. “We therefore have no choice in this case but to presume the regularity of the community control sanctions and to affirm.”

Walther imposed the order during a January 2013 hearing in which he placed Taylor on probation for failing to pay nearly $100,000 in child support for his four children.

At the time, Walther called the order a “matter of common sense and personal responsibility.”

Walther, who handles all criminal non-support cases in the county, said Monday that the appeals decision gives him the authority to impose similar restrictions on other defendants in similar cases. But he also said he would have liked to have seen a more detailed analysis of the legality of his order.

“I’m happy they upheld me, but I’m disappointed they didn’t decide on the merits,” he said.

Taylor’s attorney, Doug Merrill, who has argued that the order violates Taylor’s right to reproduce, said he was surprised that the lack of a pre-sentence report, which is produced to give judges an idea of a defendant’s background, was the deciding factor in the case.

“This decision didn’t require one,” he said. “It was dealing with his rights, not his record.”

Merrill said he plans to ask the Ohio Supreme Court to review the case.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Ohio Supreme Court has been asked to weigh in on whether a judge can bar someone on probation from having more children. The court struck down a similar order in 2004 after determining that Medina County Common Pleas Judge James Kimbler had failed to include a mechanism for lifting the order.

Walther’s order dealt with that issue by stating that the order would be lifted if Taylor could show he was taking responsibility for supporting his children, said Judge Donna Carr, who delved into the issue more fully than her colleagues in a concurring opinion.

Carr wrote that the record in the case showed Taylor has a history of failing to make child support payments, showed no remorse and had the ability to work and make the payments to support the children he already has.

Given his past failures to financially support his children, Carr wrote that Walther’s order made sense.

“Where, as here, the defendant has demonstrated a long-term refusal to support multiple children by multiple women notwithstanding his ability to work and contribute something for their care, an anti-procreation condition is reasonably related to future criminality,” Carr wrote. “Taylor has here demonstrated that he is not inclined to support any of his children. There is no reason to believe that he would be inclined to support any future children.”

Carr also rejected Merrill’s arguments that it was unconstitutional to infringe on Taylor’s rights to have children. She wrote that other courts, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court, have upheld orders similar to the one Walther imposed on Taylor.

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  • LookBackTwo

    He has the right to reproduce, but we don’t have the responsibility to raise his offspring. Do away with ADC!

    • Paul R

      why punish the children? if he violates probation I would forcibly sterilize him.

      • JHL27

        Germans used to have people fill out papers in a room…during which they were irradiated to sterilize them.

        • Phil Blank

          And was that in East Germany during the cold war, you know, where they spied on their neighbors and reported them?

          Sounds more like our current NSA, doesn’t it, especially with their new LEEDIR app.

        • brewster

          So they had a few good ideas.

  • Sis Delish

    Can’t wait for the LGBT Crowd to weigh-in on This One.

    • Paul R

      huh ??

      • JHL27

        Some people try to make everything part of their agenda,

        • Sis Delish

          I thought whatever the LGBT crowd thought was part of everyone else’s mandated agenda, no?

          • jj

            No, just what you think, oh wait…you seem to be the one who brought it up.

          • AugustineThomas

            Are you going to report him for anti-LGBTQJDHS speech?

      • Sis Delish

        Yeah, that’s right, Huh?

        They will most probably file some dumb lawsuit based on discrimination that they TOO cannot father that many children without paying for them.

        • Robadude32

          That would be the ACLU but we get the drift.

  • golfingirl

    So what happens if, I mean when, he has more children?

    • stillsleepyeyes

      he violates his parole and off to jail he goes………………

      • golfingirl

        He goes to jail, we get the bill for another child.

        • stillsleepyeyes

          of course, then the babies momma can sell her food stamps to put money in is account at the jail……………gotta love the system……………

        • LOLOLOL

          Its not like he pays for them anyway so nothing changes

        • Chuck Northcutt

          Yep!! it’s a heck of a country we live in! No wonder we are losing status globally to the Chinese and Russians! (Also, don’t forget that when he goes to jail, we are now paying for HIM, too!! . . . UGH!)

          • Razorback Twou

            What make you think your not paying for him now? Judge said he doesn’t work.

          • Chuck Northcutt

            You got me there! Only further proving my point that we are ultimately doomed by a quandary of our own making!

        • Michele From Ohio

          AND we pay for HIM to be in jail :/

    • Anthony Powers

      if he has more childrem. that would be breaking his parole… which would mean he would go to jail… at which point in time the taxpayers THEN get to pay for another child AND pay for him to live and eat in prison. so, it’s just a ridiculous concept.

  • Marie Nerad Faren

    I say if you cant pay for those children that you have laid down with these ” woman” & produced children with.then HE NEEDS TO BE ..NEUTERED…WE SAY WE DON T NEED MORE PUPPIES ..WE DONT NEED ANYMORE OF HIS CHILDREN TO RAISE……NO sense in having 10 kids with 7 different woman and I pay for these kids that I don’t even want or had .. OR I would of had more…SNIP HIS PRIVATES…DOING HIM A FINANCIAL FAVOR..

    • EqualityEd

      So what’s next you are going to ban sperm banks for producing so many dead beat dads?

    • Michele From Ohio

      Not to mention the financial favor snipping him will do for the rest of us.

      I personally believe women of childbearing age who receive welfare benefits should be required to be on birth control. Depo Provara injections, to be precise, That way there are no oopsies. And if there is an oopsie, you either have to abort or give up your welfare benefits. Sorry to sound like Hitler, but this chit of people having kids they can’t afford to raise properly has got to stop somewhere.

      • Christina Stair Kagarise

        Abortion really? You are saying a person should be murdered!! Yes, as soon as conception that baby is a human and that is murder…

        • Michele From Ohio


          I suppose you are one of those loons who thinks BC is ‘murder’ as well.

          • Christina Stair Kagarise

            No I do not.. But the name calling shows how uneducated you are :) .. Have a nice day!

      • Lisa Brown Long

        Just because you do not agree with how someone lives their life does not give YOU the right to dictate the reproductive rights of another human being nor does it give you the right to terminate another person’s pregnancy. When I was younger, I was in a terrible car collision that crushed my hip, broke my pelvis, tailbone, neck and ruptured my spleen. It took me 3 years to recuperate and in the interim, I had to go on assistance. My spouse was killed in that collision and three months later, I found out I was pregnant. If anyone had tried to force me to have the pregnancy terminated just because I was on assistance, it would not have been a pretty picture. How would you like it if someone DECIDED that something you were doing wasn’t up to THEIR standards so they were going to waltz into your life and make personal decisions for you. I guarantee you wouldn’t allow it. You are a real piece of work and I feel sorry for you.

        • Michele From Ohio

          You know what? I was raised by a single Mother. I know what I am talking about. And my Mom was a good Mom. But I truly believe my life would have been easier if I had been raised in a drama free environment.

          • WiserWords2

            Two parent households are drama free?

          • Michele From Ohio

            I’m referring to the ongoing drama of never having enough money for basic items other people take for granted. Like socks and underwear and running out of food before payday.

        • Michele From Ohio

          And by the way, your story is a sad one, but why are you entitled to have a kid when you can’t work to support it?

          • Christina Stair Kagarise

            That statement right there is disgusting.. Who are you to say things like that? I hope you do not have children because the world does not need more people like you! I will pray for you, you really need it..

          • Michele From Ohio

            I DON’T have kids, because I could never afford to raise and educate them properly.

            You are quite wrong, Christina, the world DOES need more people like me in it. What right does anyone have to bring a child into this life if the child has to live in poverty? By no fault of it’s own? Because it’s selfish mother wanted more welfare bennies or couldn’t be bothered to use birth control?

            You and your friends are the ones who are wrong, my dears.

    • Jimmy Hacksaws

      I would agree to this only if for every one of these people who are castrated, we do the same to a wealthy man.

      It does far more harm for a wealthy man to procreate and leave his enormous wealth to an heir, who will do nothing but accumulate capital, than it does for this poor man to father a dozen children. The cost to society is much higher for the former. But I sympathize with the principal behind protecting the collective financial well-being of our society, thus my proposal.

      I’ll trade you a pair of Detroit ghetto nuts for a pair of Ivy League Halliburton nuts. Deal?

  • Sis Delish

    Now that I’ve had additional time to think, this boy has a place in the NBA…

    • Chuck Northcutt

      Uhmmmmm, first you need talent, which I doubt he has.

      • Michele From Ohio

        He’s obviously talented at making babies. Too bad for him there are no awards for that.

    • koopapoopas

      You’ve convinced me to vote Democratic this year.

      Keep up the trolling.

      • Sis Delish

        Stupid is as stupid does.

        I’ll give you this much, you didn’t use “Bush” in your posting… 2 Pts. for you.

  • John Davidson

    Maybe the judge should order that all the children be placed with him and have the mothers pay the support. (Just as he has paid it.) I bet he quits having any more kids.

    • Michele From Ohio

      I like the way you think. :D

  • GreatRedeemer

    How will that be enforced ? Your Honor the rubber broke, guess the pill didn’t work they say its not 100%, it’s not mine.

    • stop ur whining part deux

      if he has another he goes to jail. Easy to enforce.

      • GreatRedeemer

        Ok, but the order does not say he cant’ have “whoopee” and abstinence is the only 100% sure method.

        Don’t get me wrong, if you have kids you should
        support them but nor does the court need to be minding what people do in the bedroom

        • stop ur whining part deux

          It became the courts problem when he showed a complete unwillingness to care for his children. It seems the only way to get the message thru to this scum bag is to strip away the only thing he does well.

        • stillsleepyeyes

          the court order said he can’t have another child…………..he could just get snipped and not have to worry about it……….it’s not like he doesn’t have enough children now!!!!

        • Chuck Northcutt

          Maybe he should read between the lines of the court order, and just wear a condom. It’s really not that difficult.

          • Zimba Zumba

            Or keep your panties up and legs together.

  • stop ur whining part deux

    This is a step in the right direction. However lets actually make a difference. Anyone on welfare who reproduces twice while on my dime has two choices.

    1) you are sterilized
    2) you are no longer eligible for welfare.

    One or the other.

    • Bob

      I think the way you think.

      To bad it will never happen.

      • stop ur whining part deux

        that is just one part of my “fixing of welfare”

    • FoodForThought63

      couldn’t of said it better myself

    • Chuck Northcutt

      So, when can we get you to run for office?!?!

      • stop ur whining part deux

        hahaha. i am too brutally honest for that game. I offend other too easily.

    • EqualityEd

      How about we let people live their lives and accept not everyone will do what we want? Control freaks like you ruin democracies.

      • stop ur whining part deux

        No sir. All i insist is that people take responsibility for their actions. I couldn’t care less what you, or anyone for that matter does until I AM FORCED TO PAY FOR IT.

        It is my money that is being taken to support this garbage’s offspring. Is it wrong to want to submit your input and opinion on how your money is spent? You prefer to just cut a check and ask no questions?

        I am sorry sir but i advocate to live your life to the fullest, do what ever you like. But in the boundary of the law. Once my tax dollars start funding your way of life I have a say and i will certainly voice it.

      • Pat Barclay

        That’s fine, as long as we allow those people (and their children) to starve and be homeless if left to their own devices. Society is not responsible for raising your children, you are. If you are not responsible enough to only bring into the world children that you can afford to care for, then you shouldn’t be having any children. If some people want to help these “unfortunate” people through their own “charity”, fine. But don’t involuntarily take any money from me that I worked hard for to support MY family to support your family. I should be able to choose who (if anyone) I wish to be charitable to.

    • Michele From Ohio

      Depo Provara shots could eliminate the need to sterilize anyone. I also believe that ALL women of childbearing age who receive aid should be on birth control. Any pregnancies that may occur should either be aborted, or the woman loses her benefit if she chooses to carry the pregnancy to term. There needs to be an end put to woman on welfare having child after child just to keep the gravy train going.

  • footballer

    hey bob you and whining think alike….dumb and dumber

    • Bob

      Says a dumb jock. LOL

      Or is it you want people to think you are cool so you use the Footballer name. Meanwhile you probably know nothing about the game itself.

      Or your anger could come from all the steroids you used.

      • SniperFire

        I heard steroids really shrink the weenie, causing self-esteem issues.

    • stop ur whining part deux

      Please enlighten me on your solution to this ever growing problem this nation faces. How would you stop a piece of human garbage from getting women pregnant and not taking care of his children?

      I can not wait to read your thoughts on the topic.

      • ThatsMYstapler

        It seems a little harsh, but…if females are desperate enough to allow themselves to get pregnant by someone like this male, (after this decision) the pregnancy should be terminated. Yes, I know birth control fails, accidents happen, etc. But unless it’s a case of rape, we, as females, are responsible for our own birth control. We are responsible for allowing ourselves to get pregnant.

        • stop ur whining part deux

          and if that right is abused it should be taken away.

          Notice I said two births on welfare. I even give women the benefit of the doubt with the first one.

          I also allow a choice. Women should always have a choice, even when i am paying for it.

          • EqualityEd

            You seem awful anxious to take away peoples fundamental rights. I could be accusing you of abusing the right to strip people of rights and from there you can see how subjective that line of reasoning becomes when it’s turned against you. The choice of two people to reproduce is a right but while something like driving is a privilege. We’ve managed just fine without cutting off peoples reproductive rights and I see no reason to start now just because someone some where isn’t doing what they supposed to. That’s nothing new and we can see the same sort of exploitation in things like farm subsidies or tax breaks going to companies like Walmart for opening a supercenter.

          • stop ur whining part deux

            Yes, but he is a criminal. We often strip the rights of criminals. When you are a convicted felon you lose your right to vote, you also forfeit your second amendment rights as well.

            Remember there is a difference between accusations and being found guilty. I am all for being afforded the rights of a fair trial and you are innocent until proven guilty. But once found guilty you have you have to pay the piper. Do not do the crime if you cant do the time. Don’t have kids that you can not possibly support.

            This guy is a criminal and is being treated as such.

          • EqualityEd

            Simply calling someone a criminal should not grant the state unlimited power over them. That would be tantamount to a slave code.

          • stop ur whining part deux

            When you are found guilty you are held accountable. If the sentence means that you lose some rights previously afforded to you, so be it. It was the individual that made the choice to break the law.

            Furthermore in this case the government does not have unlimited control. He is a free man, can come and go as he pleases. He is merely barred from having any more children because he abused that right and is a criminal. If he pays the debt owed to his children he is free to reproduce again.

            I am sorry you do not believe that people should be held accountable for their actions. …..and you said I am want ruins democracy. Wow.

          • Michele From Ohio

            I consider myself to be a leftie, but if someone is living on the largess of the government, they have no business bringing any more children into the world. Do kids that are raised in poverty have good lives? Are they well educated? Do they grow up to be productive members of society? The answer is usually a big fat NO.

        • Michele From Ohio

          Yup. I put the responsibility of preventing pregnancies and birth control directly on women. A box of Trojans are cheaper and less hassle than 18 years of child raising.

      • EqualityEd

        You don’t have to seek absolute control over everyone because some people will make bad choices. If some guy wants to knock up women and be a deadbeat then women should be smart enough to not have children by them. Some people choose to drop out of school but we don’t sentence them to a GED program when that happens. Forcing people to make all the choices we’d like them to make isn’t what freedom is about.

        • stop ur whining part deux

          That is all fine and dandy except I am paying for his kids. Me, you, everyone on this thread. We are all paying for his kids. When you fail to pay child support you are a criminal. We routinely strip the rights of criminals often.
          This is no different.

          • EqualityEd

            I see people get all worked up about chump change going to help the poor while we squander trillions on other crap. The money we spend on poor families is pretty insignificant and I think most of the anger here is people wanting to force others to live a certain way. We pay for nearly everyone’s kids one way or another but that doesn’t mean we should assert absolute control over these kids lives. Public schooling cost upwards of $20,000 a year per child while welfare for that child is a mere few thousand dollars a year. If all goes wrong and they end up incarcerated we’ll end up paying 30-40 thousand a year.

            Welfare isn’t making us broke and if anything having less desperate poor people ends of saving us money down the road.

            “When you fail to pay child support you are a criminal. We routinely strip the rights of criminals often.”

            Do you want your right to free speech stripped for failing to pay a parking ticket? That’s how stupid unthinking applications of these standards can become. Our rights should be protected and defended against creeping state power. As it stands we already have Child protective services co-parenting children through strict regulation. Parents can end up in court if their kids don’t attend school in some cities. Now you want the state telling us who can and can’t have children? The authoritarians need to learn some respect for personal freedom.

          • stop ur whining part deux

            First off terrible correlation with first amendment and parking tickets. It is nothing short of repugnant. The punishment must fit the crime and I would call stripping a mans rights to father another child as a fitting seeing as he is not supporting the ones he has that put him in violation of the law.

            Secondly we are paying almost $800 Billion per year on welfare. Sorry but that is alot of money to me and I am sickened that people do nothing while collecting it. Free money, free food and a free education and you can not get your act together. It is embarrassing. At least with public schooling my tax dollars are helping children get ahead. Welfare is money down the drain. Also with public schooling I get a say in how much money. I can vote for or against levies. I can not vote against welfare.

            Again sir, i only ask that you handle your own business. But once you fail to live up to your obligations and are on my dime you are going to have to pay.

            Here are a few more welfare laws.

            1) must pass a drug test
            2) at least one member of the family must work 5 hours per day at their local municipality
            3) your EBT card is good for bread, milk & cheese, nothing more.
            4) after 3 years on welfare you are cut off for 6 months and can reapply after that. After 6 years you are are cut off for a year. After 9 years, cut off for life.

            Time to start making people work for my money. I care about how my money is spent, sorry that you do not.

          • golfingirl

            “Chump Change”???????

            Only about $4T over the past 5 years, and rising everyday.

            More than Education, and Transportation combined!

            I would like your definition of “real” money, if you consider this chump change.

            This country is broke! $17.5T in debt!

            What part of that don’t you understand?

            As taxpayers, we are fed up with this garbage!

          • Pat Barclay

            #1, I don’t know where you figure public schooling costs $20K per student…where I live, it’s probably less than 1/5th of that.
            #2, as a property owner and taxpayer, I get to vote on school levies that determine whether my property taxes are increased (or decreased) to provide funds for schools.
            #3, I see the benefit to society to educating young people to produce intelligent, well-rounded, responsible young adults who will wind up being tax-paying workers that will produce useful goods and services for the rest of our society. I do not see the benefit in paying for another generation of people who feel that society “owes” them housing, food, health care and other living expenses while they contribute nothing of value back to society, who will teach their children that they too can live for free off the “system”.

          • Michele From Ohio

            I agree with a lot of what you are saying, the military budget needs some serious de-funding as well. We have enough bombs, already.

            However, I still stand by my statement that if you are on assistance, you have no right to bring more children into the world. And the one of the terms of being on assistance should be manditory birth control for every woman of childbearing age.

        • Pat Barclay

          If one of the reasons you need to be on public assistance is because you can’t get a job because you dropped out of school, I’m all for making getting a GED a condition of you receiving public assistance.

    • Simon Jester

      Shush, adults are talking.

  • SniperFire

    Any demographic which birfs 85% of their children out of wedlock and then has their fathers immorally dump the single moms into the welfare system to be raised by the government will never be successful or equal to those who know the family unit is the key social and economic unit of mankind.

    • Stan K

      congratulations! you just described the white trash of Elyria! in which single white moms on welfare out number minorities 5-1

      • SniperFire

        And that said demographic never takes responsibility for their immoral behavior means nothing will change.

        • Stan K

          I agree,the poor white trash of elyria are making the rest of us who are hard working tax payers look like a bunch of irresponsible ,immoral jackazzes.

  • Chuck Northcutt

    GOOD!! People like this are a complete blight and drain on our society!

  • parker

    Please!!!!!! There’s bitches out here having 8 to 10 kids JUST to be on the system!!!! Why don’t someone say something to them????…and I know this man personally and know all his kids and will hand them money anytime they ask!!! I guess its his fault for not saying no to them and putting that money through the system first!!! But better believe there is way more out their to talk about!!

    • jj

      Guess he should have asked for reciepts.

  • ekwaykway

    This is what has been driving the system for decades, and will drive the system for decades to come. Nothing will stop this, not even some silly court order that is a joke to begin with. All social ills cannot be legislated away.

  • It has to stop

    So is the attorney court appointed and if so why are we paying for it. If not court appointed and if the lawyer is not doing this pro bono then why is this douche bag paying a lawyer instead of that money going to his kids.

  • Simon Jester

    Cut his junk off. I’m tired of high taxes to pay to feed welfare rats.

    Or, better yet, all welfare rats get the same garbage food they feed the military, but with added birth control.

    It makes sense, as anyone on public assistance has no business having more kids, and they shouldn’t eat any better than their betters ( The stuff they feed the military is straight up nasty, in many cases)

    • Simon Jester

      Hell, some bleeding heart judge would probably rule against birth control in welfare food, so simply do away with WIC. If you don’t want to work or can’t, here’s all the MREs you can eat. Perfectly good calories that sustain a warfighter. If you don’t like that, starve.


  • Stacy Blue

    I know a lot of other “baby daddy’s” that they need to go after then just Asim.I no that judge knows my kids dad very well but keeps slapping him on the hand every round and he’s on what’s good for one man is good for the other…if they aren’t going to be fair about it to all these men out here not supporting there children let it go…and who says support is all about money? Its about being there when your child needs you..hugging them kissing there boo boos ect. So support isn’t just the money…

    • Mark B

      Then they don’t need a welfare check , just a box of bandaids

  • bdid.d

    If you are going to come to his rescue… please learn how to spell and properly use your word forms…. jeeez ladies!

  • Carol S Bannon

    Perfect case to use the male birth control shot…one shot and he won’t be able to make babies. When the order is lifted and he has his priorities on straight, the court can give him the shot to reverse the first one.

    • ZimbaZumba

      Agreed we could have the same for women who breed too much and neglect their children. Eugenics has gained a bad name, perhaps it is due for a come back.

      • Michele From Ohio
        • Wes

          Yes, but that’s only for women. HE’S the one restricted. Truly a shame there is no shot for men. Short of a vas. there’s no such solution for men.

      • WiserWords2

        “Eugenics has gained a bad name, perhaps it is due for a come back.” Anyone who makes ignorant statements like yours deserves to be wiped out of the gene pool. Be careful what you ask for.

        • ZimbaZumba

          Guessing irony is not one of your strong points.

  • ekwaykway

    What is the difference between a dead beat dad and a park bench? A park bench can support a family of four.

  • ZimbaZumba

    Woah, and this is the USA? Good grief. The violations of the most basic of Human Rights here are insane.

    Change the genders here and it would International news. Could you imagine if negligent, child abusing or drug abusing women were banned from reproducing? Where the hell is Lorrain County, Afghanistan or something?

    • golfingirl

      Lorain County is in Ohio.

      And it is spelled “Lorain,”….not Lorrain.

      Where are you from?

    • Michele From Ohio

      “Could you imagine if negligent, child abusing or drug abusing women were banned from reproducing?”

      Sounds like a real good start to me…

    • golfingirl

      No, in Afghanistan, if a woman had multiple children by different fathers, they would be stoned to death.

      In Lorain, they get paid more by the taxpayers.

      Maybe it is time we become a little more like Afghanistan. Don’t kill them, but don’t pay them for their irresponsible choices either.

  • golfingirl

    If you bring a child into the world, you assume the responsibility of raising and paying for that child.

    If you want to continue to be irresponsible, at others’ expense, then they have every right to assume the responsibility for you and take whatever corrective action is necessary to stop your costly behaviors.

    If you can’t pay, you don’t “play.” This type of behavior is criminal, since it is stealing a childhood, and sentencing these kids to a lifetime of poverty and public support.

    Also, these mother’s are idiots for letting this guy between their legs. Letting these “thugs in their rugs” is pure stupidity.

    Too bad this guy wasn’t gay, then he wouldn’t be out there procreating and spreading his DNA to another generation.

    If he doesn’t want children, get the cord cut, and he can screw his eyes out with any woman dumb enough to let him in.

    • Michele From Ohio


    • Wes

      This is, unfortunately where the welfare rubber meets the road. It starts by saying “what about the children” and we give welfare. In the end, if you give help to someone, you must either trust them to respect your charity, or you must control their actions so they don’t abuse your charity.

      Here we have the tax payers on the hook for his choice to make children and not have the where-with-all to pay to support them. In past times, this was what shotgun weddings were all about.

      I know the problem here is the guy… but as for the women on welfare…. make them show proof every quarter they have received a depropavara shot as a condition of welfare. Welfare is not listed in the bill of rights, so you do as we say or you don’t get it. Kinda like signing a lease for low income housing and agreeing to give up your rights to warrantless searches. (Back in the 1990′s for low income housing in Chicago???). It truly is a shame that welfare doesn’t come with more stringent purse strings. At least back in the day when the church helped families, they held the family to a moral standard.

  • Jeanne Berry

    It isn’t one’s right to reproduce, it is a privilege. If you want the right to reproduce, then you must also agree to meet all responsibilities and obligations associated with being granted that right. I think the ruling is fair. Reproduction is not just about sticking it in and making a baby. It is about raising a child until it becomes an adult.

  • UnionThug

    I hope that the Chronicle Telegram oversees their site. If they do, why would you allow this Golfinggirl to post such rude comments. I will talk with my boss at work today and have him look at this ladys comments. Im sure he will agree with me and we can look at pulling his sponsorships from this newspaper. No reason for the way she puts down people on here. Might be a good idea to ban her, dont you think CT?

    • Sis Delish

      Pretty Thuggish of you…

      • golfingirl

        So much for the First Amendment.

        I guess it only applies when others agree with you.

        Have to love when all these new names “pop up” on here, with their first post just to criticize another’s post.

        Could they be the same person?……A little obvious, don’t you think?

    • golfingirl

      Are you Asim Taylor?

      The man in the story?

      Excuse me for telling it like it is.

      Taylor “showed no remorse and had the ability to work and make the payments to support the children he already has.”

      He is both lazy and uncaring, instead leaving it up to the taxpayers to support his “habit.”

      And it is spelled “Golfingirl,” not “Golfinggirl.” Just want to get it correct, so when you report me to the CT and your boss threatens to pull his sponsorship.

      Good luck with that one.

      • Starryeyes63

        His Screen name says it all.

    • Joe Smith

      What do you have against free speech?

      • SniperFire

        The neo-Stalinists – today’s Left in America – have no interest in free speech.

    • Starryeyes63

      The screen names says it all……………………

    • golfingirl

      Did you have an opportunity to speak to your “boss” yet?

    • golfingirl

      Still here.

      So, did your boss agree to pull his sponsorship from the CT yet?

      I sure they will miss all the revenue from his weekly Garage Sale ads.

    • golfingirl

      Three days and counting….still here.

  • Sis Delish

    I kinda get what you are saying… A Woman is a “Depository”. When a Man makes his Deposit, he expects “Interest” on his Deposit. When the Depository withholds Interest, the Depositor should withdraw all Deposits until such Interest is Earned…

    Now I get it!

  • Allison

    I agree with you 100%, there is no room for such talk. Wake Up CTelegram!!!

    • golfingirl

      And are you the mother of any of the children?

    • Michele From Ohio

      Can’t handle the truth, eh?

  • Katina Cooper

    Why hasn’t every republican and every church come to this man’s defense? This is the court interfering with his reproductive rights. If it was a woman that court said could not produce any more children, those same republicans and the same churches would be marching down the streets.

    • golfingirl

      Because it is about abstinence.

      Controlling your behaviors.

      Republicans and churches are about personal responsibility, which this mans shows he cannot practice.

      It is a stretch to link this to reproductive rights.

      • Katina Cooper

        Birth control pills are also a personal responsibility, but you won’t hear of one republican or any church saying that a woman has a right to use them.

        • Joe Smith

          I have never heard of a Republican say you don’t have the right to use birth control pills it just that they don’t want to have to pay for them for you.
          If you can afford the pill then you can’t afford a baby so keep your legs shut and the man should keep it in his pants until you can afford it.

          • golfingirl


            Plus BCP’s are available for free under Medicaid.

            Makes me believe many women want these children to collect more public assistance.

            This cycle has to stop.

            If one was really compassionate, they would work on a solution, even if it may sound harsh, rather than let it continue from generation to generation.

            Continuing down this road serves nobody, the payers, or the recipients.

          • Michele From Ohio

            ‘If you can afford the pill then you can’t afford a baby so keep your legs shut and the man should keep it in his pants until you can afford it.’

            Good luck with that :/ This is the standard Xtian argument, and it’s just not feasible. Wake up.

          • Joe Smith

            You are right, it is much more feasible to take money from taxpayers because someone can’t control themselves. Personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

            If someone has a baby and can’t afford to support them then they should be sterilized in a way that can be reversed and if they want a second child, they pay for the reversal when they can afford it and have the second baby.

        • SniperFire

          Pretty ignorant comment, Katina. You must be a liberal.

          • Phil Fugate

            Say the man with franchise of ignorant.

        • Starryeyes63

          They have the right, I just don’t want to pay for it. Ie Sandra Fluke….

          • Michele From Ohio

            Taxes paying for a birth control program is a lot cheaper than taxes paying for a bunch of kids being born into a life of poverty. And if statistics are correct, paying for the children of those children, either through incarceration or continuing the cycle of more children being born to women on welfare.

          • Starryeyes63

            But in the Catholic Church Birth control is a sin should they be forced to provide it ie Catholic Hospitals, schools & Colleges???? BC pills $9.00 a month if ya can’t afford that how can you afford a kid???

          • Michele From Ohio

            I’m not being trying to be funny, but $9.00 is a decent sum of money when you are broke. That’s eight items off the dollar menu, or a bag of beans, rice and an onion if you know how to cook.

          • Starryeyes63

            There are also plenty of FREE clinics…………. NEXT. You dang sure should not be eating fast food then. And a baby costs how much a month. PRIORITIES.

    • Pat Barclay

      Maybe we should incarcerate him instead for “child endangerment”. Because fathering children with no intention of financially supporting them (essentially abandoning them, or not feeding and clothing them), amounts to child endangerment. He could secure his freedom by working on some sort of work release program where his entire paycheck goes toward his child support payments. He can sleep in his cell every night, and eat prison food, so he won’t have any real expenses to speak of.
      I also support women agreeing to be placed on birth control as a condition of receiving public assistance.

  • Ron

    unconstitutional to the max.

  • golfingirl

    Whenever a child is conceived, it necessarily involves a mother AND a father. Both are equally culpable.

    There is no moral logic in taxpayers footing the bill to sustain the children of deadbeat parents who choose to walk away, which is obviously the case here.

    It affects every citizen in this country, as these children are “abandoned” to the taxpayers, who are then forced to play the role of both father and provider.

    So how do we make the real father do it? The current system rewards dependency and punishes initiative. The dramatic increase in the number of welfare recipients and the length of their dependency on welfare has confirmed this.

    Liberals and conservatives may differ in their solutions, but both have to agree it is a huge problem.

    Liberals argue for more dependency programs and for additional job training.

    Conservatives argue that the intrinsic properties of the welfare system, mainly the destruction of the family unit, which fosters more dependency, is due to large-scale governmental intervention, and has only made the problem worse. So why further increase government involvement?

    This case is an example of the later, where there is no family unit, and no need to work to pay for child support, as the government will simply take care of his kids for him.

    We keep paying, he keeps impregnating women, without consequence. He will never pay, his history has proven this to be the case, so what is to stop him?

    May as well just lock him away now, before he continues this irresponsible behavior. At least he will suffer, like his “children” will, without his financial support.

    Let him rot in prison until his youngest turns 18 years old and is considered an adult. I bet he would then rather be at their birthday parties, instead of sharing a cell with another man.

    Don’t even give him the choice. Put him away.

    • Michele From Ohio

      You think this guy will ever be bothered to show up for his kid’s B-Days? You give him a LOT more credit than I do

  • krscmbs

    I am guessing the judge is going to be holding his pee pee to make sure he doesn’t have more kids.. how maqny people on welfare both men and women that have a peckle of kids with no plan to ever work?maytbe we need serilization, starting with the bushes, clintons and obamas

    • Phil Fugate

      Yes, Mrs. Himmler.

  • kai

    I understand the point they’re trying to make but I’m pretty sure this is illegal

    • ekwaykway

      So is not paying child support. Lousy dead beat dads make me sick. Oh, what was I thinking, ya gotta have a job first.

  • SniperFire

    Scary thing is there is probably some crack momma out there who will give him child #5 just so she can get a bump in here EBT payment and food stamps.

    • Phil Fugate

      Liberals destroying society by not letting the “man” to continue to reproduce and complaining about SNAP.

      Sounds like you can’t get the fence post out of your a$$!

      • golfingirl

        Sounds more like Amis can’t keep his “fence post” out of a different body orifice.

  • Scout

    I’m sorry folks but golfingirl has hit the mark with her comments. Everyone should wake up and realize that we all have to take responsibility for ourselves. No one is saying he can’t engage in sexual relations, they are just saying he can’t father any more children until he has paid. Now, after he pays up how do I get my money back? Or should I go to the ‘baby-mamas’ and make them pay up. Personally, I’m tired of pay for irresponsibility.

  • Wes

    Never mind his attorney’s argument, how is this enforceable?

  • Gary Peeples

    He will have more children and the taxpayers will take care of them. System is much more entrenched than the ruling of one judge.