November 22, 2014


Elyria water plant dealt with more than twice normal storm capacity

Elyria city crews worked Tuesday to reopen Gulf Road after floodwaters damaged it. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Elyria city crews worked Tuesday to reopen Gulf Road after floodwaters damaged it. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — The storm dumped so much water in Elyria the city’s wastewater treatment plant was tested to its limits, Safety Service Director Mary Siwierka said.

“It was a tough night. Some 100 million gallons of water went through in one day,” she said.

The Gulf Road plant typically pumps 30 million gallons of water a day — up to 45 million gallons when it rains. However, Monday was not a typical storm.

“It was just more than what we expected,” Siwierka said.

What water that did not go into the plant ended up flooding city streets, neighborhoods and getting pushed back into homes. About 100 calls came into the city for water in the basement.

It left people including Rachel Myers of Pasadena Avenue wondering what the city is doing to keep stormwater runoff and sewage out of their homes.

“I realize everyone flooded because of the storm, but I have poop in the basement,” Myers said. “The city is well aware this is a problem area that they have known about for years.”

Myers said before her sump pump was full, the water from the basement drain was coming out with enough force to knock tile off her wall. When the sun came up, she ended up with what she believes is dried feces on her basement floor.

To get an answer, the Elyria woman said she plans to attend the next City Council meeting and plans to go door-to-door to rally her neighbors.

“I saw all my neighbors siphoning water out of their homes, so I know I’m not the only one,” she said.

  • bROWNS77

    They won’t do a thing. Too busy worried about inspecting
    rental properties to inspect there outdated sewer system.

    Happened to me and I was told to put a check valve in!
    Scrubbed basement for 2 days with bleach and threw out
    all my stuff as did the neighbors.
    I just put some kind of special insurance for it on my policy,
    can’t think of the name off hand but flood insurance will
    cover sewer back up.

    Good luck.

    • Mark B

      I agree, everything the city does now is done half @ssed and they want to take on more , Elyria get your stuff together , do what your supposed to do , and then do it RIGHT, before taking on more . You don’t mow the city lawns right , you never trim , never pick up papers and trash , just mow over it . You don’t fix pot hole right , just toss in hot or cold mix and tap it down with a shovel . With all of the city trucks we see riding around all day long every day , this City should be in 100% perfect shape, but the problem is none of those riding around all day are doing anything. How many other city services are they doing haphazardly that we just don’t see or know about.

    • B4CE

      Seriously, the storm was a historic . 4/12″ of rain! 100 million gallons of water. The entire North East Ohio flooded. It sucks, but realistically what can any City do to combat that much water?

      • Pablo Jones

        Put a giant umbrella over the city.

      • Mark B

        Be proactive , make sure all the storm drains are cleaned and trouble spots maintained

      • bROWNS77

        They shouldn’t close down valves that shoot crap and urine up into
        your basement! I had water shoot up 5ft at first then just
        continue to keep coming in. This was 2yrs ago. They can’t just do that to people.
        They told me that they had no choice.
        So instead of diverting it elsewhere, they pump it into our basements

  • Sis Delish

    Can anyone give me an Update on the Mayor’s Biggest Challenge?

    Elyria mayor seeks donations to bring back Fourth of July fireworks
    March 18, 2014 C-T

    ELYRIA — Mayor Holly Brinda is aiming to return a Fourth of July fireworks show to the city.
    However, city finances won’t allow tax dollars to be spent on the festivities. So the mayor, who has raised enough funds to bring free summer camps to the city for three consecutive summers as well as increase the holiday light show at Finley Estate, is aiming to pull off her biggest challenge yet.

  • Bruce Tennant

    I’ve had flooding before, I understand the frustration. I’m also sure that the city can do some things better….any organization has room for improvement. But come on….all of North East Ohio was flooding. If we are willing to pay for the infrastructure that would have to be put into place to handle 100 million gallons of water, then great let’s go for it. Otherwise, let’s fix and maintain what we have to the best and understand that we are going to have unusual occurrences.

  • SpaceTech

    Don’t forget, the EPA has a hand in this also now that storm runoff is no longer allowed to run into Lake Erie without treatment first. With all that water going to the same place the existing sewer infrastructure just can’t handle it. Cleveland is digging a bunch of underground interceptor tunnels to hold all this influx of storm water and in the end it will cost billions of dollars.

  • stop ur whining part deux

    Can not be mad at the City. The treatment plant had to deal with over twice the normal capacity. That was anything but your typical storm. I am surprised there were not more issues.

    • Sis Delish

      Fine, the next time citizens are Overwhelmed by Levies and Taxation, I’m certain The City will understand if the proper amounts are not submitted.

      • stop ur whining part deux

        One has nothing to do with the other. You are angry because man made structures could not handle mother nature. Certainly is not the first time that has happened and it wont be the last.