November 24, 2014


VIDEO: Elyria High students have fun with ‘Happy’

It’s missing Pharrell Williams and his signature Grammy night hat, but the students of Elyria High School pulled off some seriously happy dance moves recently when they took the Grammy-nominated song “Happy” and made a fun video.

It was the work of several EHS teachers, led by Kay Kern, and assisted by Jackie Below and Nancy Kerchmar. Business teacher Jim Kistler let his video editing class shoot and edit the footage.

The end result was just a fun video that is best summed up in one phrase – work hard and play hard.

Check it out and let us if you see anyone familiar.

Video courtesy of Elyria High School

Happy2_MP4 480p (16×9).mp4

  • Phil Blank

    Here is the real problem.
    Every time there is a hit song, Let It Be, Happy, etc.
    They play it to the point that everyone is sick of hearing it.
    Watch GMA in thr mornimgs and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Phil Blank

    All of Lorain County is under a tornado WATCH and you’re printing stories like this?

    • elyrian64

      Aren’t you one happy guy…..can’t you be a little positive. So much negativity.

  • Chris Sito

    Awesome video! Keep up the great work!

  • Myview

    Something Positive… AWESOME!!!! Great job Students and Elyria High Staff. To the Staff, thanks for making my sons High School experience positive and successful. As for Mrs. Starr in the video, very cool. Best of luck on Friday, Mrs. Starr. YOU WILL BE GETTING MY VOTE.

  • jimbo

    That is so Cool! Great job kids. Hey Phil go into your basement.

  • Scout

    Wonderful…. everyone should dance like no one is watching. Boo to the bloggers who don’t have anything positive to say regarding this article/video. Keep it up kids-have fun, enjoy life because this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

  • Annie Tinskey-Rivera

    This made my morning!!!

  • elyrian64

    Great video and awesome team building activity for staff and students. Great to see something fun and positive posted about EHS. Il loved watching the video.