November 25, 2014


Judge seals former Lorain police officer’s records

 Emilio Morales

Emilio Morales

ELYRIA — A county judge on Wednesday agreed to seal the criminal conviction of former Lorain police Officer Emilio Morales.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Miraldi granted the expungement request over the objections of prosecutors.

Morales, 52, agreed never to work in law enforcement again as part of a 2011 plea deal that saw him enter guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges of tampering with records. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped more serious felony charges.

Morales, who was fired in December 2008, had been accused of working two off-duty security jobs simultaneously in October and November 2008. He accepted pay from both Faith House Academy and the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Although Morales pleaded guilty in the case, his attorney, Mike Duff, had argued that it was a common practice for Lorain police officers to work multiple security jobs at the same time. He argued Morales was targeted because of “personal animosity,” something prosecutors denied.

In addition to the ban on working in law enforcement, Morales also was fined $500 and sentenced to one year of good behavior.

Duff said Wednesday that Morales isn’t working in law enforcement and has no intention of doing so. He declined to say where Morales now works.

“It allows him to move up in his profession,” Duff said. “He’s employed. He’s doing well.”

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  • GreatRedeemer


  • John Davidson

    I have tried a few times but I can find no way to work two jobs at one time for different employers. If this is common in the Lorain Police Dept. they must have found a way to clone themselves. Mike Duff I call B S

  • Phil Blank

    I did have and work 3 different jobs once, but the hours were all different.

  • golfingirl

    He was fired for stealing…….something is was arresting others for.

  • lilbud

    It makes no difference whether it was expunged or not. It’s still on google, and it stays there FOREVER!!

  • givemeabreak1234

    Okay here we go ….. some officers work off duty jobs and sometimes these jobs overlap, now follow …some officers like him would come early to the first job and stay late at the second job. Why? Fulfilling the job requirements. Not all would do it this way they would just leave and get paid. Lets all ask why was this was prosecuted when these officers worked many side jobs and where called away from their side jobs to cover on duty officer on scene when the city was short of officers, so they where all working two jobs at the same time at some point and this was a policy at LPD. Now moving forward, Officer Jackson was working for LPD and sitting on his couch at the same time. How? His schedule was five day week and he worked Mon through Wednesday then on his own would take Thursday and Friday off, not fulfilling his forty hours. Lying about working on Thursday and Friday and getting paid. Did he lose his job or get prosecuted? No, not even after Super warned him several time about it. Next, the same officer that scheduled the LMHA jobs was working at LPD while working on LMHA jobs using the computer system and there phone system again earning money from LPD and LMHA at the same time. Not prosecuted or fired. Moving forward the officer that worked for the Port Authority was working for the LPD scheduled hours and the Port Authority at the same time. He also used the LPD computer system to run license plates, so illegal. Not fired or prosecuted. How about the officer that said his gun was lost in a house fire but was found in a felony stop in Lorain some time later? Not prosecuted or fired. So how about the chronicle run down to the prosecutors office and find out WHY all these people have jobs and haven’t been prosecuted.

    Next, this man gave up his Ohio certification no-one ever said anything about never being a police officer again, (not that he would want to be; how could he trust them?) that is the biggest lie. Work a little harder to get your story straight. Also the judge said that losing his job was extreme in this circumstance and maybe you should have quoted the judge. Anyone with any inside knowledge about this knows it was wrong and should have been handled in house like all the rest just mentioned. For all you that turned your back on this man someday Karma will knock, and I’m sure you can all su@k his B@lls. Its times like these, that you see people for who they are. I’m sure he knows who his real friends are and whom he can trust.

    • golfingirl

      Didn’t he also throw weapons he confiscated down a sewer in Lorain, instead of turning them in as evidence?

      What if one of those weapons was traced to a crime? May have caught another “bad guy” if he logged them as he was required to do.

      There is a pattern here of poor police work.

      This alone should have been sufficient grounds for dismissal.

      Just because others are abusing the system, is no excuse for him to do so as well.

      • givemeabreak1234

        yep… here’s the difference fool they were given to him not as evidence of anything NOT on duty a So called friend said could you take these from my house I am afraid that my sisters boyfriend is going to shoot her. She was told that they don’t even work There was No firing pin ( in case you don’t understand guns you need that to shot the bullet) but she was afraid and as a friend he took them. Not as a cop. Lesson learned trust no one. This is another story the chronicle could learn from, they should have spoken to the safety director who laughed when he seen the shape of it.
        Again your right about others BUT no one man should pay while others use the buddy system to get away with breaking laws. therefore mr. prosecutor lies the case for selective prosecution you should prepare for the lawsuit.
        Cilo stood in court and said show me the officers and I Will prosecute them. still waiting for his follow thru but it laughable. That’s why when they print the lawsuit I hope I’m on the jury.

        • golfingirl

          He put guns down a sewer.

          Did I mention he put guns down a sewer?

          Really? And I am the “Fool.”

          And yes, I do understand guns….I owe 27 of them and have been shooting my entire life.

          I shoot in two pistol leagues in the winter and I can tell you….a gun does not belong in a sewer, where others can find them. Regardless of where they came from.

          Of all people, a cop should know this!

          • givemeabreak1234

            I’m not gonna debate you. again there was no threat. She said she didn’t want them in her house because she was afraid for her sister, no one said anyone used them or threatened anyone so read it again . He was not in uniform was not on duty and was speaking to her as a friend she ask for a favor and that’s it. So done with you , what your turn

          • givemeabreak1234

            the taxpayers lost no money by the way. Are you one of the angry what a be’s

          • golfingirl

            He was being paid by the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority, when he wasn’t there.

            And no taxpayers lost any money? Really?

            Better rethink that one.

          • golfingirl

            Answer my question below.

            Did he steal taxpayer money from the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority?

            I’ll make it easy for you:


          • givemeabreak1234

            NO he was never paid for those jobs did he work them yes so really miss know it all go back under your rock. He always went the extra mile, maybe you should know him before you judge him by the paper standard. In the end God will be the judge I’ll leave you with that, try to have a good life. As for me I’m moving forward with more intelligent things.
            Good Luck Emilio, someday the people that set you up will welcome their Karma even though I’m sure you wish them no ill will, I will do it for you. Leave the cr@p and this small town to there own demise.

          • golfingirl

            So he worked for free? Never received any compensation?

            If that is true, I do hope he sues and wins.

            Have a nice evening.

          • golfingirl

            “I am afraid that my sisters boyfriend is going to shoot her.”

            Sounds threatening to me.

          • givemeabreak1234

            Did her sister fear him? Okay done

          • stillsleepyeyes

            Once you become a police officer………..your always on duty……………..

          • HankKwah

            Thank you!! Was working my way down this thread to say just that. GMAB seems to have some first-hand knowledge of this situation. His argument is horribly weak, as golfingirl has pointed out.

    • Razorback Twou

      Boo Hoo!

  • Joe Montelon

    Emilio, I am truly happy for you.I knew those charges were a vendetta of the Chief, because you filed that grievance and won. Ohh by the way, I enjoyed seeing you and talking to you at the wake we were at in January. I also spoke to the FEDS last week, and they said my investigation is still ongoing. Odd after 4 years the investigation in still open.

    • writenow

      If you believe there is an investigation open after four years of stalling – what is your position on the Easter Bunny.

      • Joe Montelon

        I totally believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy. On a more serious note, I haven’t got a clue, why it’s still open after so long. If nothing was there, it should have been closed, but on the other hand, maybe they found something.

        As for Emilio, I am truly happy for him. It’s too bad they didn’t seal Corey Earl’s record, Gerek’s, nor Stan’s.

  • golfngirl

    I own 45 guns and belong to 5 shooting clubs. Im the greatest . I know how to shoot so come and find me. When im not shooting i play with balls. Im the greatest.