June 28, 2016


County line to report flood damage overwhelmed by calls

ELYRIA — The phone line at the Lorain County Emergency Management Agency that county residents are being asked to call to report flood damage from this week’s heavy rains has been inundated.

County Administrator Jim Cordes said county workers are doing their best to keep up with the volume of calls, but the large number of people reporting damage has meant the line sometimes rings busy and the voice mail is often full.

“It’s overwhelmed the system,” Cordes said. “They’re just going to have to keep trying.”

The reports are necessary as officials try to put together an estimate of the damage caused by the flood so the county can potentially be designated a disaster area by the state and by eligible for relief funds.

Cordes said the county is looking more for reports of structural damage such as flooded hot water heaters, furnaces and other serious problems rather than reports of wet carpeting.

The number is (440) 329-5117.

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