November 26, 2014


Driver injured crashing into Elyria house

The driver of a Ford Fusion that crashed into a house at 764 Georgetown Ave. in Elyria about 4:20 p.m. Sunday had injuries that were non-life-threatening, said fire Capt. Dean Marks. EVAN GOODENOW/CHRONICLE

The driver of a Ford Fusion that crashed into a house at 764 Georgetown Ave. in Elyria about 4:20 p.m. Sunday had injuries that were non-life-threatening, said fire Capt. Dean Marks. EVAN GOODENOW/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — Gerald Tomasek stared dejectedly at the car that crashed into his house at 764 Georgetown Ave. about 4:20 p.m. Sunday.

Tomasek, who said he and his wife, Janice Tomasek, were unhurt, said they were watching television when they heard a loud bang outside their brick and wood, one-family home and found a Ford Focus sedan had crashed into it.

“He tore the whole corner of the house out,” Tomasek said. “It’s just a mess.”

Driver Jordan Silva, 18, sustained a non-life-threatening injury, said fire Capt. Dean Marks. Police Sgt. Ryan Warfield said Silva, address unavailable Sunday night, was treated and released from University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center.

A police report was unavailable Sunday night, but Warfield said witnesses said Silva was driving about 60 mph. The speed limit on Georgetown is 25 mph.

Warfield said the Focus was rented and Silva was driving without a license. Warfield said he was unsure what Silva had been charged with.

Two witnesses told The Chronicle-Telegram that Silva was speeding before crashing. Driver Mike Kowalski said he was on Livermore Lane when he saw the northbound Focus run a stop sign at Georgetown and Livermore. Kowalski said the Focus was followed by a Dodge Neon, whose driver also was speeding.

When Kowalski turned on to Georgetown, he said he saw the Focus hit a parked PT Cruiser. The Focus struck the rear driver’s side of the PT Cruiser, then caromed left through the front yard and into the northeast corner of the Tomaseks’ home.

Kowalski said after the Focus crashed, the Neon driver backed up and drove west on Fairwood Boulevard toward North Abbe Road. Kowalski said he helped Silva out of the car. He said Silva had a gash on his nose, which was bleeding, and was concerned about getting his phone, which was inside the Focus.

Kowalski said Silva said he swerved to miss a van before crashing into the PT Cruiser. Kowalski said he didn’t see the van.

Tomasek, who said he has homeowner’s insurance, said he moved into the 1,769-square-foot home in 1962. He said cars frequently speed through the neighborhood and was grateful none of his three young grandchildren were visiting. “I’m too old for this,” said Tomasek, 74.

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  • Lisa

    Hopefully not another young person “nodding out” from heroin.

  • Bob

    Fusion Not Focus.

    • rob

      I concur

  • Otter

    Sounds like boys playing with toys….but who ever rented that car is going to have some ‘splaining to do.

  • Bubba1

    Probably one of them pot smokers.

  • JHL27

    Maybe if the police would do some community patrols instead of sitting in the ‘regular’ spots doing speed traps. Call the police to report someone speeding down your street you may get a lecture about the law from the person that answers the phone… Apparently they know the law but unable to effectively enforce the law.
    I expect this to happen more for two reasons, like @disqus_Eu6bQfIMcH:disqus said…either nodding out or drunks avoiding the DUI checkpoints.

  • Phil Blank

    I feel sorry that his care dejected him, instead of Ejected him.
    I’m sure one day he will find a car that loves him more, some day.

    • Otter

      ? You may want to read the story again, the man who’s house was hit was staring dejectedly…the driver was not ejected from his “care”….(snickering)

  • Kelvin Gray

    Wow…but did you see the PT Cruiser that was totaled before he hit the house? Somebody is gonna be into some deep…poo poo. I would think some time in jail would be in order here.

    Just a side note, is he black or is he white? Because I can’t tell without all the mean and hateful comments that are usually made be the group. I do believe his stupidity has no color though.

  • JHL27

    You neglected to address the part where they lecture you when reporting laws.

    In their eyes you are a cop or everyone else. You have not tried to clean up your neighbor hood only to hear some zealous police officer try to tell you the law…

    BTW – The police do not do anything with the law, they just make reports and paperwork. The courts decide the law, but since we have corrupt judges it seems we may need to turn our local government around, one whole revolution.


    He’ll probably get a slap on the hand & that’ll be it, becuz it seems our court system isn’t doing as much as it should be, to druggies &/or others in a generation that, too many, has a lot of problems & disrespect for anyone, including, often themselves. These people who hurt.& destroy others’ property & get away with it, & never are made responsible for the damages they cause are pitiful, &THEY, OR.WHOMEVER’S CAR DOES THE.DAMAGE, NEED TO BE MADE TO COVER ALL DAMAGES THAT WERE CAUSED SO THE INNOCENT DO NOT GET SCREWED !