November 23, 2014


Third bomb threat found at Sheffield Middle School this year

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE – A bomb threat written in a bathroom stall Monday morning led to the third bomb threat investigation Sheffield Middle School has seen in a year, but police say there’s no connection between the incidents.

“It’s a copy cat thing,” Sheffield Village police Chief Larry Bliss said.

Police identified a sixth-grade girl from the Middle School as a suspect in the investigation Monday morning.

The school was evacuated for two hours at about 8 a.m. after a bomb threat was seen written in a girls’ bathroom stall. Police searched the school but couldn’t find evidence of a bomb, Bliss said.

This is the third bomb threat that the school has received in a year. In October, a bomb threat was found written on a bathroom in the middle school, and the school was evacuated while police searched the building.

In early April, another bomb threat was found written in a boys’ bathroom stall, and a male student at the school was identified and suspended.

Despite the frequency of threats – and similar circumstances, with each threat being found in a bathroom stall – police said there is no connection between them.

“It’s just a random act. … It’s very disruptive to the school and consumes officer time,” Bliss said.

The information on Monday’s investigation is being forwarded to juvenile authorities, who will decide what’s next for the sixth-grade suspect, according to police.

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  • Pablo Jones

    Maybe the bomb threat was in reference to what they did while in the stall. Some body blew it up.

  • Steven

    wonder if the school ever educates the students on the law, the problems it causes, the, well, stupidity of doing it?

    • Angela Wright

      Of course the school does, quit blaming the schools and start putting the blame on the right people ( kids and parents).