November 26, 2014


Police arrest 2 for allegedly cooking meth

Some of the items found at 63 High St. in Elyria on Wednesday. COURTESY LORAIN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

Some of the items found at 63 High St. in Elyria on Wednesday. COURTESY LORAIN COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

ELYRIA — Police arrested two people Tuesday for allegedly cooking methamphetamines in a High Street home.

Feliesha Light

Feliesha Light

Steven Thacker

Steven Thacker

Lorain County Drug Task Force Commander Dennis Cavanaugh also said that a bedridden elderly woman who was living at 63 High St. was hospitalized because of medical problems. Adult Protective Services also was brought in because of the conditions the woman was living in, he said.

“The conditions were deplorable,” Cavanaugh said.

The Drug Task Force and Elyria police raided the home Tuesday and found components to manufacture meth, a highly addictive stimulant, inside. They also found 10 bottles that were being used to cook meth in what’s known as the “one pot” or “shake and bake” method.

Cavanaugh said the contents of one bottle were still undergoing the chemical process used to create meth.

Drug Task Force news release stated Tuesday’s raid was the result of an investigation into the purchase of pseudoephedrine, which is commonly found in cold medication. That drug, along with ammonium nitrate, lithium batteries, camping fuel and drain cleaner is used to cook meth, a process that generates toxic fumes and waste.

Cavanaugh said specially trained officers from the Drug Task Force and Lorain police had to wear protective gear to remove evidence from the home once it was evacuated. He said Elyria officials have condemned the house because of its condition.

The two people who were arrested in connection with the meth lab, Steven Thacker, 36, and Feliesha Light, 28, weren’t home when police arrived, but they were tracked to downtown Elyria, where they were arrested and brought back to the scene. Cavanaugh said both Thacker and Light have been charged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.

He said besides Thacker and Light, three other people lived at the home, including the elderly woman. He said it appears at least one of the other two people who lived there was aware of the meth production, but that aspect of the investigation is still ongoing.

The High Street site was the fifth meth lab discovered so far this year in Lorain County, Cavanaugh said.

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