November 28, 2014


UPDATED: Westlake pastor indicted in Lorain County on sex charges

Paul Endrei

Paul Endrei

ELYRIA — A prominent Westlake pastor has been indicted on multiple counts of molesting a child as far back as 2005.

Paul Endrei, 53, who lives in Avon, has been indicted on two counts of sexual battery and four counts of gross sexual imposition by a Lorain County grand jury.

Endrei is the pastor of Church on the Rise, a Christian church in Westlake which is called, “a church for the whole family,” according to its website.

The indictment states the molestation dates back to 2005 when Endrei allegedly had sexual contact with a child under 13 years old. The molestation also occurred in 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2013, according to the indictment.

He also is accused of having sexual relations with the girl in 2010 while he was in a position of authority over her, according to the indictment.

Endrei was arrested and taken to Lorain County Jail on Thursday and held until he was released on bond a short time later.

County Prosecutor Dennis Will said the investigation began when the victim came forward to Avon police.

The Church on the Rise released a statement to WKYC-Channel 3 regarding Endrei’s indictment.

“The Church on the Rise of Westlake is aware of the recent indictment by Lorain County of Pastor Paul Endrei. We pray for Pastor Paul, his wife and 5 children,” the statement said.

The church said it was aware the allegations came from a child familiar to Endrei.

“We pray that this troubled adolescent receive the help and counseling she needs,” the statement said. “The Church believes in our legal system and that the truth will come out.”

The church requested privacy for Endrei and its members.

“Pastor Paul maintains his presumption of innocence and hope that all reserve judgment until all facts are properly aired in a court of law,” the statement said. “We not only have faith in our lord but also in our system of justice. Only after both sides present their case can a judgment be made in this very serious matter. We thank all members of the church and community for their prayers and continued support.”

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  • Phil Blank

    “pastor of Church on the Rise, “a church for the whole family,”

    Didn’t the lock-up that church leader in Utah for that?

    • Tony Trumino

      Phil… Don’t you mean a church for the HOLE family?

  • Sis Delish

    That is one Expensive piece of property soon available for sale, unless he performs a Very Good Jimmy Swaggert…

    • Sean MacNair

      It’s prime real estate, too- across the street from St. John’s hospital, down the road a mile from Crocker Park… he certainly greased the right palms to get that location in the first place.

  • ExVaultDweller

    He was booked into the Lorain County Jail yesterday and then released from the Lorain County Jail yesterday.

  • Jeff

    Apparently the church wasn’t the only thing on the rise!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Northcutt

    Always thought that place was shady; just something about those mega churches I don’t trust.

    • Tony Trumino

      Chuck. There all MONEY HUNGARY.

  • DonMega

    Another pastor going to jail then hell.

  • B.Lynn

    A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

  • Brian Nelson

    I am glad you all have some special magical insight and know his guilt before everyone else. In fact, one-third to half of all reports of child abuse end up as unfounded. This is a common and known problem with adoptive situations. Do I know he is innocent? No. I also don’t know if he is guilty. Why don’t you let the court do its job and make the determination. I am sure if he is found innocent all of you will come back online to apologize, right?

    • Bob

      You pretty much think he is innocent. Don’t try to fool us.

      I am sure if he is found innocent all of you will come back online to apologize, right?” You are presuming his innocence. Even if you are trying not to. You can but IF in there all you want. You feel he is innocent and the girl is guilty of lying.

      So when it is found out that this sick P,O,S, did it. Will you be on here saying you were wrong?? I am guessing not.

      • Brian Nelson

        I am glad you are some sort of mind reader also. If he is found guilty I will be glad to lead the charge for his punishment, trust me. I want the truth and justice, you can’t convict a man based off an indictment. You are HOPING a girl was raped and hurt just to satisfy your anger against God and Christians and that is a bit sick. If he is guilty, punish him severely, if not, get the girl the help she needs. God Bless you my friend and I hope God removes the hate and anger from your heart.

    • MN_SNAP

      Ya, sure, and one-third to a half of all Cracker Jack boxes don’t have prizes in them.

      • Brian Nelson

        I have no idea what that even means my friend. Let both parties have their day in court.

  • Conservator440

    While everyone has the presumption of innocence, the statement made by the church clearly infers that the girl is not being truthful. The pastor surely needs prayers, but to state that the young lady should go for counseling, etc is inferring that she is the guilty one. Prayers for both parties should have been left at that.

    Mega churches are a mile wide and an inch deep. Perhaps in this one, it is but a fraction of an inch.

    • oldruss

      It’s not uncommon for adolescent girls to make unfounded sexual allegations about a foster or step or adoptive parent. Therefore, do not be in such a rush to judge the pastor based upon this adolescent’s allegations. Remember the tale told by one Tawana Brawley.

      • Conservator440

        A priest of the Cleveland Diocese was accused by two adolescent girls of abuse. They eventually admitted that the entire story was made up. The priest, under the weight of the allegations, put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He’s never coming back in this world. The girls involved, however, continue their lives. This shows the immaturity of the youth in our society.

    • Bob

      Yeah it’s funny how the Church is prejudging the situation.

      Their statement is sicking. They are pretty much saying it’s the girl’s fault. Just because she is an adopted child that means she is the one that needs counseling and is troubled. And their pastor just has to be innocent because he is a “man of the cloth”. Well I hope it is found that he is guilty and the hang him with that cloth.

      • Brian Nelson

        Why would you hope a girl was raped and hurt to satisfy your anger. You hope he is found guilty… that means someone’s life was ruined. That is a bit sick. I hope the TRUTH comes out and if he is guilty that he suffers severely. I don’t hope that truth is guilt but THE TRUTH!

        • Bob

          Again you are presuming he is innocent.

          It’s go nothing to do with a young girl being hurt. It’s got to do with you not wanting to believe that this man could have done it.

          You would rather tarnish the poor girl’s name and call her a liar.

          You want the truth. But I don’t think you will be able to handle it.

          • Brian Nelson

            I am glad you are some sort of mind reader also. If he is found guilty I
            will be glad to lead the charge for his punishment, trust me. I want
            the truth and justice, you can’t convict a man based off an indictment.
            You are HOPING a girl was raped and hurt just to satisfy your anger
            against God and Christians and that is a bit sick. If he is guilty,
            punish him severely, if not, get the girl the help she needs. God Bless
            you my friend and I hope God removes the hate and anger from your

  • brenda

    I am praying that this little girl was not hurt, but how many times have you read in the paper or seen on the news that a PASTOR or a PRIEST has hurt a child. No I’m not wishing anythng bad on anyone. I pray for the both of them. But smthg had to have happened if he was indicted. There has to be some sort of suspicion. Both are in my prayers, especially the child. Been thr been through tht. God be with thm both.

  • Wayne Ulery

    When I first became a christian I attended this Church in 1997 before they moved to their current location. I don’t remember anything shady about the Church or Pastor Paul. They did a lot for the community. Whether he is guilty or not I will be praying for him and all parties involved. “He who is not guilty of sin, cast the first stone.” I know one thing all of you would walk away. Yes, even you…

    • Tony Trumino

      Wayne. How about the victim? Who’s defending her?

  • Todd

    You pray for the “troubled adolescent”? I think you mean prey! What a bunch of condescending douche bags.

  • PMM

    1 Corinthians 4:5 ///The nature of
    True Apostleship……..This is from the Paul the Apostile who was sent to talk to the church of Corinth//// Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God. Amen. . We have to wait to see what God reveals to us. I will be attending Church on the Rise this morning because I would pray and hope that if I were accused of something until proven true or not true “my family” would be there for me one way or the other. I pray for the victim, I pray this did not happen to her, my heart cries for

    her because she will need our prayers also. I am praying for Pastor Paul and his family. Our God is Omnipotent! Our God is Jehovah Jireh! Amen. PMM

  • Brian Nelson

    Sean, he will be owed a severe punishment if he did this. I am not saying let him go, I am saying both parties deserve their day in court .

  • Eric

    This is a bunch of BS, there’s a lot more to the story than what you see here this man is not capable of doing any of what he is being accused of! I personally know him and his family. The truth will soon come put to light and you will all see that it is not like what is being portrayed.

    • Tony Trumino

      They say the same things about serial killers … “He was such a nice person” . The Ice Man who killed over 100 people for the Mafia was a loving husband and father and his family didn’t have a clue about his secret life.

  • robert

    i used to go to his church and he preached about money a lot and idolized fake prosperity preachers like paul and jan crouch, benny hinn who has a history of false prophecies and fake healings that turned out not to real healings. He also invited tv preaching con man pastor to his church pastor steve munsey who is always conning people on insp network, trinity broadcasting network and daystar christian tv network for money telling them god will only bless them financially and in other ways if they give lots of money like $1000 dollars. Pastor Paul treats these people like they are superstars. Many people I have talked to who used to go to church on the rise have complained about him preaching about money a lot and one lady i talked to years ago says she went and told people she was getting some kind of financial inheritance or something like that and pastor paul found out about it or heard her talking about and he came up to her and said asked her or said to her why don’t you give a big chunk of that money of hers to church on the rise and she told him no i am using that for me and my family and she said he gave her a funny look because she would not give that money to him and church on the rise and another person I talked who went there along time and knew pastor paul personally got fed up with pastor paul and they told pastor paul they were leaving the church on the rise and not going there any more and they said pastor paul endrei told them if they leave the church they will lose the protective covering of god and pastor paul endrei and they told him he was wrong and that god is with them and will protect them where ever they go and pastor Paul kept trying to manipulate them with that bullshit statement and they said pastor Paul you are wrong and you know it. I used to like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and all these other prosperity preachers on TBN and watch them all the time but my eyes were opened after dateline NBC did an investigation story on Benny Hinn 2 times and found out he has been deceiving a lot of people for years and know i will never trust Benny Hinn or these prosperity preachers ever again

    • Tony Trumino

      AMEN and AMEN!!! … Con Artist that convince people that Jesus died for them so they could drive a Cadillac. They have taken the Cross of Christ and turned it into “Let’s Make a Deal”.

  • golfingirl

    Never a good sign when the pastor of a church belongs to a country club.

    • Otter

      He’s just practicing what he preaches, prosperity for all…but mostly for him….I think I will start a church, Our Lady Of Aston Martin, I will be gracious enough to wave at the faithful, as I drive by.

  • Tony Trumino

    … Just another one of those False Money Hungary Prosperity Gospel Teachers. Hope he shares a cell with BUBBA. lol.

  • luvmytoaster

    What? Were you even coherent when you typed this?