November 24, 2014


Men charged after animals removed from farm


Several horses were removed from a Grafton Twp. farm on Friday after they were reported to be living in poor conditions. COURTESY FRIENDSHIP APL

GRAFTON TWP. — Two men were charged with obstructing official business and animal cruelty after Lorain County sheriff’s deputies received a tip that animals were being housed in “horrible conditions.”

Deputies were requested at 36450 state Route 303 in Grafton Township by Humane Officer Denise Willis in reference to farm animals in poor living conditions.

By the time Willis arrived at the residence, some of the animals were “dead already and others were dying.”

According to the Lorain County auditor’s website, the 5.02-acre property is owned by Fish Funding LLC, based in Westlake. However, Mahmoud Abukhalil, 41, stated he was the homeowner and Richard
Newton, 49, was responsible for the care of the animals on the farm. Both men bonded out by 10:30 p.m. Friday. Newton will appear in Elyria Municipal Court on Monday.

No time was given as to when deputies were called to the property, but by the time authorities arrived, there were “animal feces piled up at least 4 feet tall in all the stalls” and there was also “liquid feces flowing” through the walkway of the barn.

“Deputies observed a horse that was very thin and appeared to be in very poor health. Deputies were advised by the vet (Dr. Matthew Klingman of the Wellington Veterinary Clinic) that this horse is very close to being euthanized due to the poor health it was in,” the report stated.

There were other horses on the premises, but deputies were told they had “just arrived a couple weeks ago.”

In addition to the horses, a sheep had to be euthanized by Klingman.

As of 10 p.m. Friday, Willis advised that the horses were being removed from the farm and taken to a safe haven.

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  • michelle

    There is a special place in hell for these men.

  • Otter

    Let them live in those stalls for a month, then make them clean them out, with a fork.
    Too bad they will just pay a fine, and get a slap on the hand, I’m sure if I typed on here what I am actually thinking, it would be deleted…………

  • stargazer2012

    Goddard’s Law will take care of these two worthless human beings!!

    • Otter

      Unfortunately, Goddards Law only covers companion animals, and I don’t think it has cleared all of the hurdles yet.

      • michelle

        I consider my horse a companion. To me, even if they are not “legally” companions, no animal should be treated that way.

        • jz

          I use to do a lot of riding. Where is that at? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • michelle

            He is boarded out in erie county.

          • jz

            Loved riding for 15 years but, knees got bad. Had a red roan mare, quarter horse and an appendix mare. Happy Trails. JZ —– Original Message —–
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            He is boarded out in erie county.

            11:39 a.m., Monday June 2

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            I use to do a lot of riding. Where is that at? If you don’t mind me asking.
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          • michelle

            Sorry about your knees. One day, I will get stuck up there , hip locks up! There is nothing more I enjoy than riding. He is a quarter horse, chestnut. Built like a tank.

    • Sue Lawson

      Yes at least it is a start. I don’t know why Ohio is taking so long to make every case of animal abuse a felony.

  • david

    This is the stuff that gives me nightmares….
    I work with Dr. Matt. (the veterinarian who saw these animals) A very compassionate man.

    • michelle

      did any get euthanized?

  • SandyLey

    These men should be locked up with no toilet and slowly starved until they are just days from death,

    • Chuck Northcutt

      I like the way you think!

  • jz

    I don,t care if the jails are overcrowded. These 2 should spend 6 months in Co. jail. We send people to jail for 6 months or more for marijuana and other relatively petty behaviors. This cruelty to horses in absolutely sick and inhumane.

  • Chuck Northcutt

    I wish these two scumbags nothing but the worst, and maybe even a little bit more bad karma on top of that! There is NO place in our society for anyone who would treat helpless animals like this, and it sickens me that this was in our own backyard. Whatever happens to them, it won’t be enough! And, for the love of God, if you can’t afford to take care of an animal, i.e. vet bills, food, etc., nor are able to do the work that goes into their care like shoveling dung, then DON’T get one!!!

  • sherry lloyd

    So happy someone called in the “tip”. Good Lord. What is wrong with some people? Unbelieveable how some in society behave

  • bdid.d

    Eye for an eye…. that would really send the message…