October 1, 2014


Music festival Roverfest coming to Lorain this summer

Cleveland’s annual music festival Roverfest is coming to the Black River Landing in Lorain on July 26.

The daylong event, which is in its seventh year, is billed as a celebration of Rover’s  Morning Glory, the syndicated radio show based on 100.7 WMMS-FM. This year’s lineup includes rock bands P.O.D. and Trapt, as well as hip-hop artists T-Pain and Lil Jon, according to Rover’s Morning Glory website.

Rover will also hold his annual Miss Morning Glory Calendar Contest, where he will pick 12 women to be in his annual calendar, with the winner receiving $3,000 and a vacation. The event will also include a large fireworks display.

“We’re excited to bring fantastic entertainment to Black River Landing in Lorain,” Rover said. “It’s a great venue for this great event.”

General admission tickets are $25 and go on sale online at 7 a.m. Friday. Last year’s festival sold out in just 61 minutes.

Read Tuesday’s Chronicle-Telegram for more on this story.

  • Mark B

    Why not Elyria , who is promoting the Dump of A City

    • Jim

      Where would they hold it?

      • Sis Delish

        Based on the lineup, they could close off Middle Avenue from 16th to Maple Street and hold it there…

      • Mark B

        Same place the fireworks will be held, against most everyone wishes they wont put them back in cascade

        • Phil Blank

          Don’t even talk of fireworks around Rover!

  • 2muchgovernment

    lol. LIke Elyria is any better? At least Lorain has a waterfront.

    • Phil Blank

      Well so does Elyria, if you think about it.

  • golfingirl

    $25 per ticket? Seems a little steep.

    I predict a low turnout!

    • NicfromEtown

      Low turnout….are you crazy?!?!?
      this event will sell out within hour!

    • Anastasia Smith

      This event sold out in 61 minutes last year.

    • rob

      It just sucks that Roverfest sold out in 11 minutes this year by the way…

      • rob

        In the, Lorain venue.

  • rob

    You people have no clue what your talking about as usual.

    • Jeff


  • Brad Jones

    golfingirl you predict a low turn out are you ignorant or didn’t you read the story that said last years event sold out in 61 min lol

  • stillsleepyeyes

    wooo hoooo………….can’t wait to read about this one………………lol

  • Phil Blank

    Rover and cleveland police?