November 25, 2014


UPDATED: Teen suspected of trying to break into Elyria house

Elyria police officers arrest a teen suspected of breaking into a home in the 200 block of Harvard Avenue on Tuesday morning. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Elyria police officers take into custody a teen suspected of breaking into a home in the 200 block of Harvard Avenue on Tuesday morning. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — Police took a 16-year-old boy into custody Tuesday after neighbors said they saw the teen breaking into a house on their street.

The 16-year-old was charged with burglary about 11 a.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of Columbia Avenue after residents in the area told police they saw the boy enter a house through a window.

About 10:45 a.m., a woman told police she was in her house on Harvard Avenue when she saw the teenager in her neighbor’s back yard. The 16-year-old pulled a chair up to the window of her neighbor’s house and tried to crawl inside, she told police. He fell off the chair, but got back on it and on his second attempt, got through the window, said Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

The neighbor told her boyfriend what she saw and he caught up with the teenager outside the house, Costantino said.

The 16-year-old started running as soon as he was confronted. Neighbors called police.

“It’s great thing to see neighbors looking out for each other,” Costantino said.

The teenager was taken into custody shortly after the incident and taken to the Lorain County Detention Facility.

  • John Davidson

    Looks like one big 15 year old.

    • Spec440

      Yeah, and if he would’ve fought with the cops and the cops took care of his business everyone would be yelling that he was just a child.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Proud parent moment.

  • Creepy Gun Toting Cracker

    Teach him right the first time, try him as a adult…..

  • kiddingme

    So . . . has Urban Meyer called him yet? He seems to fit the, um, profile for O$U perfectly.

  • SniperFire

    What’s his IQ?

  • Summer

    Higher than yours sniperfire

    • SniperFire

      Highly unlikely. I know a lot about demographics.

  • Sis Delish

    Poor child, probably thought he was getting an Ivy League edgeucation by robbing someone on Harvard…

  • Scout

    Enough to make a mother proud-NOT. Sixteen is old enough to try to break into a house but not old enough for people to know who he is…probably a good thing for his family-how embarrassing. Hope the courts handle this appropriately.

  • Steven

    Were they filming an episode of COPS? I ask because, in case you never noticed on the show, most who were apprehended and innocent until proven guilty in a court of law never had a shirt on…

  • Simon Jester

    Nothing a sucking chest wound wouldn’t cure.

  • ekwaykway

    If thats a teenage boy than I’m just a middle age man by todays standards.

    • Oneday67

      Look at Greg Oden and LeBaby James. Man Childs. I agree it’s a trip

  • DonMega

    He tried to run but his pants was sagging to low .

    • Mark B

      Should be able to calculate the IQ from that point alone

  • saltydog77

    The family is upset,with what they taught him he should not have gotten caught!

  • jz

    What a waste. Should be on the football practice field.

  • Simon Jester

    Again, before the Chronicle deleted my comment; That’s not a “Boy” or “Child”

    That’s an adult that just hasn’t reached age of majority. And he should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Linda Groves

    This POS is still alive BECAUSE he DID NOT break into MY HOME!!!

    • golfingirl

      A .45 cal has no problem penetrating muscle tissue.

  • John Demirjian

    Just another example how the 12% black population is responsible for 50% of all the crime in America. Elyria is not immune.

  • ptz55

    Elyria is a true melting pot of races, so the young man pictured may have white and black relatives. Drugs are a big problem and often the reason for scenes like this- not race. Another tragedy for a family, A young man with a promising future caught up now in the system because of a moment of foolishness. I see these racial posts in regards to the photo- I guess making foolish decisions is not all that uncommon.

    • John Demirjian

      Racial issues are a big time event in Northeastern Ohio.

      • ptz55

        Northeast Ohio has nothing special going on John. If you are from Elyria then you know this is a haven for mixed race couples and mixed race kids. Soon it will be without racial problems, just plain old problems without “race” being a factor. Instead of crime being associated with blacks- it ill become just “crime” or black poverty will become just “poverty”. There will be no color qualifier.

        • John Demirjian

          Naw! I don’t believe that. 12% of the population is black and that segment of society is responsible for 50% of the crime, as noted in the news article.

  • Simon Jester

    false flag much?

  • golfingirl

    And trying to pretend he is me on top of it……

    Note the two “G’s” in the name. Second person who has done exactly the same thing.

    Definitely one sick person.

    Oh well, his comments will be gone by morning, like the others who have pretended to be me in the past.

  • Simon Jester

    Oh I’m aware it’s not actually you, hence the reason I ridicule “it”.

  • golfingirl

    He is now gone, along with several of his other names.

    I am sure he will return, once his mommy lets him use the home computer again.

  • Simon Jester

    Too true.

    The one that keeps creating fake names is obviously a basement dweller. No sane adult would waste that much time on showing their @ss.

  • John Demirjian

    You should learn your English use better.